How Well Do You Know Me Quiz: Learn Your Partner Better!
How Well Do You Know Me Quiz: Learn Your Partner Better!

How Well Do You Know Me Quiz: Learn Your Partner Better!


For a relationship between a man and a woman to be really close, they need to do a lot of work every day. They have to be able to hear and listen, speak, and be silent. You can’t forget about the interests of loved ones, should think about how well you know your partners and their preferences. Take the how well do you know me test and your relationship will be one step closer to ideal.

Perhaps you are sure that your partners know absolutely everything about you? Let them answer the questions that how well do you know your partner quiz contains, and confirm their guesses, or vice versa, find out what else they need to work on. Sweetydate is making your dating life brighter with this quiz!
how well do you know your partner

Why Should You Answer Such Questions?

Harmonious relationships can be created. For this, you need love, a sense of affection, and it is also important to share each other’s interests, views on life, family, and social values. Even if they don’t coincide completely, partners have to complement each other in a couple without entering into dissonance. Do you want to know how perfect your union is? Then it’s worth answering the following questions. In the how well do you know your spouse quiz, they are designed to bring several positive and negative emotions. We are sure that you repeatedly wonder whether you are an ideal couple, and if a happy future awaits you.

How the Test Works

The how well do you know me quiz is suitable for both couples who have just started their relationship, and those who have been together for a long time. Perhaps you feel that something is wrong in a relationship, and you don’t know what it is: temporary difficulties or the first signal of an approaching breakup. By answering questions, you will be able to understand how close your relationship is and whether your partner is ready to share secrets with you. The reliability of the test result directly depends on how honestly you both answer the how well do you know each other questions.

A quiz is a great way to understand what you really know about each other and a good reason to get a soulmate even better. Everything is very simple: take a piece of paper and a pen, and give yourself one point for each correct answer. Don’t think for a long time, don’t try to guess the right option, but honestly admit if one of the questions is too difficult for you.

According to the test results, follow the recommendations, learn about new interests and hobbies, take an interest in the life of the person you love. And be always attentive to each other, not only before passing the test.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner Questions

Now the sweetydate site offers you the how well do you know your spouse game in which you have to answer 37 questions. Yes, it is quite a lot, but still, you also want to get the answer to the main question. Don’t worry if your opinions differ. Be honest with each other! Are you ready to take a test? Let’s get started!

1. Who influenced me in childhood and adolescence (apart from my parents)?

Thanks to such how well you know me questions, you will learn more about each other. For example, maybe you went with your grandfather on your favorite fishing trip, and an elder brother or a best friend taught you programming.

2. What makes me angry?

The emotional background of our life is very important, especially if the story can repeat itself in some way, and your partner doesn’t even know why you suddenly start yelling.

3. How to understand that I am upset if I don’t show it?

Your partners probably notice these signs, but still, you should tell them about it if they don’t.

how well do you know your spouse game4. What was my first love?

This question will help tell more about the history of your relationships. What and how you will tell about it is important for your relationship.

5. Who did I want to become in childhood?

This is a funny question that helps better understand the motives of choosing your future profession.

6. What are your addictions?

If you are at that stage of the relationship when you are ready to get married, you, most likely, know about all the current and past addictions of each other. But so far, many people may hide their addiction, so their partners don’t know about some things.

7. What habits annoy me in you?

If you already live with each other, you probably have something that you hate about your partners.

8. What achievements am I proud of?

Most likely, you and your partner have something to be proud of. Of course, you both should know about this.

9. What do I dislike most doing housework?

Routine and everyday life is what all people in love face. If you live together, then you shouldn’t have difficulty answering this question.

10. What is the name of my partner’s grandparents? Can you name all my grandparents?

Yes, these are distant relatives. But really loving people know almost all the relatives of their partners.

11. What talents do I have in your own opinion?

It can be singing, dancing, an incredible game of tennis, anything. If your partners can’t answer this question, well, are you sure that you know each other at all?

12. What is my shoe size?

It usually becomes a problem for guys to answer such a question in how well do you know your girlfriend quizzes. But if you know even the size of each other’s shoes, then you are almost a perfect couple.

13. What am I most afraid of?

People have a lot of phobias, but still, your partner should try to answer this question.

14. Is there anything I fear in our relationship?

This question can be the beginning of discussions of your problems. Be honest and tell each other about those anxieties and fears that could sneak into the soul for various reasons. This may be a fear of betrayal or fear of becoming rejected in case of loss of work, external difficulties, or a long illness.

15. What do I dislike about you?

Sometimes there is a need to begin as if from scratch, that is, return to the “roots” of relationships, disassemble the blockages that were created in the interaction of partners and life circumstances. If people turn a blind eye to the negative nuances in a relationship, then this can only aggravate the situation.

16. Am I happy with our sex life?

We are often afraid to ask about it because it is ashamed to raise such a topic. For many, this can’t be discussed at all. Many fear that the partner will not share their fantasies, and this leads to complete dissatisfaction in the intimate sphere. That is why it is worth trying to start talking about it.

17. How do you think a happy relationship looks like for me?

Talk about how you see the ideal relationship, and what is required for this from a man and a woman. And be sure to discuss what is missing in your life. Difficulties often lie in the misunderstanding of the true opportunities that are present in these relationships. Perhaps you are missing some little things. Maybe your relationship has reached an impasse because of it.

18. How do I cope with stress?

What do you do when getting stuck in traffic? How do you behave if you don’t get enough sleep? What if your parents have sudden health problems?

19. How do I respond to the conflict?

Perhaps you always apologize first? Maybe you are arguing all the time? Or do you need to scream and swear, or just stay in silence and cool down?

20. How much free space do I need?

Everyone has a different need for loneliness and communication with friends. If a couple has understanding and respect, then these differences can be overcome. But if you are hanging out with friends all night long, and your partner is sad at home, and both don’t discuss the situation, too many grievances will accumulate.

21. Where do I plan to live?

Most people think about where they want to settle – perhaps in the current city, perhaps in the city of childhood or where parents live.

22. What is my favorite perfume?

Leaving home, we all apply perfume. Your partner should try to remember which one you use (at least because this is a good gift).

23. What kind of music do I really like to listen to?

Even if others don’t know about these musical preferences, your partner has to define your musical taste.

24. How did I spend my summer in childhood?

You probably told your partners about your childhood. The memories of that time are especially vivid. Let them remember where you spent your summer holidays.

25. How can you help me in a difficult situation?

Say, “It is okay, don’t worry” or silently sit with you in the kitchen? Or drink a glass of brandy?

26. Do I communicate with my ex?

For a jealous person, an ordinary greeting from ex-partners can be considered treason. It is good if your partners share your opinion. Someone stays on friendly terms with exes. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to your loved ones.

27. Do I consider myself more like my mother or father in terms of character?

Even if your opinions diverge, you can at least discuss it.

how well you know me questions

28. What kind of purchase am I currently thinking about? What’s on my wish list?

If you are a real couple, then you should share your desires.

29. Do I want to have children?

It is important, and not only the very desire to have kids but also the general views on the number of children – how many you plan to have and who should bring them up.

30. Is it appropriate for me to discuss sexual preferences?

For some people, adult films, role-playing games, and frank conversations are normal. And someone is embarrassed by this. For one of the partners, the lack of intimacy and its monotony may lead to the search for “entertainment” with someone else.

31. When was the last time I cried?

In fact, this question is needed to understand what is capable of upsetting and losing you.

32. What upset me the most this week?

So your partner better understands which events have an impact on you and which ones don’t. If this is a trifle, they will help cope with it.

33. Do I have a favorite place in our city?

This is a question that can show you whether you have romantic partners?

34. Do I have a favorite movie?

Of course, you have. And maybe your interests are similar?

35. What is my favorite color?

Psychologists consider color preference the key to understanding a person.

36. What are the three qualities that I value in people?

This way, your partner will know which mistakes are best avoided in the future.

37. What would I like to change in my life?

In the course of easy communication, people often give out their hidden doubts and regrets.

Count the Result!

If you scored 30 points or more

Congratulations from Sweetydate! You really know each other. And this is a serious prerequisite for long and happy family life. In a relationship, you worked hard to get to know each other better. You are just an example of a great relationship. You are so close that you have learned to understand each other without words.

If you scored 29-15 points

You know your relationship partner pretty well, but still, there are things you don’t know. It should be paid more attention to them. Anyway, you are doing well, you will get to know each other more and more. Continue your search for the little treasures that are still lurking in your partner.

If you score 14-5 points

You have laid a solid foundation for mutual relationships, now you need to erect the building further. You definitely can’t be called strangers. And such a game will bring you even closer.

If you (or your partner) scored 4-0 points

Surprises are still waiting for you. We advise you to choose a time in the evenings to calmly sit down and play a “guessing game” about each other. You spend a lot of time with each other, but at the same time communicate a little on hidden topics. Share your emotions more often.

Even in strong relationships, sometimes problems arise: small grievances accumulate, conflicts occur. To minimize them, you need to work on relationships: discuss issues, make compromises... or take tests. There are psychological quizzes for two that help achieve greater mutual understanding in a couple. If the how well do you know your partner quiz doesn’t please you with the result, don’t get upset. Take it philosophically. Take advantage of this knowledge as an opportunity to bring your relationship closer and get to know each other better.

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