How to Break the Touch Barrier
How to Break the Touch Barrier

How to Break the Touch Barrier


Being in a relationship is one of the most incredible feelings; relationships are also a time of stress. This article from experts of Sweetydate is about how to break the touch barrier, deeming the right opportunity of when it is suitable in the relationship to make your move.

should i break the touch barrier

What is the Touch Barrier?

Break the touch bearer meaning initiates the nerve-wracking thinking process on when it is okay to touch a girl in a relationship. How to break the touch barrier advice from girls recounts that when you know that you have found the girl whom you have a mutual connection with, break the touch barrier, but slowly and with techniques without sending the wrong message.

The Meaning of Touching

Touching is a way of communication. Touch is very important when it comes to human communication specifically in relationships. Whether a platonic, close friendship, romantic or sexual love, touching connects people emotionally with strong feelings of sympathy, appreciation, and gratitude. Touching is an indication of how close people are symbolizing happiness in a relationship.

Are Touches Really Important for Girls?

Why do guys break the touch barrier? People feel more satisfied with a physically affectionate relationship as touch is a way of enhancing love. Whenever someone is touched, Oxytocin, a happiness hormone, is released into the body creating trust and connection. In other words, touching is important for girls because it sends out a message that you care about her.

Ways to Break the Touch Barrier

If that first date after chatting on sweety date com is coming up in a few short hours and you’re feverishly worried that your date is going to think you’re a pervert for the wrong message, or you’re feeling reserved, here are subtle ways to break the touch barrier with a girl.

1. Friendly Touch

A friendly touch indicates that you want to be her friend. A pat on the back is an indication of a friendly touch commending, congratulating, and showing sympathy or comfort. Touch the small of her back, slightly brush your arm against hers. Make her feel relaxed. There is no need to set off a romantic mood yet. Often, it’s recommended to touch her shoulder. Touching a girl’s shoulder is a friendly indication that you are supportive. Or just a casual and friendly touch is a welcoming way to break the touch barrier and make a connection.

how to break the touch barrier advice from girls2. Supportive Touch

It is very important to invest in her life, such as her friends, family, and school or career status. Be supportive of what she does and the challenges that she faces. Ways to be supportive include sitting next to her, stroking her back, touching her hair or her neck, and a nice hug. Initiating a hug is also a good way for her to touch you back. Remember, she is nervous, too. Send the right supportive message in order for you to have a healthy relationship and give support that you both need.

3. Intentional Touches

Have a reason to touch her. Don’t just randomly reach out and touch her shoulder when she is in the midst of a conversation. That sends off the wrong message. If she needs a hug, then give her a hug. Hugging is a very important comfort technique that instantly makes people feel better from their worries. If she responds with a positive reaction, then let the touch linger a little longer. Whether your hands or your knees are touching, let them touch for a little longer before retreating. Her reaction gives you a sense of how she likes physical contact.

4. Give a Massage

Massages are relaxing. Don’t give a message on the first date. Instead, wait some time until you have had more time to bond. One way to crack the ice when you are alone together if she agrees to come to your apartment is to massage different parts of her body from her shoulders, hands, and back. First, make sure that she wants a massage instead of randomly putting your hands on her. Note what touches she enjoys by her facial expressions. These facial expressions are very important as they will indicate the time you can take things further.

5. Offer Your Hand for Help

Offering your hand sends a comforting message for women. Help them out of the car or offer your hand when walking through a crowded area as a way to convey trust and leadership. Make sure that you catch the right occasion to offer her your hand instead of constantly sticking it in her face when there is no need. Offering your hand is a sign of leadership and safety. Never grab her. No, that instantly sends out the wrong message about your character. Use physical gestures that make her feel comfortable and don’t come off as annoying.

How to Decode Her Behavior

Sweetydate warns you: make sure that you pay very close attention to a girl’s behavior whether she enjoys the touch or isn’t fond of the way you are acting around her. Let’s just get this out of the way and put out there that breaking the touch barrier helps make the utmost difference at making a physical connection with the person. However, that does give you the privilege to keep your hands on her shoulder the whole night. Before you get nervous and are afraid of every little touch that may set your date off, here are some helpful tips that will aid you to help decode her behavior.

Useful Tips to Break the Touch Barrier

In order to break any lingering anxiety, here are five useful tips to break the touch barrier.

1. Make Sure She Welcomes Your Touches

From the moment the date starts, pay attention to her reactions and her behavior. Is she comfortable with how close you are sitting next to her? Is she making direct eye contact? And most importantly is she having a good time? Before making any advances, get to know her personality first and foremost to get an understanding of what she likes and dislikes. Being shy or outgoing makes a big difference. By making this assessment, you’ll have better judgment in your approach to break the touch barrier.

ice breakers to break the touch barrier2. Find a Reason to Touch Her

There has to be a reason to touch her. Does she have hair in her face? Has an eyelash fallen on her cheek? Use ice breakers to get rid of the touch barrier. The first touch should be a casual touch like shaking her hand, for example, when you first meet. But if you ever see food smeared on her face, don’t ever wipe it off for her. That sends the wrong message across. If she lets you wipe away the fallen eyelash, brush it off gently and don’t linger the touch for too long.

3. Notice When She Needs Some Space

Constantly looming about in her personal bubble will get on her nerves. Notice when she isn’t interested in your actions. Don’t automatically assume that she is not interested in you. That’s why it is very important to give her some space, whether she is in a bad mood or is not comfortable with you yet. Be supportive of whatever she needs. Remember, being independent is okay. Being dependent sends across the wrong message entirely. Listen to what she has to say: maybe, she has had a bad day or not, or is not interested in your advances at all.

4. Compliment on Her Appearance

Say something positive about her appearance. A nice comment immediately sets a positive vibe. Is she wearing nice jewelry? Ask her if there is something different about her hair. Is she wearing new nail polish? Ask her if you could take a look at the bracelet she is wearing. Remember, you should have already broken the touch barrier before inspecting her jewelry. Again, make sure she looks comfortable. Don’t randomly touch her hair just so you can touch her. Have a reason.

5. Check the Way She Looks at You

Here is where social cues are very important. Watch her reactions throughout the date. Is she having a good time? Is she bored? Does she also look nervous? If there is an indication that she is not comfortable, don’t reach out and touch her yet. Spend some time getting to know her before breaking the touch barrier, making a good model of yourself. If you are going to touch her, make it count and have a reason. It’s important to take her reactions seriously instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to be in a relationship.

Should I break the touch barrier? Relationships can be the most daunting experience, but in the end, use your own knowledge and conscious of when you believe that it is a suitable time to break the touch barrier.




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