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Single Local Women for Dating by City
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Veronica (21)
Ternopil, Ukraine
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Olga (34)
Kyiv, Ukraine
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Solomiia (25)
Lviv, Ukraine
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Karolina (28)
Uzhgorod, Ukraine
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Alexandra (27)
Moscow, Russia
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Yana (23)
Kyiv, Ukraine
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Meet Gorgeous Slavic Ladies

Some say Slavic women are the best thing that ever happened to love. Others think they’re too tough to handle. But one thing’s for certain: a relationship with an Eastern-European beauty won’t be plain and casual. Sure, these ladies are known mostly for good looks and sense of taste, but there’s so much more hiding beneath their friendly smiles and makeup. Be it empathy, straightforwardness, or just passion for cooking, the diverse Slavic character holds many surprises and peculiar traits.

Here, on sweetydate.com, you can find girls from all major cities of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. From Kiev to Minsk, each city has its own unique color. Which one would you prefer?

Here Is Why Slavic Girls Are the Best

There’s no other region in the world that can boast such a variety of bright characters as Eastern Europe. Slavic girls are feminine and fragile, like delicate flowers, but at the same time, they have so much passion and determination. It would take hours to describe all their advantages, so let’s focus on the key ones.

They’re stunningly beautiful

On average, Slavic women are much prettier than other ladies, and it’s a common fact. What you may not know is that they’re even more beautiful in real life. The secret of their beauty isn’t only in a special mix of different nationalities or magical charm. Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarus girls are pros when it comes to taste for clothes. While it’s normal for Western ladies to look casual on almost any occasion, Slavic ones always look like they’re about to hit the catwalk on a fashion show. When planning their looks, they don’t care much about comfort: every piece practically complements their strong suits. That’s why Eastern-European women will never lose the title of the prettiest girls ever.

They’re easy-going and approachable

If you have a chat with a few Slavic ladies from sweetydate site, you’ll see that they’re surprisingly approachable, unlike Western ones. If you’ve ever felt awkward flirting with a woman, you’ll understand. Some ladies treat their personal space very carefully, preferring to ignore strangers and men they barely know. It’s a common trait for most women in Europe and the US to keep the distance. Sure, there are always exceptions, but usually, you need to gain some trust to get at least a small chance for a date. On the other hand, Eastern-European girls are always glad to have a chat with a foreigner, both online and in real life. Despite the myths about the coldness of Slavic women, they’re always on the positive side.

They’re all about love and family

More and more Western women join the trend for gender equality. As a result, all that matters to them is personal success. Some don’t even notice when they become career-oriented. The mere thought about being dependent on men in any aspect of their lives makes them uncomfortable. Slavic girls have nothing against achieving life goals on their own, but some features of upbringing make them seek happiness in relationships. They believe in family values. The life of an Eastern-European woman is incomplete without a loving partner and a happy family.

They’re more mature

In Western countries, it’s normal to meet a woman in her 30’s who still thinks that relationships are a funny game. Instead of looking for that special someone, they go on date after date and don’t even think about stopping. Men have no other choice rather than get used to such behavior, secretly hoping to find the one who would treat love and romantic feelings seriously. In the meantime, there are thousands of Slavic ladies of the same age or even younger who already know what they want from life. Many of them are financially and mentally independent and pretty successful. Ladies in post-Soviet countries, which can be found on sweetydate com, growup much faster than their Western counterparts.

These were the major traits, common among the girls in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Now, let’s take a closer look at each country with their peculiarities and national flavor.

The Advantages of Ukrainian Women

So what’s so special about those beautiful Ukrainian women? Besides all the advantages mentioned above, they have a few traits unique to their country.

Ukrainian girls are the friendliest. Curious and open to new acquaintances, ladies from Ukraine believe that true feelings can only grow from a strong friendship. That’s why they never stop asking questions to get to know their companions as better as possible. They’re so frank and sincere that you won’t be able to resist their charm for long, and their wisdom will make sure you’ll never get bored. So if you’re looking not only for a loving partner but also for a trusted friend, a Ukrainian girl may become your perfect match.

Ukrainian girls love cooking. Although they’re not as skilled as women from Belarus when it comes to cooking, ladies from Ukraine know their way around the kitchen. Have you ever thought about preparing restaurant-like meals at home? A Ukrainian girl will set you up. Or if you’ve ever wondered what that weird room with tables and shelves is for, she can teach you a lot. The thing’s that fast food culture isn’t that popular in Ukraine yet, and good old family dinners are still an important part of everyday life. So every girl in the country knows how to cook some delicious treats.

They’re passionate. That’s probably the best thing about dating Ukrainian women. They believe that trust and warm feelings aren’t enough to keep the flame of love burning. Compared to Russian and Belarus ladies, who are a bit colder, women from Ukraine make great lovers. Consider it a bonus. They might seem a bit shy at first, but give your Ukrainian partner some time, and she’ll prove to you that you made the right choice.

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe, so it’s not surprising that some of its regions vary in character peculiarities. Here’s how girls in Ukraine’s major cities differ from each other.

Kiev Girls

Ladies in capitals are always the prettiest. Not so long ago the Hong Kong portal Travelers Digest praised Kiev women for their beauty. According to the authors of the rating posted on the portal, girls of Kiev are the most beautiful in the world, and not only because of their physical attractiveness. In addition to being stunningly gorgeous, women of Kiev are also quite friendly and educated. A combination of these qualities allowed them to win first place. Besides, Kiev girls you can find on sweetydate have more experience in interacting with foreigners, so they’re more open for communication than ladies in other Ukrainian cities.

Odessa Girls

Odessa girls are arguably the most interesting in the country. If you tell them that Kyiv ladies were named the prettiest in the world, they’ll say men know nothing about beauty. Southern temperament and northern prudence, eastern generosity and western grip, an incredible mix of genes, and beauty caressed by the salty breeze of the Black Sea – this is a short collective portrait of charming Odessa women. And while lacking in experience with Western men, these ladies are surely the most charismatic in Ukraine.

Kharkiv Girls

Although not as much as girls in Odessa, Kharkiv girls are also known for their charisma, femininity, and emotionality. Kharkiv is Ukraine’s student hub with some of the country’s top universities, so ladies here can rightfully be called the smartest. And thanks to that cheerful campus atmosphere in the city, women of Kharkiv are the most fun-loving. They’re also the most progressive in terms of gender equality.

Lviv Girls

Lviv is the westernmost major city in Ukraine, which makes it most Europeanized. At the same time, it’s considered the main cultural center in the country. Both factors affect Lviv girls in a number of ways. The chances of meeting a true Ukrainian lady here are much higher than in other cities from this list. Apart from that, Lviv women are much calmer and more polite comparing to girls from other regions. You can compare them if you register on sweetydate.com.

Dnipro Girls

Dnipro lies in the central part of Ukraine. The ladies here are smart but not like women in Kharkiv, charismatic but not like those charmers in Odessa, and beautiful but not like cuties in Kiev. Of course, every city has its gems, and Dnipro girls are charming in their own way, but in general, they’re always right in the middle with no obvious shortcomings but notable features either, except for one. Women in Dnipro are more easy-going and always glad to meet new friends.

Dating Russian Girls

Although ladies from Russia have a lot in common with Ukrainian girls, there are some slight differences that should be noticed. Here are the main ones.

They’re tough. You have to give them credit: there’s nothing young Russian girls can’t do. Think of a task you can’t handle: a woman from Russia can cope with it if she has to. Daily chores like house duties and work are nothing. Unload a truck? Easy! Run a marathon? No problem! Make a career in Moscow, then in Paris, and then in New York? Bring it on! Seriously though, a touch character helps them overcome life challenges all the time.

They’re proud. No need to do a Russian girl a favor; she’ll take what’s hers on her own. Thanks to that toughness, women from Russia have enough determination to achieve their goals without help, and they’re OK with that. Of course, when there’s a reliable partner by their side who can do the work for them, they’ll gladly let them do that and provide as much support as possible, but they’ll be just as glad to accomplish everything on their own.

They’re a bit short on emotions. But only at first glance. If you’ve had some experience chatting with those beautiful Russian girls on sweety date com, you might’ve noticed that they somewhat lack emotions. And while there’s some truth to it, it’s not what these ladies are about. First of all, not every Russian woman is unemotional. And those that are get much more cheerful when you get to know them better. Besides, the way we share emotions may differ. Bit still, a lot of men who had the pleasure to communicate with ladies from Russia say that these girls can be a bit cold sometimes. The thing’s that the environment Russian women have been living for centuries took a toll on their character. In Russia, females often had to fight for basic rights, and excessive emotions could become an obstacle.

Of course, some character traits may differ from region to region, from city to city. Each of them has beautiful Russian women with unique personalities.

Moscow Girls

Life in a big city can be a real test, and those who pass it successfully get a unique ability to withstand routine and enjoy little things. Moscow girls, both local and those who came from the provinces and managed to find their place, get this ability. Average Moscow women have one or several degrees, like art exhibitions and seminars, are pleasant in communication and tolerant of opinions and world views that differ from their own. Hence the ambitiousness of Moscow ladies – they’re well aware that they can achieve a lot and prefer to use this opportunity.

St. Petersburg Girls

Thousands of people from all over the world are attracted by the northern Russian capital – St. Petersburg. This city is truly unique. And there are a few things you should know about St. Petersburg girls. At first glance, they may not seem very special, but it’s actually the main thing that makes these cuties so attractive. The portrait of average St. Petersburg women looks something like this: they’re beautiful but at the same time dressed elegantly and slightly carelessly. They’re self-sufficient and purposeful, and they don’t strive for fancy luxuries, remaining positive and ironic.

Belarus Girls

What’s the key difference between Belarus women and other Slavic ladies? It’s their special mentality. This country isn’t as popular as other Eastern-European counties, so there’s not much info on local girls. Here are their main peculiarities.

They’re very traditional. Women from Belarus are more serious about following gender stereotypes that the ladies from Ukraine or Russia. That’s why flexibility and a non-standard model of behavior aren’t their strong suits. The majority of Belarus girls clearly know their duties as a spouse, mother, and housewife. It’s quite common for them to put their husbands’ career growth and interests above their own. They become very reliable support that keeps the problems of the outside world away, making sure their loved ones have everything they need to achieve their goals. With respect and faith in her man, a Belarus lady creates a cozy atmosphere in the house where love and understanding reign.

Their professional cooks. From generation to generation, Belarus women (you also can meet them on sweetydate site) pass family recipe books with secrets of the tastiest national dishes. These ladies are a dozen times better at cooking than other Slavic girls. If you haven’t tasted anything from their local cuisine, do it, and you’ll fall in love from the first crumb. Together with the traditional approach to family and relationships, this trait makes girls from Belarus unique.

They’re emotional. So much that they can laugh their guts out, cry bitterly, call a boyfriend and say everything’s over because they have no future, and all this in a span of few hours. The good thing is that their melancholy doesn’t last long. The sun can come out unexpectedly, and thirty minutes after the emotional rollercoaster, everything’s warm again, and everyone’s happy. The trick is to leave them alone for some time to ‘reboot.’ They’re like a raging tornado you can’t just calm down with a few cliché phrases.

The difference between Belarus ladies and women from other Slavic countries varies even more by region.

Minsk Girls

Minsk isn’t the only major city in Belarus, but it’s sure the most vibrant one. What’s the most surprising about Minsk girls is that they’re endlessly kind and hospitable. In general, they’re not prone to laziness and the desire to get as much as possible, without making any efforts. Compared to all other ladies from this list, Minsk women are the most easy-going. Chatting with them can be a lot of fun.

Meet a Single Slavic Girl Now

The variety of Slavic characters is amazing. Each country has its own peculiar traits: some of them may not be as appealing as others, while some are priceless. Ukrainian girls are cheerful and friendly, but they lack Russian toughness and determination. At the same time, Russian ladies could use some of that Belarusian emotionality. But these little pros and cons are what make every girl here unique.

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