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What if the age difference between a man and a woman is greater than socially accepted? Let’s try to figure out what age gap is most optimal for relationships and how to attract a 30 years younger woman. Sweetydate knows the an...


At 50, it is common for divorced women and men to be looking for that little extra something: a second youth, new horizons, or quite simply the rediscovery of a lost sensation: the state of love! But how to get back into the da...


Foreign men want to date Ukrainian girls more and more often. Why is this happening and whether these ladies are better than American or European ones? Well, they are really unique and have some distinctive features that make t...


Couples in which a man is older than a woman still arouse a lot of interest. If everything is more or less clear with a man (who would not want to shine next to a young beauty?), then what is a woman guided by when choosing a m...


Getting acquainted with models and high-status beauties is one of the most difficult tasks since these girls are distinguished by excessive requirements for potential beloved ones. Still, it is easy enough to approach a model i...


These girls have always been popular for their unique Eastern European look. They are so kind, always in a good mood, and so cute – apparently, this is what attracts foreign men. But how to get acquainted and build relationship...


Your chances to meet a girl online are much higher than in the street or a bar that you like to visit on Friday. Girls and guys use social networks and register on dating sites when they get back into the dating scene. You may ...


Are there men who don’t like beautiful Slavic women? They are both charming and clever, excellent hostesses and wives, impeccable mothers, and more. To be a boyfriend and even a husband of such a woman is the great happiness an...


People have been talking about attractive Slavic girls for more than 30 years since the collapse of the Iron Curtain when the whole world found out about these amazingly beautiful women. It was a real discovery back in days tha...


Dating Russian women in the USA can work just as well as with any other relationship if you know how to be patient, passionate, honest, and sincere. There are many Russian women seeking American men to build a lasting and since...

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