Love Story: Emre and Yulia
Love Story: Emre and Yulia

Love Story: Emre and Yulia


relationships storyAngela Williams, 34, a dating journalist and online daters’ advocate

There are two types of people: those who believe in online relationships and skeptics who think that love can’t thrive at a distance. And skepticism has much bigger support. But no matter what non-believers say, no obstacles can stop two loving people on their way to happiness.

Yes, building a relationship online is a tough task, even unmanageable for some. But I’ve heard too many happy love stories to doubt that it’s possible. The story of Emre Nizamoglu (41), a tourist guide from Ankara, Turkey, and Yulia Kravets (33), a shop assistant from Kharkiv, Ukraine, is a bright example of how lonely hearts find each other despite distances, family conflicts, and language barriers. Neither of them speaks English fluently, yet somehow they did the undoable and let the spark between them turn into the flame.

Emre, why did you decide to find love online?

It is the easiest way to meet a Slavic woman. To me, Russian and Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world. Some do not agree with me, but if you open any international dating site, you will find thousands of Turkish profiles, so I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

So you already knew what you wanted when signing up, right?

Of course! It is a Sweetydate dating site, what else could I do there? I looked for a pretty online girlfriend from Europe and hoped she would agree to visit me here in Ankara. I had big chances because Turkey is the most popular vacation destination among Slavic girls.

dating storyAnd I was right. Many girls wanted to chat with me when I mentioned that I was from Turkey. Unfortunately, some of them were interested more in Ankara than me. Others were great, just not ready for a possibility to come live in another country. But not Yulia. She said that she has been to Turkey once, and she loved it. At the same time, she wanted to get to know me better, and this was very hard to do at a distance. My English is not so good, but hers is even worse. She translated every message that I sent to her via Sweetydate into Russian, and sometimes, I received Russian messages from her and did the same.

How did you manage to overcome that and stay in touch?

It is strange, but when we began to use Skype, everything became easier. We started to understand each other without any translators. Video calls made us believe that we have a chance to create a relationship. We talked to each other every evening until Yulia was ready to come and visit me. Luckily, Ankara is not far from Kharkiv – the flight takes three hours. And it is easy to get a Turkish visa. Yulia already had a passport, so she just bought a ticket, and the next day, I met her at the airport. This was the happiest moment in my life.

We walked a lot; I showed her the best spots in my city. She smiled so much. We spent five days together, and then she had to leave. I saw that she liked me, so during the next call, I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she agreed.

relationships storyThis sounds too good. Weren’t there any other troubles along the way?

The problems began when we informed our parents about our relationship. My mother is very conservative, and she could not accept that her son might marry a Slavic girl. She wanted to see a Turkish wife next to me. Yulia’s father was not happy too for the same reason. We had many conversations with both, and I finally managed to convince my mother that there is nothing scary in such relationships. Yulia’s father still does not fully accept me, but he will change his mind.

What are you planning to do next?

I would like Yulia to show me Kharkiv. I work with tourists every day, and it is time for me to take a break and become a tourist myself. Besides, I miss Yulia and want to see her as soon as possible. After she visited me, Skype calls became not as interesting as before. It would be great if Yulia finally moved to Turkey and we started to live like a real couple. And then I will marry her. She always smiles when I say that, but I’m already 41, and it is time to create a family.

Was it easy for you to keep a long-distance relationship going?

No, it was not. You must always think about how to surprise your girlfriend and give her positive emotions every day. But if you succeed, your relationship will never end because no challenges will be able to break it.

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