How Many Dates Before Your Relationship is Official?
How Many Dates Before Your Relationship is Official?

How Many Dates Before Your Relationship is Official?


Nowadays, many people suffer from loneliness a lot. Despite the seeming mental freedom of modern society and the variety of options to make new acquaintances, everybody is used to all this rarely coming to serious relationships. Nevertheless, experts of Sweetydate will try to find an answer to the question: “When to make a relationship official?”, Tell you how many dates before the relationship occurs should take place, and also discuss all the nuances of how you communicate with your partner.
after how many dates should you become an exclusive

Dates Before Your Relationship is Official - Statistics, Studies

So, after how many dates is it a relationship?

As wide practice shows, women are usually much more interested in seeking serious relationships than men, and, therefore, are much more willing to date. This is directly reflected in the statistics: women have to go through much more personal tragedies and breaks in their lifetime before they find “the special one”.

Males are usually more focused on their particular, true goals in terms of finding a partner, and share intimate relationships for the sole sake of mental intimacy in the first place. That’s why for them, the average number of dates before relationship is around six - this is usually enough to figure out whether a man wants to have something serious to go on with their new partner or not.

Will You Really Be in a Relationship After All These Dates?

Knowing how many dates it takes before it’s all exclusive, it is easier to expect possible outcomes of one’s efforts. In this aspect, you should know for sure what indicates potential relationships that are doomed from the beginning when you started a chat on sweetydate.com. So ring an alarm and start thinking about changing something in your life if you that:

  • you meet up exclusively for sex and never go out, not to cinema or theater or to simply walk together holding hands;
  • your partner is reluctant about introducing you to his/her friends and isn’t hurried to meet yours;
  • you aren’t able to call up your partner and complain about some issues - normally, you get a topic switched or the whole conversation dropped because he/she is “busy”;
  • your partner never stayed for the night at your place;
  • your partner never calls you in their free time just to chat or ask how you are doing;
  • there is completely no jealousy;
  • your partner spends a minimum of resources on you - either material or emotional or energetic.

In any of such cases, you should get on with the thought that either you are being used or you use another person for the satisfaction of your certain needs.

Why Some People Will Get to the Relationships Earlier?

We believe that it’s not all about the statistical facts related to the question of how long should you date before making it official. The thing is, many people, having found in their partner what they need at once, quickly translate their intentions into the status of “serious”.

Thus, regardless of your partner’s gender, if he/she is interested in a serious relationship, they will foremost look for reliability and stability.

The second major point is adequate self-esteem. Many people who have not yet met their soulmate quite often complain that those who meet them very often have exaggerated expectations for their future halves, while not really standing out themselves.

how long should you date before getting into a relationshipThat’s why f you want to get the best chance of continuing your meetings, do not try to “splurge” by telling once again how wonderful you are. Instead, let your partner evaluate all your strengths personally.

Follow Our Date Rules

If you have already figured out for yourself after how many dates should you become an exclusive couple, let’s talk about how you can boost your chances to achieve serious relationships.

  • Don’t try to “adjust” your spouse. Remember that your partner is not a child, but rather a long-formed personality. He/she is what he/she is: with their personal habits, interests, and life values. And you have to put up with this if you want to build a serious relationship with them.
  • Be patient. Never blame your partner for his/her shortcomings. Instead, try to choose the most correct, delicate phrases in order to convince your soul mate in something.
  • Keep your relationships livened up. Avoid routine and always try to maintain the illusion of fragility in your relationship. Even if you have been together for a long time, do not forget to surprise your partner - both in daily life and in bed.
  • Demonstrate support. Assure your partner with the thought that they are the best in the world, that you believe in them like no other, appreciate them as a person; Do not forget to communicate, be interested in what worries and bothers them, and take care each other.
  • Don’t control. Despite the common desire to fully possess a loved one, you have to respect their right to be alone at times and have room to breathe.
  • Focus on self-development & personal growth. People most often seek serious relationships with diverse, deep personalities. To get that charisma, you should keep develop, set new goals and achieve them.
  • Maintain everything that goes on with decency. Building serious relationships, remember that you have to go through a series of grievances and quarrels. Even so, try not to throw tantrums and scenes, but instead treat everything philosophically, as a valuable experience, and with understanding.

When to Start a Conversation About Relationships?

Don’t be afraid to discuss how long should you date before getting into a relationship with your potential partner you've met on sweetydate site if you have been dating for about a month. You may want to shift your focus toward other things and people if they are reluctant in terms of going anywhere further.

Signs That You are Perfect for Each Other

Talk about a common future

If a couple suddenly began to plan a certain future together with each other, there are great chances that they are going to be together for some time. Although, they may not talk about it.

But you should not rely on conversations only - words should be backed up by actions on the part of the partner. If they talk for hours about what a wonderful home you will have, and at the same time claim that material wealth is not so important, most likely a person is simply hypocritical.

Conversations about relationships

Usually, a serious-minded partner is not only interested in your affairs “out of the blue” but also remembers the details and, conditionally, expresses a desire to dive into certain tendencies occurring between you two from time to time. Discuss your relationships should be a regular thing - it helps to find out what both of you like and don’t like and reach a compromise in a difficult situation.

Treating you as a significant other

Yet another sign that your partner has serious intentions is the manifestation of feelings in public. This does not mean grabbing for different parts of the body, rather, we are talking about touches, about important and correct words.

For example, mentioning you in the posts of your partner on social networks is also a special manifestation of their feelings for you in rea. Although the main sign of "seriousness" is caring for you in real life, of course.

What Will Happen When You Decide to Be in a “Relationship”?

Despite the fact that many people are afraid to build something serious, long-term relationships bring a lot of positive things, including:

exclusive relationshipSensations that make your life more wholesome. Certain people are afraid that by agreeing to a serious relationship, they will be forced to sacrifice their usual way of life. Nevertheless, a long-term relationship is an addition to the way of life and not its replacement, and with the right partner, you will not need to radically change your lifestyle. In addition, partners who have been together for a long time have a better sex life, their conversations with each other are more emotional, and their feelings are stronger. Between these people a more lasting and sincere connection is established;

You get a self-esteem boost. True love can have a very positive effect on our self-esteem. People who are in long-term relationships often have higher self-esteem and are more optimistic about life. In addition, relationships can cause a person to develop as a human being and provide support for advancement in many other areas of life;

You feel better physically. Relationships affect not only life expectancy but also its quality. This is a proven fact - people who are in a serious relationship suffer less from mental illness. In addition, scientists have discovered that the immune system of such people is constantly becoming stronger, not to mention the fact that a “taken” person is less likely to catch sexually transmitted diseases;

You get rid of many issues. If there is someone in your life who is always ready to come to your aid, living becomes easier and safer as a whole. When you get sick, this person will take care of you, they will share your stress in critical moments, and rejoice with you in happy moments.

Not Everyone Enters a Relationship Thinking About it Ending

Surely, no one enters a relationship in order to leave eventually. However, sometimes, we forget about some simple things, which ultimately destroys all the good that could be in the future.

Don’t forget about your partner’s constant need in compliments and fun - a healthy sense of humor can be a game-changer in relationships of any scale and strength.

If you have questions about your particular attempts at building an exclusive relationship or you wish to speak your mind, share in the comments below. We will gladly analyze your experience - come visit us!


As you can see, the answer to the question: “How many dates before it’s official?” depends a lot on your “which side you’re on” (men or women) and how much effort and desire you put into it.

We really hope that our article clarifies to any extent how many dates before you become a couple usually occurs. Meanwhile, don’t drop your tries at meeting a soulmate online, it happens quite frequently these days.

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