15 Facts Why Younger Girls Are Seeking Older Men
15 Facts Why Younger Girls Are Seeking Older Men

15 Facts Why Younger Girls Are Seeking Older Men


Couples in which a man is older than a woman still arouse a lot of interest. If everything is more or less clear with a man (who would not want to shine next to a young beauty?), then what is a woman guided by when choosing a man older than herself? Let’s see into the matter!
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What does it mean when an older man dates a younger woman?

It is so established by mother nature that the reproductive ability of a woman decreases over the years. Girls in their 20s are more likely to give birth to a number of healthy children than women in their 30s, and men feel this instinctively. In ancient times, menfolk gave preference to young women, and ladies often married elderly men at the age of 11-13. In the East, they created harems, and with each passing year, a man chose a wife younger and younger so that she could give birth to the heirs.

The interest of men in women younger than themselves is inherent in them. In the United States, scientists conducted research on this phenomenon, and as the survey showed, guys at the age of 20 want to start relationships with girls of 17-18 years old, thirty-year-old men – with girls under 26 years old, and those who are over 50 would even choose a life companion 20 years younger!

Why younger girls are seeking older men

Attractive, passionate, hot... It seems that a young girl can win the heart of any age mate. But the number of women looking for mature men is growing every year. What attracts young beauties to older men?

1. Maturity. This is the most popular reason why younger women seeking an older man. From childhood, girls are taught that boys of their age develop much more slowly. Even when ladies grow up, they subconsciously perceive young males as retardate "boys" and feel superior to them. Since a woman needs a protector, her choice often falls on older men.

2. Self-confidence. According to surveys conducted on Sweetydate, most women consider self-confidence to be one of the most important male qualities. And mature men undoubtedly radiate self-belief.

3. Similarity with the father. This situation is explained by the theory of Freud (Oedipus complex), according to which every woman is looking for a man similar to her dad. Many girls like it when their partner has the same habits as their dad.

4. Sense of confidence in the future. Many girls want to be on solid ground, and an adult man who has remarkable life experience and matured character will definitely be able to provide them with it.

5. Desire to feel like a princess. Older men know how to take care of a woman and win her heart over. A girl blooms next to such a man, she feels loved and needed by her chosen one. If you consider yourself to be such a man, feel free to seek a younger woman for an older man.

younger women seeking older men

6. There is no risk of disappointment in the relationship. This is the same solid ground but on the psychological level. An older man is a person who has fully formed himself, he will not change, which means that a girl can study him like an open book even before a serious relationship.

7. Better communication. With age, men improve their communication skills and learn to listen to and communicate with women. Ladies appreciate men who can lend them a sympathetic ear, so younger women are seeking older men.

8. Material security. Ladies dream of men showering them with romance – taking them to restaurants and giving perfumes and cosmetics. It’s unlikely that a poor student can comply with such requests.

9. Life experience. Older men have gone through a great variety of different life situations and are not afraid to deal with problems and difficulties. This is what really attracts younger women seeking older men.

10. Older men want serious relationships. An older man is not looking for a girl for a week. He visits Sweetydate to enter into serious relationships, find a wife, and create a family.

11. Willingness to help with household chores. Mature men understand how difficult it can be for women to do all the housework themselves. So, they are always ready to wash dishes, clean up the house, or do laundry.

12. Older men are ready to take on the role of a father. Young women often look for older men as they have all the qualities to become a good father. To say more, such guys are really happy to raise children!

13. These men know what they want. Young guys rarely know what they want from life, in contrast to mature men who set goals and give a hundred and ten percent to achieve them.

14. Understanding. Mature men know how to keep their emotions in check. They are able to treat petty bickers in a relationship more calmly, strike compromises, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

15. The heart knows no law. It happens that a woman's sympathy for a man has nothing to do with his age. As they say, love is blind. In the end, there is no ideal age difference for building happy relationships. Sometimes, love can draw two completely dissimilar people together, even if there is a huge age difference!

Financial aspects of dating a younger girl

There are many advantages in a relationship with an older gentleman. A man receives from a woman all that he needs – respect, humility, youthful energy, and novelty of sensations. A lady, in turn, gets a sense of security, life experience, a partner worthy of respect and obedience, and sufficient material security. A man who is seeking younger women understands that the chance to attract a young lady increases depending on his financial situation. It does not mean that all young ladies are too materialistic, simply put, all the representatives of fairer sex want their family and children to live in abundance, and older men can give it to them. And of course, no one can argue with the fact that girls love care tokens, gifts, and cute surprises. All the pretty ladies surveyed on Sweetydate admit that older men are already financially sound and do not grudge money on the whims of their beloved ladies.

How to date younger women

Relationships between people with significant age differences turn out to be more complicated than ordinary romantic relationships. But that's no big deal if your feelings are real. Follow these simple tips and your love will be strong and long-lasting!

Be there for her

For the most part, young girls looking for older men because they see them as reliable protection and support. So, your girlfriend will definitely appreciate it if you are always ready to come to her aid and provide support, and this is not only about difficult life situations but also about everyday affairs and worries.

Diversify your relationship

Due to the age difference, you and your girlfriend may have different hobbies and interests. Accordingly, you can sometimes be bored with each other, especially after the end of the rose and candy stage. So, add variety to your relationship and impress a young woman, for example, do something that none of you have ever done before (go horseback riding, rent a yacht, etc.).

young women looking for older men dating site

Take the lead in sex

It seems surprising to many people, but in sex, girls often get much more pleasure from older men than from passionate and hyperactive peers. All these thanks to considerable experience – a mature man knows how to give a lady real pleasure. Therefore, take the lead in sex and a hot young girl will always be satisfied with your intimate life. This is especially true for passionate Slavic girls!

Taboos in relationships with younger women

Now, let's take a look at what a man should not do to make a relationship with a younger lady really happy.

Trying to get younger

In a relationship with a younger girl, a man should not try to look younger, copy the post-teen style, or even worse – dress up in the style of his early years. Girls on Sweetydate admit that all this looks terribly ridiculous.

Constant mansplaining

You are a lover, not a mentor for a younger girl. Do not forget that first of all, you have a sexual relationship, so you should not run away with pedagogy. The desire to mansplain a girl on the least occasion will show you not as a mature man, but as an ordinary bore.

Attempts to fit in with each other’s friends

An attempt to attend a student party will remind a man of his age in all its glory. Who are these people? Why are they so stupid? What are they all talking about? He will feel like a mammoth at the nanotechnology show. A girl, in turn, will feel like in a mausoleum at the hasteless gatherings habitual to her beloved man. Attempts to somehow fit in with each other’s friends will not bring any positive results. It’s better to find a third, neutral company that will include people of different age groups.

Places to find a young woman

Men often ask the question "Where to meet a young woman looking for older men?" In fact, you can find love whenever and wherever you are. But we have prepared a list of the most common places where young girls are most disposed to acquaintances with the opposite sex:

  • cafes, restaurants, coffee shops;
  • clubs, bars;
  • recreation parks;
  • supermarkets;
  • cinema;
  • museums, exhibitions;
  • fitness rooms (yoga courses, swimming pools, dance lessons, etc.);
  • resorts;
  • amusement parks, water parks;
  • concerts, fan meetings, festivals;
  • social networks;
  • online dating websites.

Dating a young woman: taking the search online

Online dating is the best of the above-listed options on where to meet young women. It has a number of advantages:

  • young girls looking for older men

    You can get acquainted and communicate with people without interrupting current affairs. It is very convenient in conditions of total time pressure.
  • A proven dating site such as Sweetydate.com is a place where there are no language or territorial barriers. And in general, this is the best young women looking for older men dating site.
  • Online dating is a godsend for introverts who don't like going to public places.
  • This is an easy first step to take. If it is sometimes can be scary to approach a girl on the street, in order to make contact on the Internet and find younger women for older men, you just have to put two fingers on the keyboard.
  • Virtual communication provides an opportunity to think over your own words. In real life, you are subject to emotions that force you to act posthaste.

The opinion of scientists from different countries

Debates over such relationships has raged for years. Scientists from all over the world have their own special opinion and dissimilar views on this matter:

Americans argue that the ideal age difference between partners is one year, if lovers adhere to this scientific opinion, the divorce rate will drop to 2%. Couples with an age difference of five years are prone to divorce by 18%, and with a difference of ten years – by 39%. Most of all, divorces occur in marriages in which people have an age disparity of 20 or more years, statistics show the percentage of break-ups in 95% of cases.

The Swedes argue that in order to reduce the number of broken marriages, men need to choose girls for marriage who are 6 years younger.

Finnish researchers have found that the optimal age difference is 15 years. If a woman is 15 years younger than her husband, she will give birth to the healthiest and strongest children.

Russian experts are sure that it’s best to start a family with a peer, the number of such marriages throughout the country is about 27%.


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