11 Road Trip Tips for Couples
11 Road Trip Tips for Couples

11 Road Trip Tips for Couples


Do you still believe that a car trip involves knowing many rules and nuances and is too hard to plan on your own? We are here to debunk all misconceptions concerning traveling in a car and provide you with the best fun road trip ideas for couples. In fact, everything is way easier than it seems. Since Sweetydate has prepared the answers to all questions about driving a car while exploring the world - they will help you make sure that there is nothing difficult here. Also, be sure to check the list of tips and things to take with you on a trip!
road trip ideas for couples

Here Is Why a Road Trip Date Is So Great

You should try a trip on wheels at least one in life! And you will be sure to fall in love with this way of traveling. Imagine how many great places you can meet on the way from one destination to another - in any of them you can stop, take a walk, have dinner and even stay for a few days if you really like the place. To ensure that the trip does not get too tedious, we advise you to buy tickets to the starting point and rent a car to go for adventures already there. So, here are 5 ideas about why a couple road trip is the best option for a prolonged date.


Imagine: you two in the car, listen to your favorite music going somewhere to take a retreat from reality while enjoying the sunset directly from the passenger compartment. Extremely romantic, right? When was the last time you were watching the sunset not in a hurry, but in complete harmony with yourself and your partner? We are sure that you will remember such moments for the rest of your life! Meeting sunrises and sunsets while on the road is the best.

Romantic picnics

Great dinner with a 10% service charge? Who needs it, when you can arrange a snack no worse, getting anywhere you want in a car? However, do not rush to the nearest McDonald’s, hamburgers and nuggets are not very suitable for a romantic picnic. So, https://sweetydate.com/ is giving a piece of top advice!

Buy some fruits and freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, cheese, pour some hot tea into a thermos, or buy aromatic coffee at a gas station. Park the car in some remote forest glade, turn on loud lyric music and enjoy communication, food, and privacy. The best about picnic road trip ideas for couples is that you can make stops on the go and discover remote places of unbelievable beauty while following the path to your destination.

Car cinema

The idea was initially invented in the USA, where cinemas for motorists and their passengers are widespread. You pay money for tickets, call in a large open area where a huge screen is installed and watch a movie that is projected on it. Unfortunately, there are not so many similar establishments in all countries, but if you discover that you will pass by cities which offer such leisure, it is a must. What could be more secluded than your own car, where no one kicks a chair in the back, no one makes stupid jokes or speaks loudly in the middle of the session?

And even if you do not make it into the open car cinema, you can download your own film, audiobook or a podcast to listen on the road provided that it doesn’t distract the driver. So, you will make the most out of this trip and learn something new that you have never got around.

couple road trip ideas

An evening watching the stars

Watching stars is even more romantic than watching the best soap opera in a car cinema. Just the two of you against the overhanging sky full of constellations. If you are not lucky to live in a place where you can see stars in large numbers and where there is no constant smog, then you will appreciate finally having an opportunity to watch the night panorama. Find an open space, away from city lights, for example, in a camping spot or on a remote road, and feel the spirit of the night. Believe us, warm blankets, passionate kisses, hot tea, cozy hidden place, and a starry night will do their thing. Especially if you manage to notice the star falling and make a wish, your road trip will be truly romantic.


The best couple road trip ideas are those that have not been foreplanned! If you and your soulmate are adrenaline junkies, why not get in the car and go to any place you wish without making a route in advance? This can be a trip for a couple of hours to nearby cities or a long trip for several days. Wandering through unfamiliar streets, listening to your favorite music, recalling past memories, looking at new places - what could be better? This will surely refreshen your relationships because the best road trip date is the one you did not expect.

Fun Road Trip Ideas for Couples

Many pleasant or scary unexpected situations happen during road trip tips for couples. If you are only starting your career as car travelers, then you may learn a lot and prepare well before getting down to business. And the most important question of any trip is, “Where to go?” For your romantic holidays to be only positive and deprived of any confusing moment, we share with you the list of some really spectacular car trip destinations. They are sure to provide you with safe, unbelievable, and unusual rest and memories.

Grossglockner, Austria

That's where you can really feel the grandeur of the mountains! The road connecting Carinthia and Salzburg with its swirls and incredible turns make the head go round. Alpine meadows and toy villages here alternate with lakes and roaring waterfalls. The highlight of the route is snow-covered mountain sceneries and the giant nine-kilometer Pasteur glacier.

The best time to visit this area is from May to November because the road is open for cars in these months. Before the trip, you should check the weather forecast since rainfalls and strong cold winds are typical for this territory. What is about the cost? The entry fee to Grosglockkner costs €34.50 per day and €53 per month. After 18:00 the cost is €24.50.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

When traveling to the Amalfi Coast, you should stay attentive because the local beauty can easily distract even the most careful driver from the road! This is one of those cheap road trip ideas for couples where you get maximum beautiful views on a shoe-string budget. The cliffs on one side and the piercing blue of the Mediterranean on the other are framing the winding road that plunges into the tunnel and baths in the rays of the gentle summer sun. The culmination of the trip is the town of Amalfi with its colorful cute houses on strict steep cliffs. To get there, you can leave directly from Naples and turn to Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello.

Wine Road, Alsace, France

The scenery of this French province is famous for its unique beauty. Not only a melodic name but unbelievable views wait for you if you decide to go see the legendary region of Alsace with your own eyes. And the Wine Road is best suited to enjoy not only the idyllic views of the villages that are immersed in the vineyards but also the product produced there. Wineries are located 170 km from Marlenheim at the town of Tann, where you can treat yourself to some fine French wine, provided that you stay in the province for a few days.

Kotor Bay, Montenegro

The 130 km of the finest road lying along the bay will please you not only with beautiful scenery but also with a variety of attractions, so be prepared for frequent stops. And you may find many beautiful uninhabited beaches along the way. Do not forget to take your swimsuit and sunscreen because you will definitely want to relax there. The Spanyol Fortress in Herceg Novi, the Savina Monastery, beaches and restaurants serving delicious local cuisine will make you want to stay in Montenegro forever. What is more, you can rent a boat in the town of Perast and sail to Skrpela, the only artificial island in the Adriatic.

road trip tips for couples

Pianoro - Florence, Italy

The SP/ SS 65 route extends 100 km through the picturesque Italian province of Pianoro, not far from Bologna, and to Florence itself. On your way, you will not only see the majestic beauty of the Apennine Mountains but also visit Tuscany, the country's legendary wine region. The best time to go visit Pianoro is in September when the climate and weather are as comfortable as possible, and the wines are ready for tasting!

Lake District of Italy

It is another excellent Italian destination for a car trip sweetydate site recommends to visit. Picturesque northern lakes - Garda, Como, and Maggiore are definitely worth your attention. Start from Venice to hop on the way to Padua and Verona. Relax in the paradise towns of Sirmione and Gardone Riviera on the Garda coast. Then head to Lake Como and obligatory drive into "two-story" Bergamo: a picturesque town where even the fortification wall of the Upper City is covered with a layer of buoyant plants.

Among the stunning mountain scenery, fishing villages, and luxurious Como villas, a sense of the unreality of what is happening is pouring over the edge. The pearl of this lake is the ancient Bellagio, where the composer and great connoisseur of harmony Ferenc Liszt loved to rest. The total length of the route is 670 km which means you will need to spend at least 4 days on such a trip. The best time to travel is late spring or early fall season.

11 Tips to Make a Couple Road Trip Work

Not to worry about the basic stuff and enjoy every minute of your way, you should be really prepared. Apart from coming up with fun things for couples to do on a road trip and downloading tons of music, you need to take care of the boring basics to make your trip safe and smooth. Here are the main steps.

Make a route. Estimate the comfortable speed of the trip, calculate the distance, choose the places where you want to stay, and book the accommodations where you will spend the night. To find the best hotel and not take whatever option that is available at the last moment, it is better to book rooms in advance on all.accor.com, booking.com or airbnb.com.

Check the route for safety. Take the time to browse the Internet for information so you don’t get into trouble later. Make sure that you have access to the Internet, buy a roaming mobile provider pack, or mark the gas stations on the road where you can connect to the wi-fi.

Inspect and prepare the car. Do not travel with unsolved engine problems and worn parts. This is especially important for long off-road trips. Put protection on traction, handouts, and fuel tanks.

Prepare the car for sleeping just in case. Your vehicle is your plan B if there are no spare options to spend the night or if you do not have time to get to the city you need. Especially if you are traveling with a child, it is important to rest enough.

Talk to your relatives. Someone from your loved ones must be aware of where you are going, and you should resend this information to them at any possible time.

Double-check everything in person. Control both yourself and your travel partner. We are all human, and we may accidentally forget about the simplest and most necessary things.

Do not forget to fill the car. Never let the fuel level in the tank drop to a critical minimum. Always start a trip with a full tank.

Make stops. Every 2-3 hours it’s better to take breaks to have a coffee, especially at night, and walk a little - you don’t want the trip to turn into a test for your body.

Sleep enough. And do it better in pre-booked rooms. A good rest is the best preparation for a pleasant trip. You can come up with interesting road trip questions for couples not to fall asleep, and the passengers should keep track of whether the driver feels ok and energetic.

fun things for couples to do on a road tripAlways carry documents with you. Have copies of all documents to put in every backpack, you can also scan them and download them to a virtual storage disk. And, of course, do not leave valuables when leaving the car.

Stay on alert. You should neither stop in unfamiliar places nor ask strangers on remote lonely roads for directions. And whether to take someone from the road is to your own risk. A shocker or a powerful flashlight, to blind an attacker, will not take up much space, but can help out in difficult times.

Final Road-Trip Checklist

Traveling by car will become incomparably more convenient if you take comfortable clothes and shoes, for example, a soft tracksuit and sneakers. Small pillows and rugs for passengers are also useful, especially if you travel with children. But what are some last not so obvious things you take?

If you are traveling to a hot sunny country, consider taking a special windshield overlay in advance to install at the time of parking. It is made of a material with a reflective surface, the machine heats up less.

When you rent a car, check to see if these items are in the trunk:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • A car tow
  • Spare wheel
  • First aid kit
  • Checklist for the road
  • Driving license (if necessary - international)
  • High limit credit card
  • Cash, preferably in small bills and coins
  • Navigator or phone with downloaded maps
  • Chargers for all the necessary gadgets + cigarette lighter adapter
  • Music discs, a wire for connecting a smartphone to the car radio or a portable speaker
  • Bottled water
  • Snack food
  • Comfortable clothes, a blanket, a pillow (not necessary, but will make the trip more comfortable)
  • Tablets from motion sickness + a small first-aid kit (anesthetic, antipyretic, sorbent)
  • Wet wipes + disposable scarves
  • Road trip games for couples and a good mood.
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