10 Signs She Is Cheating
10 Signs She Is Cheating

10 Signs She Is Cheating


If you keep saying to yourself 'I think she is cheating on me' a few months into the relationship, you may be on to something. Being cheated on is a humongous bridge of trust and understandably some relationships never recover from it. There are two types of infidelity, physical and emotional cheating. While men lean towards the former, women are guilty of the later. This is not to say both genders aren't culpable of both.

While proven infidelity can break up your relationship, a false accusation has almost the same effect. Here are some tips form experts of Sweetydate on how to know if she is cheating and how to deal with being cheated on.

signs she is cheating

Why do women cheat?

There are many reasons why women cheat, reasons that range from a moment of weakness to an act of revenge. You can find more women reveal why they cheat here. We are not excusing cheating. Knowing why a partner would cheat will help you avoid such pitfalls and ultimately improve your relationship.

Biological reasons

Before you scoff at the thought that it is like women to cheat, just hear us out. The modern woman views sex as her male counterparts and can consequently keep multiple sex partners at a time. Studies have shown that the percentage of cheating men has stayed the same, while that of women has risen by 40% since 1990. Women seek out emotional fulfillment and connection in a relationship. If that is missing some women seek that need outside the relationship. To prevent this from happening, make it a habit to communicate and listen to your girlfriend.


Let's be honest, a routine can be a little boring. We tend to easily settle into our schedule and just try to survive each day, leaving no room for romance. If a woman whose emotional needs are neglected by her partner gets attention from outsiders, it becomes easier to cheat.


Usually, infidelity in a relationship is a sign that there are deep-rooted issues. Cheating is largely the fault of the cheater. However, there are times a woman would cheat because you pushed her to it. People react to situations differently and a woman could repay infidelity in the same way. Women who cheat for this reason do not always feel better and regret not taking the high road. Try to discuss this interesting topic with girls on sweetydate site.

obvious signs she is cheating


Emotional or physical abuse can push a woman into the arms of another man. Constant abuse tears at a woman's esteem and will cause her to seek validation outside. If you consistently yell at her, a man who speaks softly to her will easily turn her attention to himself.

Unmet expectations

Sometimes when a relationship is young, people make a lot of promises end up not fulfilling. While these promises could have been made with good intentions, things happen and they are broken. If these desires such as spending quality time together, sexual satisfaction, and emotional support are not met it leads to feelings of disappointment and bitterness. However, it is near impossible for you to meet all the desires of your partner. This is where open communication comes to play.


As paradoxical as it may sound, your unfounded accusations could push your girlfriend into cheating on you. The most effective way to catch an unfaithful partner is red-handed. If this is not the case you will be pushing her away and sloughing off the walls of your relationship. You can find more reasons women cheat here.

How to understand that she is cheating

If you suspect foul play from your spouse, your guts might be telling you something. However, it is equally as dangerous when your spouse is probably consumed with work and you interpret their aloofness as infidelity. If you are asking yourself how can I find out if she is cheating, here are a few not so obvious cheating signs to look out for. How to tell if your partner is cheating? Here is an ultimate guide from https://sweetydate.com/.

She tells you

How will she tell you she's cheating you may ask. If you are suspicious of your partner, the most effective way to get the truth is to calmly confront her. If she's innocent, she'll allay your fears and reassure you of her commitment. If she's cheating she will either admit to it or deny. In the case of a denial, her body language will tell you what you need to know. She will avoid eye contact, begin to fidget, and make long confusing sentences.

She's suddenly secretive

If she doesn't take her calls in your presence or you hear her talking in hushed tones in the bathroom often, she might be hiding something. A cheating girlfriend will suddenly change the password to her phone, delete messages and clear her call log. It's one of the obvious signs she is cheating. If she keeps her phone screen away from you when you're together, she's probably hiding something.

She criticizes you

If she suddenly starts fighting with you about things she previously didn't care about there could be more to it. She may be criticizing aspects of you that are different from the new man or she just needs a reason to put an end to the relationship. She may be compiling arguments she'd use in her defense if you catch her cheating.

She pays attention to her looks

One of the physical signs your wife is cheating is when she begins to pay attention to her looks. If she begins to exercise, wear sexy lingerie or brighter makeup than usual she might be trying to impress a new friend. This is not to say a woman can't change her looks for whatever reason, far from it. She may be doing it for herself.

how can i find out if she is cheatingShe accuses you of cheating

Usually, people who cheat think everyone around is trying to cheat on them and get aggressive. Cheating takes a lot of physical and emotional toll on someone and they get paranoid. She will try to accuse you first to throw you off so you don't think she could be doing the same.

She cancels plans

If she suddenly gets too busy to hang out, it could be a sign she's creating time for someone else. We're not saying her unavailability when she gets a new job, takes up a course or volunteer work means she is cheating. A woman could get busy when she has a deadline or working for a promotion. In this case, you should be understanding and supportive. However if she's suddenly always working late or disappearing at specific times, it could be one of the signs your girlfriend is cheating.

She talks about a new friend

If your girlfriend impulsively starts talking a lot about a colleague or friend, you may have a cheating case on your hands. It is not out of place for your girlfriend to meet new people or talk about them. In this case, the new friend or colleague would be aware of your relationship. However if a name keeps coming up in your conversations, something could be wrong somewhere.

She is not in the mood

If she loses interest in intimacy or doesn't want to engage in it as frequently as she used to, it could be a sign she is mentally checking out of the relationship. If it seems like you can't satisfy her or she's uninterested in sexual activity, she may not want it with you.

She blocks her social media

There seems to be no logical explanation for your partner blocking you on social media. If this happens, you may want to ask questions. Similarly, if your girlfriend changes the way and things she posts, it could be that she has a new follower she's trying to impress. This is not to say a woman can't change her approach to social media, but it could be signs she is cheating.

She is distant

One of the signs of a cheater is that she begins to stay away from you. She will not call you as frequently as she did and will have reasons why not to hang out with you. If she was into PDA you would see that she stops reciprocating your affection. This is because she feels guilty for cheating.

She is cheating: What to do?

You have confirmed that she was indeed unfaithful and you are confused. Naturally, you will be caught between feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal. Your trust was broken. It is best to keep your cool, as difficult as it may be. You don't want to rain abuses on her, call her names, beg or act needy. That will just make it worse and you'd regret it later. Here are a few things to do when you find your partner cheating from sweetydate.com.

The conversation is always a good idea

Talk about it with your partner. Listen while she talks and ask important questions. Perhaps your partner is polyamorous and unable to stick to one partner. Or maybe you could not keep up with her high sex drive. In all of this, be respectful.

Find out if she is remorseful and willing to work on rebuilding the relationship. You will also want to know why she cheated and what you can do to avoid a repeat of it going forward.

physical signs your wife is cheating

Take it easy and take a break

While you are sorting out your emotions, you may want to consider taking a break from the relationship. Reach out to trusted friends and family. You can also see a counselor to help you get through this phase. Use this time to dig deep into your fears. Are you afraid no one would want you or she's the best you can do?

Tell your partner to give you the chance to think things over and decide what you need to do. If she wants the relationship to continue, she'd understand why you want the break and let you take all the time you need.

Make an important decision whether to save the relationship or not

During the time you are taking a break, be honest with yourself. Can you continue with the relationship? Was the cheating a onetime affair or it’s been going on for a long time? How remorseful is she? Answering these questions honestly would help you make a decision.

Deciding to move on doesn't make you a bad person, it just means you could not get past the cheating and decided to not hurt her feelings anymore.

Infidelity is a major problem in relationships today and the cause of a lot of breakups among couples. There are a couple of telltale signs of cheating that could confirm your suspicion. It is not a pleasant experience and you don't have to lose your relationship over it. Be honest with yourself about your desire to continue with the relationship or not.

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