What to Do When She Doesn't Text Back?
What to Do When She Doesn't Text Back?

What to Do When She Doesn't Text Back?


Most men at least once in their lives were in a situation when a special girl did not respond to their messages. At such moments, even the confident person would be confused and doubt about what to do next. Should I text her again if she doesn't reply? Write and ask something? Send an emoji? Didn’t she notice the message? Should I wait a little? Why is she ignoring my texts? These and many other questions flood the mind of a confused person. In this article by Sweetydate experts, we are going to provide some context and tips on what to do in such a situation.
If a girl doesn’t text you back

When Can You Consider Her “Non-Replying”?

We feel trepidation while communicating with someone we like as well as a disappointment if they do not respond. But it is necessary to clearly distinguish the cases when our addressee really ignores us or is simply busy.

The girl does not necessarily ignore you. Even if before she answered you shortly, she may have some things to do, that’s why she may not have the opportunity to answer immediately or even after several hours. Do not panic right away, especially if the message remains unread.

Girl sees message but doesn't reply? Do not get upset quickly. It often happens that we read a message and get distracted by something or can’t answer right away (while driving, studying, in the transit, etc.). Keep calm and wait a little bit.

She read my message but didn't reply. Do not forget that we are all human beings, and the special girl can also feel the same way as you do. She may be distracted, worried or embarrassed, have nothing to answer, she may have misunderstood the question or simply has no clue how to continue the conversation.

It may be quite difficult to understand when a girl is really “non-replying.” The best decision for you will be to wait for a while. If she didn't text back how long should I wait? If you wrote in the morning, and there is still no answer by afternoon, you should relax and give her time. Do not write annoying messages such as, “Are you here?” “Did you forget about me?” “Hey, are you there?” or send weird emoji just to attract attention. It is better to write her on a different topic, for example, that you had a hard day and hope that hers went well.

Mistakes to Avoid

Why did she lose interest in communication? Here are the seven most common mistakes that guys make when chatting with girls on https://sweetydate.com/.

Obsession. If you constantly try to maintain communication, even when the girl does not want to continue it, sooner or later it will lead to sad consequences. This shows how much you obsess over her and greatly reduces your "value" in her eyes.

Lack of tact. For example, you left an ambiguous comment on her photo or wrote something not very decent. This is a direct way to become ignored.

What to do when a girl doesn’t text back

Banalities. You were able to interest her at the beginning of communication but then quickly slipped into platitudes like, “Hello, how are you?” and “What are you doing?” To uphold attention, try to be original!

Nervousness. If you are nervous with a confident lady, she would feel it and quickly lose interest. This would serve a reason to start ignoring you. Relax, be yourself and enjoy communication. It doesn’t matter if you succeed the first time or not. Build your friendship step-by-step.

Excessive questioning. When you are at a loss about what to say, you may frantically start asking millions of questions, turning a chat into an interrogation. Learn to be spontaneous! Stop asking, better tell a couple of interesting stories.

Passivity. This is one of the worst mistakes. Do not expect her to take the first step. You are a man, and you are expected to be active. If a young lady refuses you at some stage, this does not mean that she doesn't like you. Be patient.

Predictability. Predictable people are boring. Girls live by emotions and love when something new happens. Improvise. Do some interesting unexpected things.

What to Do When a Girl Doesn’t Text Back: Basic Strategies

Don’t panic and wait a bit. As mentioned earlier, panicking is the last thing you should do in such a situation. There are many reasons why a girl does not answer you, and disinterest is just one of them. Therefore, it is best to get distracted and avoid thinking about the worst possible outcomes; better think of what to write to her later and how to be original.

Give her a day to reply before you send another text. What's really not worth doing is to be intrusive. No one likes clingy people, especially those that write inappropriate messages. Therefore, the best option would be to wait a day and only then remind her about you with a new topic.

Don’t wait more than 2-3 days to text again. Despite all of the above, you should not wait for too long, otherwise, the girl may forget about you. A short pause will be enough not to seem too intrusive and continue the conversation.

Don’t ask if she got your last text or talk about the same thing. The best option to remind about yourself is a neutral phrase about the day, the weather, something that happened in your life, some news, etc.

Read the signs. If the girl nevertheless answered, do not rush, look at the manner of the message, and investigate her mood. Perhaps now is not the best time to ask for a date, especially if she answers coldly and is not in the mood right now. Before you take any further steps, make sure that the girl gives some approving signs.

Evoke positive emotions. If you are not sure about her attitude, try to create a pleasant atmosphere and tune your partner the right way. The best method is humor - tell a funny joke, for instance. In addition, you can tell something cute or mention some antics of your pet because who doesn’t like pets?

Don’t ask her out immediately. Even if you are one hundred percent sure that the girl enjoys talking to you on sweetydate site, do not rush. Wait for the right time to ask her out on a date, so that you are most likely to get a positive answer but don’t delay for too long.

What to Do When You Text a Girl You Like and She Doesn’t Text Back

  1. So what to text when a girl doesn't reply? Firstly, take a look at the last few messages: did you ask something? Did she answer the question? what to text when a girl doesn't replyDid you say something that could offend her? If she just did not answer the question, change the subject. If there is something that might seem offensive, check if everything is fine and directly ask if you might have offended her.
  2. Demonstrate a desire to continue communication but do not be over-intrusive. Do not send dozens of stickers or messages and especially avoid phrases like, “This is the end, right?” “I am in the past for you now.” Write to her in another messenger, send SMS or even call. But do not do all this at the same time. Stretch your perseverance and give her a chance to answer before you turn to the next mean of communication. It is more effective and less annoying option.
  3. Suggest a different topic: share the latest news, ask about something that is unrelated to the previously discussed topics. Use questions people like to answer. For example, ask about her hobby or music tastes.

What to Do When a Girl Doesn’t Text Back After Flirting Over Text

It is hard to understand how to get a girl to text you back after being ignored because most likely, her ignoring means something. The girl might be stunned or embarrassed. She may not know how to react to the message and what to answer. Perhaps she did not even consider the relationship with you, so she does not yet understand how she feels. However, if this happened only once, the partner could be just busy, and this is a coincidence. Just be human and do not overexpress. Give her compliments, show interest in communication, a desire to talk to her.

A good way out of the situation is to wait for some time with flirting and communicate neutrally, without going beyond. At the same time, you need to closely monitor the girl’s behavior, her intonation, attitude, and then try again.

What to Do When You Ask a Girl Out Over Text and She Doesn’t Text Back

What to do when a girl doesn’t text back? If despite all your sweet words, attempts to please, flirt, suggestions to go out, the girl ignores you, do not be discouraged. In the end, not all of us are suitable for one another. Perhaps, she simply does not want to build a relationship now. The best advice in this situation is to move on and try to find someone who will be the exact person for you. Do not immediately worry and take ignoring personally because not everyone fits together regardless of your appearance, amount of money, personal characteristics, outlook on life.

What to Do Now?

It is often difficult to find a partner, but there are various dating sites that can help you find suitable candidates. Besides, some of such sites are special, and you can get in contact with the foreigners and, in general, make new acquaintances. As you probably know, Slavic women are often called the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, even if a girl stops texting back, do not be discouraged since there are 8 billion people on Earth and dozens of suitable partners for everyone.


Beautiful girls are often used to male attention. If she is silent for an hour, there is no tragedy in it. Just wait, apologize if you said something offensive, and suggest another topic for conversation. If a girl doesn’t text you back, write to her in other messengers or call. If you did your best, and it doesn’t work, leave a conversation and switch to other girls. Think about it this way: if she wants to continue communication, she will return, if not - you will still have someone to communicate with.

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