How to Date a Russian Girl
How to Date a Russian Girl

How to Date a Russian Girl


You are probably wondering why seemingly the entire universe is obsessed with women from Russia. “I want to date a Russian girl” is what you’ve heard from your peers and it made you think about it more and more. What’s so special about these intriguing women? What makes them so popular among men? In this article of Sweetydate experts, we’ll tell you everything you want and need to know about gorgeous Russian girls.

reasons to date a russian girl

Reasons to date a Russian girl

“Should I date a Russian girl?” is probably your next question. To answer it, we need to fill out some gaps in your knowledge. So, what makes them special?

Beauty and intelligence

If there was a perfect recipe for a human, the combination of one’s gorgeous appearance and aptitude would be among the most precious ingredients. Although this blend is rather uncommon in people (not because it’s impossible, it’s just the statistics), Russian women are often the proud carriers of it. Exquisite looks and cleverness make them both great life partners and friends, which is indeed a rarity. When you browse through a Russian girl date site sweetydate.com, you see dozens of cute faces and hot bodies, but what helps them stand out is the sparkling beauty of the minds in their eyes. And if you don’t believe the words, communicating with one of them would change your mind quite easily.

Peculiar character

Every nationality has some stereotypical characteristics. While generalizing and stereotyping people is not a good idea, these formulaic thoughts have some strong background behind them. That’s why we don’t feel ashamed speaking about Russian women characters as if they were all largely the same. Loving mothers, great wives, thoughtful housekeepers – they are capable of nearly impossible stuff. Let’s not act as if these women weren’t demanding in return. Yes, they are unique and it’s a fine reason to call for special men by their side: not only prosperous and handsome but loving and caring. Makes sense, eh?

Where to find Russian girls

Moving on to the next important issue: how to date and find a Russian girl? We shall approach this question based on the most convenient methods: online and offline acquaintances. So, what are the options?

how to date russian girl tipsOnline dating

Clearly, in the 21st century, online dating is, if not the most, then at least one of the most consistent and widespread methods. Older generations may say that it looks untrustworthy or even dangerous, and it can be, but it always takes courage to start a relationship, and the result is worth the sacrifice. Russian online dating has been out there since the early 1990s and it’s been successful ever since. The captivating beauty of Slavic women has made them so popular that Russian dating sites have become a household name in the dating industry. What is important here is to find a reliable dating service (our site Sweetydate may be the one for you!), mainly because the amount of dating scam and marriage fraudsters is insane. Browse through the catalogs; check out terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy. It’s crucial that you thoroughly analyze the site since it’s your money, your time, and your emotional experience.

Particular places

The magnificence of live acquaintances shall never be overcome by online dating. The same goes for Russian women. If you are reading this text, you are probably from some English-speaking Western country, which means that there aren’t too many Slavic personals living in your area. But don’t waste time flying to Moscow! Russian women (or even big Russian diaspora communities) can be found pretty much everywhere. Why not try seeking local immigrant communities or visit some places the girls from Russia choose for a vacation? Turkish and Egyptian hotels and always filled to the brim with young Slavic girls, both married and single, bathing in the sun. Visiting such a place is also a good idea because vacation flings are a very approachable way of meeting a girl.

How to attract a Russian girl: main steps

We haven’t yet figured out how to date a Russian girl, and here’s a rational explanation: we haven’t yet attracted one! Russian women are, indeed, special creatures, although the approach remains quite straightforward. Let’s outline some important steps to attracting your potential beloved one.

1. Be sincere

Be honest about everything. Regardless of the place you’ve met (online or offline), the truth will come out eventually and your chances will reduce to zero. Of course, there is a healthy amount of mysteriousness you can encompass in your communication, but not telling something right away and simply lying are two radically different things, so don’t get them confused. Likewise, a Russian gal would prefer you to speak openly about your intentions regarding romantic relationships. It does make things much simpler.

2. Balance out speaking and listening

Talking to a girl may be a complicated task itself. But when you don’t know how much to talk and how much to listen, things start to get a bit too awkward. Letting her speak all the time may at first seem a good idea but think about her perspective: he’s mute all the time, which means he’s probably not interested. At the same time, not letting her say a single word throughout the date is very rude. Balance is everything!

3. Be the man

You’ve probably heard women rambling about the difference between boys and men. Although the difference may seem not that obvious, Russian women know exactly what it means and highly appreciate not toxic boyishness but the traits inherent to a real man. In their world, you are almost obliged to act chivalrously and gently, treat people with respect and take good care of people surrounding you. Works 100%.

4. Ask her out

We know what you are thinking: isn’t it the next logical thing to do? However, what we mean by this is that you don’t need to spend months and months figuring out your compatibility and persuading her to make the first step towards your relationship. Just ask her out on a coffee date or to a bar. Show your determination to win her heart in the simplest way possible – start to spend time with her!

should i date a russian girl5. Learn some Russian words

Women from Russia are obsessed with their cultural heritage. Although they often want to leave the Russian Federation in search of better living, they always take a part of their background with them. Learn some questions to ask a girl on a date in Russian. Your potential girlfriend will be amazed by both your skills and desire to impress her (in a good way, of course). And it’s an interesting task in itself, too.

How to date a Russian girl: tips and hints

1. You should look great

Russian women take care of their looks extremely thoroughly, to the extreme at times. That is why looking great is essential to make your relationship with a Russian woman work. Not that you need to resemble Hugh Jackman and be ripped like a bodybuilder; a nicely groomed look, basic hygiene, and neat clothes are all the things you need to impress your potential girlfriend. You’ll never match the level of her beauty anyway.

2. Open your heart

Do not be afraid to demonstrate your feelings. Since you are most likely to begin your journey into togetherness from a long-distance relationship, your emotions and thoughts are pretty much all you have to share. Be kind and emphatic; forget about toxic masculinity. Russian women have had enough of stereotypical mannish behavior among Slavic men (that is why they look for foreigners), so don’t hesitate to open up to her.

3. Pay for a date

This might be an issue for some emancipated Western girls but not for Slavic girls. You see, girls from the post-Soviet countries don’t mind providing for themselves and even holding a successful business, be it a retail shop or something more serious. However, traditions dictate otherwise. A man should be ABLE to pay for a date, not that he SHOULD. That’s what you need to think about when taking a Russian girl for a date.

4. Understand her needs

Discard the stereotypes about Russian women! Not all of them seek marriage and serious, long-term relationships. What she really wants hides in plain sight: you just need to ask her. Although being quite coquettish most of the time, these females would prefer to discuss such things openly, without making a fuss over it. But it’s also essential to understand her desires and needs as they might not match yours, which is fine.

5. Show your interest

How to date a Russian girl online? Be present! Show your interest in everything related to her. It’s quite simple, you just need to ask questions and remember things that she tells you. The problem is that men often heavily compliment girls on their appearance or even character traits without realizing that the things they say may be applied to pretty much any girl. Let her know that you want to learn her, that you wish to understand her better.

Well, these were some of the most important how to date a Russian girl tips. We hope you are going to make use of this information and build a strong, healthy relationship with one of these beauties. Sweetydate site wishes you a good luck!

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