Ukrainian Woman Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Ukrainian Girls Dating According to Experienced Men
Ukrainian Woman Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Ukrainian Girls Dating According to Experienced Men

Ukrainian Woman Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Ukrainian Girls Dating According to Experienced Men


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  1. Are Ukrainian Women Really the Most Beautiful in the World?
  2. Ukrainian Girls: What Are They Like?
  3. Why Girls of Ukraine Are So Popular Among Foreigners
  4. Is It True That Ukrainian Women Are Attracted to Foreigners?
  5. The Most Toxic Stereotypes About Ukrainian Girls
  6. Ukrainian Dating Culture: The Role of Marriage in Lives of Ukrainian Girls
  7. Why Ukrainian Women Are a Great Marriage Material?
  8. Top 10 Best Places to Meet Ukrainian Ladies for Dating
  9. Ukrainian Girls Are So Different: Best Ukrainian Cities to Meet a Woman
  10. 3 Top Ukrainian Cities to Compare: Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa Women
  11. Language Barrier: Do Ukrainian Women Speak English Well
  12. Ukrainian Online Dating: a Full Guide
  13. Traveling Tips for Guys Who Are Looking for Ukrainian Ladies

As they say, “If you don’t know where to start – start at the beginning.” Thus, my connection with Ukrainian girls was preordained long before my birth. My granny was a Ukrainian, and my grandpa was a German Jewish, and they were one of the few who managed to survive in World War II and moved to the USA. My grandma told me numerous things about her homeland and the people who live there. She said that if I decided to get married, I should definitely come to Ukraine and look for my wife there. But who takes seriously such words when you are young and windy when it seems that the whole life is ahead, and you can meet a decent girl almost everywhere?

I was dating many American girls with different national roots and background, but every time something was missing. When I reached my 30th birthday, I remembered those words about the women of Ukraine and decided to try my luck there. Anyway, I had nothing to lose, and this idea seemed already not that bad. I am a freelancer, so it doesn’t matter for me where to work. I moved to Ukraine in 2017, and I have been involved in Ukrainian women dating for already three years. Well, it seems now I am a pro in this issue and can share some tips on how to get the best out of it here, on Sweetydate site. I know that many dudes are interested in these beautiful girls and would like to get acquainted with them. So, let’s get started.

Are Ukrainian Women Really the Most Beautiful in the World?

Well, there is no need to embellish or somehow hide the fact that the first thing that attracts men in Ukrainian women is their stunning external data. I am not an exception, by the way. My granny was amazingly beautiful in youth too, so it’s not surprising that my grandpa lost his head and fell so much in love with her. When I was going to Ukraine for the first time, I was expecting to meet a couple of good-looking girls, but I underestimated the scale of the “catastrophe” and how much it would be complicated to choose one girl if be guided only by their appearance. I began to slightly realize the situation when I got to the Kyiv downtown. It was just OMG. Really. I remember that I was standing in one place and just staring at passers-by. I was really shocked. Well, I heard many times this cliché statement that Ukraine women are amazingly beautiful, and you will hardly find alike beauties in other corners of the globe, but jeez, don’t better come here if you don’t want to fall apart because of delight.

Ukrainian Girls: What Are They Like?

My granny was a wonderful and very caring woman; she became the embodiment of true femininity and maternity. Well, maybe she was a kind of a role model for me because I spent the whole childhood with her until she passed away. And having become mature, I often remember her character traits, habits, and principles. Frankly speaking, when I came to her motherland, I compared her with all the women I met. And I found many things in common, and even though they belong to different generations, certain qualities apparently are national features that don’t change with time.


I have noticed that these girls devote pretty much time to their looks. And when I made friends with one couple, I asked the girl about this peculiarity. She told me that it’s somehow connected with a rivalry between females. Each of them is eager to get a partner as soon as possible because getting married is equal to becoming successful. These girls do their best to look attractive 24/7. It may sound weird, but some of them pick up outfits and apply makeup even to go shopping. And you know it’s difficult to not stare at them when their natural beauty is additionally highlighted. All the girls I was dating, wore makeup (even if it was “natural”) and put on high heels. I should say that it’s really pleasant to spend time with a beautiful and feminine woman who shows her sympathy in all ways possible. It’s charming, and you cannot but fall in love with them. And when I decided to go to the gym, I met a lot of girls there, so they work on their bodies as well. It becomes clear how they manage to stay fit and slender, cooking such hearty and tasty food.

"I should say that it’s really pleasant to spend time with a beautiful and feminine woman who shows her sympathy in all ways possible. It’s charming, and you cannot but fall in love with them."


ukrainian babes

Well, it is impossible to describe their culture in one word or two. It is stunning and primordial. They maintain traditions that appeared many centuries ago and are proud of their national roots. As I was told, many traditions and holidays started to revive about 10-15 years ago, people began to pay much attention to the origin and traditions of their ancestors. And when it is about dating culture, it’s all about traditions as well. All these feminist movements that are so popular in my motherland didn’t affect their minds. Ukrainian girls still prefer to be conquered by men and get signs of attention. “Veni, Vidi, Vici” is not about dating Ukrainian women since you should endeavor to win her over first and demonstrate that you are worth her attention. A man should never forget that he is a gentleman, and he should behave accordingly to succeed, even in online dating chat like here on sweetydate.com.

Their historical background

I tried to study this issue and almost failed because their history is really rich and not easy. From what I know of their history, this country was like a cherry on the pie for many invaders, for example, Turks and Mongos. This country has a great location and lands that attracted so many races. Even though all these warriors brought a lot of suffering, nowadays, you can admire the result of blood mixture that has become one of the main reasons why Ukraine girls look so wonderful. In other words, their historical background has become a foundation of their beauty.

Male to female ratio

As I said, the history of this country had many unhappy periods that were accompanied by numerous hardships in all the spheres of life. Even if you take the last 100 hundred years, you will see how many sufferings Ukrainians faced. All this has led to high unemployment rates, declining fertility, and general deterioration. Desperate times, which Ukrainians have been getting through for many years resulted in a clear gap between the number of male and female citizens. Thus, even nowadays, many girls cannot find a partner within their country, and it has only contributed to the attempts to find a soulmate abroad.

Why Girls of Ukraine Are So Popular Among Foreigners

My story is rather untypical, so it cannot become one of “the most common reasons.” However, I should say that my granny was not the only reason why I decided to look for my significant other in this country. It’s not a secret that dudes are attracted by girls’ appearance, so at first, it becomes a crucial stimulus to download dating apps and immerse oneself into these fascinating online talks.

"I have noticed that it’s really important for a Ukrainian woman to get married and start a family as if it’s her main goal and destiny."

When I just came to Ukraine, I shared pics of these beauties with my friends who stayed in the USA. And you know they thought that I had chosen the hottest ladies on purpose to show off, but when they realized that I had taken photos of ordinary women, they were shocked and wanted to come here themselves. So, I believe that most guys find themselves in the alike situation. Nonetheless, it’s not the single point on the list of reasons. There is already a firm view that these girls are the best option when it comes to committed relationships and creating a family. Thus, when a guy becomes mature enough to start a family, he starts looking for a decent partner who will meet the image of a perfect spouse. Unfortunately, many Western girls have refused family values and decided to devote their lives only to self-development, traveling, and getting pleasure. Household chores and kids have ceased to be a part of their desires and the life plan. So, many guys who face such a situation decide to search for a suitable partner abroad, somewhere in the countries where people still value family ties. I have noticed that it’s really important for a Ukrainian woman to get married and start a family as if it’s her main goal and destiny. There are no talks about living for one’s pleasure, as well as childfree ideas. On the contrary, family always comes first for them no matter what. And that’s incredible.

Is It True That Ukrainian Women Are Attracted to Foreigners?

Actually, yes, it’s true. Or maybe I am a lucky bustard who met only friendly and cheerful Ukrainian ladies. However, when they found out my origin, they became double friendly and provided me with the royal treatment. 

ukrainian dating

Here it’s necessary to add that it doesn’t matter whether the girls are single or have partners; they automatically start perceiving you differently if you are a foreigner. Maybe it’s about their famous hospitability, who knows. Nonetheless, I can say that many girls are searching for a partner among foreigners because of different reasons.

"Yes, girls like foreigners but till the moment they don’t cross the line."

I had a talk with a friend and asked her different questions to clarify the situation and understand the motifs of such popularity of foreign dudes. She told me that reasons differ depending on the life situation of the girl. Thus, some of them are attracted by western guys because they are perceived as something exotic, a kind of treasure that everyone wants to get. Others cannot find like-minded people among their countrymen because their worldviews are “too western,” so they decide to try their luck abroad. Some want to move to another country and start everything from scratch because the current level of life leaves much to be desired, and they don’t want to have kids, living in poverty. And, of course, some girls have combined all the reasons and just don’t see their future in the country as well as opportunities for further development.

So, yes, girls like foreigners but till the moment they don’t cross the line. Once I was hanging out with my friends who had come to visit me from the USA, and we decided to go to a nightclub. There were many gorgeous girls, and one of my friends lost his head because of these beauties. He started communicating with a cheerful girl, it seemed she liked him too, but one moment her face expression changed, and he got slapped. Later we found out that he had offered her to continue the evening in his hotel room. He chose the wrong girl for such an offer. Ukrainian girls know their self-worth and don’t allow men to treat them inappropriately, even if he is a foreigner. And remember that even an online conversation on sites like sweetydate.com is not an exception!

The Most Toxic Stereotypes About Ukrainian Girls

When I was going to Ukraine, my head was full of different beliefs and ideas about Ukrainian ladies and their motherland. I cannot say how they came to my mind and how I could believe in them, but anyway, stereotypical thinking was too strong, and it was not easy to change it. I can just imagine what western dudes think about these girls. Well, chances are high that it is exactly some stereotypes that scare them off, or, on the contrary, make them dream of these ladies. However, both groups will face reality, having found themselves in a few embarrassed and awkward situations.

A stereotypeWhy did it appear?Is it true?Why it’s true and why not
They are looking for a sugar daddyAs far as I know, this stereotype appeared somewhere in the 90s or even earlier when the marriage with a rich foreigner was the only way to escape from the country and communist regime.NoPeople used to see beautiful Ukrainian girls in the company of wealthy men (usually much older), so they have come up with an image of a gold-digger who is interested only in a man's bank account. Well, maybe 20-40 years ago it had something to do with reality, nowadays the situation has drastically changed. It’s more about being on the same page with a partner, develop together and be able to raise kids in better conditions. You don’t have to be super rich or handsome to attract a Ukrainian girl since your attitude and readiness to build a serious relationship play a bigger role.
They strictly adhere to gender rolesThis point relates to the previous one as well as the fact that Ukrainians have a patriarchal society.NoMany guys perceive Ukrainians as a live embodiment of the American lifestyle of the 50s. Thus, they believe that they are just housewives who dream of a rich spouse and an opportunity to stay at home and do nothing. However, you should not forget that we are all different, and you should find out about the girl’s life position. Thus, many girls want to get back to work and climb a career ladder after pregnancy. And not all of them want to stay at home and do only household chores.
They don’t speak EnglishIt’s obvious that Ukraine is not an English-speaking country, so they don’t speak fluently.50/50If you decide to approach a lady in her 40s on the street, then chances are high, you will find confirmation for this stereotype. The older generation is not good at knowing foreign languages in most cases. However, the situation is different with young adults who watch foreign movies, listen to music as well as study English at school and for the sake of work. They might be shy about their knowledge and communication skills, but they will still get you and try to maintain the talk. So, this stereotype is true only by 50%.
They are hospitableIt’s one of the most widespread stereotypes about girls and the nation in general. And most foreigners who come to Ukraine for the first time admit this national peculiarity.YesThese citizens are used to treat their guests with respect, and when it comes to foreigners, they double their efforts because they want to make a positive impression and maintain the image of hospitable hosts. So, this stereotype is maintained by people themselves, it is the way they treat their guests. Thus, if someone has invited you into their home, you can foresee that you will be treated with delicious dishes and entertained. It’s a kind of custom that has been passed on from generation to generation for many centuries.
They do plastic surgerySome people cannot believe that someone can be gifted by nature with such a stunning appearance.NoEven though their appearance has been studied almost under the microscope, there are still some people who cannot believe in the existence of natural beauties. Yes, some women have corrected the form of their lips or the size of their boobs, but it is rather an exception to the rule. Nowadays I meet a lot of girls who don’t even use makeup, not to mention plastic corrections of their appearance. Now it is in vogue to be oneself and look natural, and Ukrainian girls follow these trends.
They are superstitious“If you give her something in a doorway, she will make a scene right away.” Some people believe that all Ukrainian women are extremely superstitious and don’t want to get rid of their beliefs.50/50It all depends on the person you are talking to. But anyway, it is necessary to mention that it’s not their national feature since many cultures have different (and alike) superstitions. And if the older generation attaches some weight to some rituals and accidents, then modern people don’t pay attention to them almost at all. They are free of most superstitions and can do something more out of habit.
They don’t laughUnlike American people, Ukrainians are not used to smiling when meeting strangers, thus many westerns believe that Ukrainians are too harsh and arrogant, and they don’t know how to laugh.NoA good sense of humor is on the list of the most important qualities that a perfect partner should possess. Indeed, they don’t smile when meeting strangers on the street, but they definitely know how to laugh. To attract a girl, a man should know how to make her smile with a good joke or a hilarious story. So, it’s far from the truth that they are too severe in this matter.
They have language and cultural barriersIt has come from the fact that many girls cannot get right some features of American culture as well as slang language. However, everything depends on her level of development.50/50You can communicate with well-educated girls who don’t forget about their self-development and strive to improve their knowledge in all possible ways. But you can also meet those, whose English level leaves much to be desired, and they use Google to get your message. In the latter case, you can really face cultural and language barriers, but you will be able to overcome them as well.
They like to cookSince all the girls are considered great housewives, this misconception leads to another stereotype that all women like to cook and are good at it.50/50Even though most girls really like to cook and do it well, it is not 100% true. Many girls are into climbing a career ladder rather than spending time in the kitchen. And even those who can cook will not make you pancakes or cook their famous borsch every day. It is a stereotype that shouldn’t be taken at face value. Everything will depend on the girl’s lifestyle and preferences.
They are slenderBeauty is perceived as an equivalent of a slender body for some people. But it’s not always so.50/50Ukrainian girls are the owners of pretty faces that also may differ. However, it doesn’t mean that each of them is slender or slim. I have run into beautiful curvy girls a lot of times. And a couple of extra kilos don’t make them look worse. Well, at least for me since I like chubby women. So, no matter what a body type you like, you will definitely meet someone to your taste here.

Ukrainian Dating Culture: The Role of Marriage in Lives of Ukrainian Girls

Before traveling to see Eastern Europe, it is essential to learn as much as possible to find a girl for a long-term romance. Forget those messy arguments that all the local girls will worship you. This adoration will seldom happen. You will have to learn the local customs, mentality as well as find the individual approach to a woman. It's certainly not complicated, but it requires a minimum of effort. Prepare carefully for meetings with sexy mature Ukrainian women. I have conducted a list of practical tips on how to do it properly and what you should know to seduce a woman.

How Do Ukrainian Girls' Parents Treat Foreign Boyfriends?

Do not live in an imaginary world where all Ukrainians are racists who are unaware that there are other people on the globe apart from their nation. Ukraine has been historically situated on the crossroads of many political and trade paths, so the locals have been cooperating with foreigners for ages. In modern realities, the parent of the girl you like, according to my experience, will welcome you with open embraces provided you show respect.
dating ukrainian women

Even with minimum preparation, you should never come to visit the family of a girl empty-handed. Exploring the cultural traditions of this country, read about it. Ukrainians seem very hospitable. Ukrainian babes with their families will be glad to have you at their home, showing zero prejudices if you bring them at least a small gift. This present can be a bottle of elite alcohol, sweets, souvenirs from your country, or anything that you would typically consider a symbol of your Motherland.

Consider your first trip(s) to the country as an apprenticeship. Then refine your strategies step by step. Beautiful women from the West are the dream of many people around. For many males, these are the most attractive ladies on Earth, and they want to marry a Slavic lady. The women’s parents are well aware of this and will not pass their daughter into the hands of the scammer or a suspicious stranger. You should stay on good terms with them so that they trust you and approve of your marriage.

"The parents of a pretty Ukrainian lady can reveal to you her real intentions. Watch their behavior and the way they treat you not to be used."

Appreciating the qualities of local women, you have to be very careful to marry a Ukrainian girl and choose her correctly because the family ties inside the family are secure. When you tie a knot with a girl, you practically marry all the closest relatives who will visit you several times a year, call you, and wait for your help in all matters. It is quite possible to find a very lovely, intelligent, and beautiful bride. But many women will use you for their benefit. The parents of a pretty Ukrainian lady can reveal to you her real intentions. Watch their behavior and the way they treat you not to be used.

How to Be Ready to Date a Ukrainian Girl

If you have trouble attracting ladies in your home country, chances are you will still have some here in Ukraine. With proper training or a little work on yourself, it will be much easier to find a Ukrainian girlfriend or woman to marry than in the West.

dating ukrainian ladies

Even with a not necessarily advantageous physique, chances of meeting anyone are high. Do not expect the super cute and intelligent little girl. If I promised that to you, it would be a lie. If the women you go out within your state are 3/10, it will be the same in Ukraine. But in Ukraine, a 3/10 girl is worth at least 6/10 in your country.

In Ukraine, men are not as outstanding as women. But because of being a foreigner, the requirements for you will be higher. I recommend you change your style and get in shape before visiting Ukraine.

Compared to your country, it will be easier to find a pretty woman in Ukraine if you invest a little in your appearance. Another expect of the preparation is cultural awareness. Study the local dating traditions and the taboos that local women follow not to face an awkward situation.

How to Treat a Ukrainian Girl in Dating and Relationships

Many local girls are wary of strangers (but not those you can meet here on Sweetydate). Indeed, numerous males just want to receive sex while dating in Ukraine. Therefore, it will be necessary to demonstrate that you are not that kind of man to seduce pretty Ukraine women successfully. Or at least give her the impression that you are not one if you really are one.

If your dream is to get a Ukrainian as a girlfriend, I recommend following the next steps before you start hunting for your sweetheart.

  1. First, research the cultural and historical background of the country. Never say, for example, about Ukraine being equal to Russia or that it is the part of Russia. You should not tell her that Ukrainians are stunning because this way, you say that she is your fetish, a part of a large community, a sexual object. You should compliment her as an individual.
  2. Do not demand cooking, cleaning, and ironing from her. She will think that you need her only to live up to the stereotypes you have about Ukrainians. If you fall in love, she will do all of this for you but also require you to do a part of the housework.
  3. Buy her flowers for a reason and without it. It is a must for a first date and during the initial stage of your relationships. You should give flowers and small gifts, at least during the first five meetings.
  4. Present her gifts. These women are used to such gestures as well as signs of attention. She will never look at you if you do not express your affection with the help of presents. If you offer her to split the bill or pay for the taxi, you can be sure that this is your last meeting. I do not approve of such traditions, but you have no choice.
  5. No sex on the first date. No matter how flirty and seductive she was in an online conversation, a girl pretends to forget about this when finally meeting. She will be shy and discreet at first. You will need time to inspire trust in her. After she opens up, she will give you a sign that she is ready for intimacy.

Why Ukrainian Women Are a Great Marriage Material?

Local women who wish to marry a man from the outside can be divided into three categories.

  1. First, those who love your culture and your language. The simple fact of speaking another language will add you points while dating Ukrainian ladies. Such beauties look at you fascinated. They will love sincerely and get amazed at every word you say. Of course, such devoted ladies make perfect wives.
  2. Then some ultra-materialist girls want a foreign husband to have high financial comfort. That is ok if you agree to such a scenario. If you have been looking for a woman who will sit at home and look good while you can earn money and get busy doing some business, this category is for you.
  3. Finally, some local women want to marry a foreigner for the sole purpose of obtaining the papers. Such a path is also not wrong, and the woman can genuinely fall in love with you during such a marriage. When I notice such girls, I try to talk to them honestly. If they reveal their plans and seem naive and kind, there is nothing wrong with marrying them.

As you can see, sincere and genuine affection with a girl from Ukraine exists. For this reason, you can choose from any category to your choice. All of them will be perfect wives, but your relationships will be built on a different basis.

However, it must take time for a relationship of trust to be established between the future spouses. You have to go step by step and probably meet several women before finding the right one. Do not make the mistake of immediately marrying the first woman. Such a choice can be disappointing. Be patient and persevere to find the girl of your dreams because there are thousands of worthy singles in this country.

Top 10 Best Places to Meet Ukrainian Ladies for Dating

pretty ukrainian lady

To start a serious relationship, of course, you should visit this country. But doing this online on Sweetydate will also work. Here are the tips about the spots I stick to.

1. Clubs

These are popular places to meet for the locals as well as for the representatives of other countries too. In Lviv, for example, the best nightclub is called "Malevich," and in Kyiv, those are "D'Fleur" and "Skybar." There are more girls in clubs during the weekends and Friday. Buying tickets is possible online or at the entrance. Treat a girl to a drink, and she will be glad to communicate.

2. On the street

The two most famous streets of Kyiv are Khreshchatyk and Andriyivskyy Descent. There are many restaurants on Khreshchatyk. "Buddha Bar" is a popular spot for foreigners; there are also many local rich individuals there. As for Andreevsky, you can meet for a cup of coffee in the "Kanapa" restaurant.

3. Museums

Various Ukrainian cities have been built as the fortresses protected by the surrounding walls—for example, Lutsk, Kamianets-Podilskyi, and Kyiv. The Pirogovo open-air museum in the Kyiv region is another place with unexpected popularity. Museums are the right spots for relaxing, educating yourself, as well as getting acquainted.

4. City centers

The entire center of any city in the summertime is filled with guests from all over the world. They drink coffee, walk along the streets and parks, willingly get to know and chat. In a word, they behave like typical tourists. And local ladies are aware of this. If you ask the girl to recommend a cafe or show the way, you can have a friendly conversation.

5. Fast food chains

There are certainly more westernized cities than Kyiv in other eastern countries such as Prague, Budapest, or anywhere in Poland. Even so, many towns in this state begin to show signs of Western culture, as evidenced by the McDonald's and Pizza Huts that have settled all over downtown.

"The expanses on Ukraine girl dating will undoubtedly be smaller than you expect, so do not hesitate to choose restaurants as the place for meeting."

6. Restaurants

Google, whatever the quality restaurants are situated around the city you are going to go there. Choose from the top places because the prices will not be as high as in the luxurious European food places. You will be gladly surprised at the sum of money needed to go out with a girl in Kyiv, for example. The expanses on Ukraine girl dating will undoubtedly be smaller than you expect, so do not hesitate to choose restaurants as the place for meeting.

7. Cafes

There are a lot of hipster coffee places and small confectionaries on the streets of any Ukrainian city. The gastronomic culture of this state is more well-developed than in most European countries. No matter what district of the city you settle in, starting from the center and ending with the suburbs, you will find a place to eat on a budget everywhere. All of the cafes look stylish, are spacious, and perfectly suitable for a casual first date.

8. Beach

There are two seas in Ukraine: the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. The best and budget choice to go for a vacation in this country is to visit Mykolaiv or Odesa, which are situated by the Black Sea. These are the resort cities with millions of tourists every year. You will not only have the time of your life there but can meet your perfect beautiful soulmate.

9. Social media

Communicate with a girl without leaving your country by reaching out to her on the social network. This can be Facebook or Instagram, for example. When I decided to try out this method, I wrote a catchy ice-breaker and sent it to a few dozens of girls. Of course, I was adjusting each of them to the separate lady and was adding a small detail complementing some of her personal characteristics. This can be anything from her long hair to her cat you see on the avatar.

10. Online dating site

Since you are reading this on Sweetydate, it is a proven way to find your perfect match. The prices for the membership on Ukrainian dating web resources are not high, and you can invest a little bit in your popularity to get the best matches. A great thing about using dating resources is that they do the job for you: just register, fill in your details, and change the search filters to meet your requirements. A few clicks and you get hundreds of local girls ready to communicate and see you in real life.

Ukrainian Girls Are So Different: Best Ukrainian Cities to Meet a Woman

You may have heard about many more or less known cities in Ukraine. The majority of them are charming women who speak English. I can guarantee you that most of these women will probably leave you the best memories, and you will fall in love not only with them but with Ukraine. I'm going to name the big cities as well as talk about some municipalities which may not be well-known, but I have been to them.


the most romantic place for dating in Vinnytsia

Evangelical Cathedral (Dim yevangeliya) - the most romantic place for dating in Vinnytsia

A beautiful city where it is nice to relax, walk, enjoy life! Guests of the city know that there you can admire the beautiful architecture of the city, visit attractions that have no analogs in Ukraine or around the world, and in the evening relax, watching a colorful light and music show on the water or in a cozy bar. Among the main unique attractions are:

  • Hitler's former rate;
  • Pirogov estate-museum;
  • Cafe “Pancake” has the best cakes;
  • "Cherdak” open cafe and space;
  • Roshen light and music fountain.


the most romantic place for dating in Poltava

Corpus Garden (Korpusny Sad) - the most romantic place for dating in Poltava

It is a small but surprisingly picturesque city, founded in 899 by northerners. It is called the spiritual center of the country. Come here to eat local dumplings and take a walk in the company of Gogol's heroes.

  • A tour of the city traditionally begins with the main square. In Poltava, it is called Round, and when viewed from a bird's eye, it resembles the sun, from which the streets emerge;
  • But the real symbol of the city is the White Gazebo, located on Ivanova Gora;
  • It offers a unique view of the town and the river Vorskla;
  • "Meat Wood" is an excellent place to eat;
  • And you can finish the evening in the “Mohito” bar.


the most romantic place for dating in Lviv

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet (Lvivska Opera) - the most romantic place for dating in Lviv

Lviv is a beautiful city with a center similar to Polish cities like Krakow or Wroclaw. In addition to that, Lviv has several universities and still maintains its "small town" style. Many beautiful students study in Lviv so that you can meet some of them during your visit to this beautiful city. Tourism is booming in Lviv, so be sure to visit the next places:

  • "Malevich” night club;
  • Lviv Chocolate Workshop is the cafe famous all over Ukraine for its fantastic coffee, chocolate, as well as a cool museum;
  • The Opera House is the establishment for the culturally educated;
  • "Dzyga” art gallery is the best spot for meeting artsy women;
  • Beer gallery called “Pravda” boasts of dozens of sorts of beer.

"I can guarantee you that most of these women will probably leave you the best memories, and you will fall in love not only with them but with Ukraine."


the most romantic place for dating in Odessa

Odesa City Garden (Gorsad) - the most romantic place for dating in Odesa

Maritime Odesa is a mysterious city that is pleasant to visit in summer and spring. The rest of the year, the town is relatively quiet, and little happens there. On the other hand, what is certain is that the number of beautiful women in Odesa is infinite. They dress stunningly and radiate with beauty. If you go there in summer, you can insist on a real fashion show with endless summer dresses, skirts, and heels at the next places:

  • "Ibiza” night club;
  • "Nemo” sea hotel;
  • Odesa can also boast of the magnificent Opera House;
  • The best beaches in the city are Otradny, Lanzheron, and Arcadia.


the most romantic place for dating in Dnipro

Promenade sphere fountain (Fonatan Sfera) - the most romantic place for dating in Dnipro

Until 2016, Dnipro was known as Dnipropetrovsk. However, most Ukrainians still use the old name. Unlike Odesa, Dnipro receives almost no tourists. An ancient industrial city, its architecture is not the most beautiful in the world. However, it can be helpful to walk along with it and along the river that crosses it.

At Dnipro, you will have to deal with very high-quality Ukrainian girls. Often less superficial than some women from Kyiv. The best romantic restaurants in Dnipro are:

  • "Reporter;"
  • "Mishi Blyahera;”
  • "DoubleDecker;”
  • "Pa-Si-Ju;”
  • "Buoni Fratelli.”


the most romantic place for dating in Kharkiv

Shevchenko city park (Park Shevchenka) - the most romantic place for dating in Kharkiv

Like Dnipro, Kharkiv is located in Eastern Ukraine. The general standard of living in Kharkiv is deficient (compared to Kyiv). However, your "aura" will be much higher as a foreigner because very few westerners dare to venture into this city, but if you do, be sure to visit the next places:

  • ”Italyanskaya Redaktsiya №2;”
  • ”Nasha Dacha;”
  • ”Sharikoff;”
  • ”Pushka;”
  • ”Montana.”


the most romantic place for dating in Kyiv

Andriivskyi Descent (Andriivskyi Uzviz) - the most romantic place for dating in Kyiv

Kyiv is by far the most popular city in Ukraine. It's a vast place, with thousands of pretty Ukraine women walking around in dresses and heels (increasingly rare in our western countries). These will please you by presenting their culture, traditions, and way of life in general. On top of that, the culture shock will be less for you compared to other cities like Dnipro or Kharkiv.

There are dozens of places worth your attention in the capital of Ukraine, but if I had to emphasize a few, those would be:

  • The “Skybar” — a night club popular among foreigners;
  • ”MilkBar” confectionary which is a perfect place for a sweet first date;
  • Trukhaniv Island with its various clubs and open-air cafes;
  • The whole city center and Kreshchatyk;
  • TSUM Kyiv Department Store where luxurious brands are being sold.

3 Top Ukrainian Cities to Compare: Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa Women

As you understand, meting gorgeous Ukraine women offline and online are two distinct things. The first problem that I have encountered is that Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe. Quite often, those girls who visit dating websites live in small cities and towns all around their country. For you, it means that you will face hell when planning logistics. As for me, I offered them to come to one of their biggest and the most attractive to tourist cities, which are Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa. Of course, they have many other big cities, but those are far less attractive to tourists. Also, as a backup plan, you can try to date their girls after arrival in their state. Hence, here I made a small table where I compare girls in top Ukrainian cities.

Lviv GirlsKyiv GirlsOdesa Girls
1. LifestyleGirls in Lviv are very western-minded. Very frequently, they have active lifestyles and often encounter foreigners. They are very easy-going personalities who know what they want from their lives and potential husbands. In the evenings, they often spend a lot of time in coffee shops because Lviv is famous for the best coffee in Ukraine.Since Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, girls there often focus on their careers. Thus, in most cases, they are very busy during their working weeks. Personally I had a hard time arranging a date with them during working weeks.Ukrainian girls from Odesa combine the qualities of their counterparts from Lviv and Kyiv. They are often concerned about their careers. However, they always manage to find time for romantic stuff. By way of illustration, I used to date a girl from Odessa, who had a small tourist agency and still agreed to meet me every day.
2. Family orientationThese girls are very family-oriented. Lviv is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. They often have large families and live with their parents. Once I met a girl there who has six brothers and sisters. At the same time, she also dreamed about having three children herself.Girls in Kyiv are way more career-oriented but in a vastly different from the western girls' way. You see, these girls build their careers for the sake of their families. They feel great when they can work together with their husbands. And between a nice career and family, they always choose the latter.Odessa is a unique place. Many of its inhabitants are very traditional people. And this means that they are very family-oriented. I even met several girls who planned to have sex only with their husbands. Frequently, they also have big families.
3. ReligiousnessGirls in Lviv are deeply religious. For example, my Ukrainian girlfriend from Lviv used to cross herself every time we encountered chapels during our walks. Their religiousness is not a big deal. Yet, it is better for you to know the difference between Christian churches.While I cannot say that girls in Kyiv are not religious at all, they are way less religious than girls from Lviv or Odesa. They visit churches and celebrate big religious holidays, but this is more like another reason to meet their friends and relatives.Girls in Odessa are somewhere in between when it comes to this matter. Due to multiculturism, they have many various religious celebrations and will be happy to introduce you to them. Also, their religiousness has a very obvious family focus.
4. Level of emancipationUkrainians are far from American social trends. They have approximately equal rights with Ukrainian men. Everything varies from girl to girl. For example, I met women who believed that family is the most important thing, and I also encountered those who didn't want to have children. Generally, they are into equality but are ready to play the second role in relationships.
5. Dating approachAs I have already said, girls in Lviv, in many ways, are similar to their western counterparts. At the same time, they still believe that men should be leaders in relationships.Girls in Kyiv feel great when they need to be leaders in a relationship, and, at the same time, they are ok when their men control everything. Everything depends on a girl.According to my experience, Ukrainian girls from Odesa just love to control their men. They tend to do it very gently, but with time, you realize that she actually guides you in your relationship.

Language Barrier: Do Ukrainian Women Speak English Well

These days everyone understands that English is the language of international communication. Thus, as far as I been told, they begin to study English at the age of 8. Then, they continue studying in universities. So, should they be able to speak English fluently? I think they should. But do they? Well, it depends on the person. I met girls who had perfect English. At the same time, I also encountered those who even couldn’t introduce themselves.

When you are planning to try Ukraine women dating, you need to understand that the Language barrier may be a problem only when you meet them in real life. Here is what I mean. Let's take a sweetydatecom as an example. It is a very online meeting place among Ukrainian women. The owners of this website understand that not every girl in Ukraine is capable of maintaining an adequate conversation in English. Thus, they have interpreting instruments. Of course, this is no way near the real translators, but still can help you communicate with girls even if you don't speak each other's languages.

Things get a little more complicated when you agree to meet in real life, but none of you understands each other's language. The good news is that you still can communicate! Today everyone has smartphones, and on your gadgets, you can install special apps that will help you communicate. Once, I visited Kyiv and met a brilliant girl near the Golden Gates. I was searching for a subway station, and she was eager to help me. As you have guessed, her English was just like my Ukrainian: almost nonexistent. But still, we decided to visit a nearby coffee shop. A few days later, we agreed that it was the most interesting and refreshing date in our lives.
ukrainian dating online

Learning Ukrainian or Russian?

Visiting other countries may not be safe or respectful if you don’t speak even a couple of phrases in their language. Furthermore, if you are serious about dating a Ukrainian girl, then you definitely need to know her language. The first problem that I have encountered is that I had to decide which language to learn. It is a very serious question. Thus, if you know Ukrainian, you will barely be able to understand Russian and vice versa.

I learned this the hard way, but I am pretty sure that in a couple of paragraphs, I will briefly explain to you everything you need to know. So, let's start with a small history lesson. I don't want to dig very deep there (after all, I don't want to steal your potential topics for conversations with your lover). In the previous century, Ukraine was occupied by Russia and turned into the USSR (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic), which was a part of the USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republic). This country was controlled by Moscow.

Obviously, this wasn't a good thing for Ukrainian language and culture. Russia tended to mix other nations with their own. Therefore, over the past years, many Russians moved to Ukraine. Also, Moscow implemented the Russian language as compulsory on the Ukrainian territory. This policy was active approximately for 75 years and ended not that long ago.

So, what this information has to do with you? You need to know that the Russian language is still very popular in this country, and numerous people still use it daily. However, chances are high that you won't need to interact with those people a lot. Those girls, who agree to date American men, love their native culture. You can win their hearts simply by mentioning several expressions and showing respect to their country and culture. So, if you are seeking Ukrainian ladies for dating, their language is far more beneficial for you than the Russian.

Tips to Learn the Ukrainian Language

This one is rather tricky. To be honest, my Ukrainian is still relatively weak, but it still helps me a lot with Ukrainian girls. Hence, I believe that unless you are in a committed relationship with a Ukrainian woman, there is no point in mastering the Ukrainian level to achieve her one. At the same time, basic skills definitely must-have. So, here is a couple of advice on how to start learning and improve English.

1. Don’t overload yourself

Remember, there is no point in overloading yourself with information. First of all, this will kill your encouragement. Secondly, this will significantly lower the efficiency of learning. Start small, and don't exhaust yourself, your girlfriend will appreciate your efforts too.

2. Ask for help

On sweetydate, I often use my desire to learn Ukrainian as a good topic to discuss. Ukrainian girls are very bright people, and they are always ready to help. It is much easier to learn a language when you can talk to a native speaker. Plus, this is a great way to start a romantic relationship with a girl you like, believe me.

ukraine women for dating3. Use apps

In our times, we have a nice opportunity to study foreign languages for free via various apps. I don't want to advertise anything, but when it comes to vocabulary, there are plenty of useful apps for you to use. Just copy past "Lean Ukrainian" in a search bar of Google Play or Apple store.

Ukrainian Online Dating: a Full Guide

What can be easier than online dating? It turned out that when it comes to international dating, many things, in fact, can be easier than this. So, I decided to create a real guide on how to date Ukrainian girls online. I am absolutely confident that my guide will work no matter where you decide to search for your love. So, let's not waste time and get right on to it.

Best dating apps to meet a Ukrainian girl

1. sweetydate.com

The sweetie-date wasn't the very first thing I tried. It is ideal for me thanks to its design, the comfort of use, and a huge number of users, but you can use whatever dating website you want.

2. Ukraine Date

This one the very first dating website I tried. To be honest, it was pretty good. After all, it was their pricing policy that finally made me search for other options. I heard that they have recently launched a free version of their service. I think that it is definitely worth checking.

3. Elena Models

Probably the oldest Ukrainian dating service. I enjoyed their anti-fake policy the most. Consequently, it may be useful for those who fear fakes and scammers. Also, a little bit later, I will teach you how to protect yourself from them. Furthermore, this website has a pretty decent database of potential partners.
ukrainian dating online

Safety Rules to Prevent Yourself from Scams

Quite often, the first question I get after I say that I date Ukrainian beauties online is how often I get scammed. Believe it or not, but I have never been scammed. However, if you change the question just a little bit to make it sound like, "How often do you face fraudster?" In such a case, my answer will change a lot. I do encounter scammers, and quite often. No, this doesn't mean that online dating is not safe. It only means that you need to be very careful. So, here is my small guide on how to date real girls and avoid scammers.

1. Don’t send money

Let's make a small comparison: when you encounter a scammer, pretty soon they ask you for money. They will have many reasons why they need your money and why only you can help them. Of course, you should never send money. Once I encountered a trustworthy girl who actually needed help. Surely, I offered to help her financially. She said that she wouldn't let me buy her and doesn't need my help. After that, she went silent for a week. It is very easy to insult real Ukrainian girls by offering them money. In turn, scammers will immediately agree to receive your help.

2. Keep an eye out

Yes, trustworthy services such as the sweety date website do care about your safety and catch scammers. Unfortunately, scammers create new schemes, and it takes time for services to adapt to their new methods. Thus, you can face a fraudster on any website or service.

"To know for sure that your dating partner is real, you can ask her to have a voice or video chat with you. If she refuses to claim that her English is very poor, just say that you are learning Ukrainian and have problems with pronunciation."

3. Ask for selfies

It is not a secret that Ukrainian girls love to look good. They fill their profile with professional pics. After all, they need to compete for men. As you have guessed, this creates a perfect atmosphere for scammers. Now, they can steal pics from various photoshoots and pretend to be someone they are not. To make sure that I speak to a real person, I used to ask them to send pics. A random accidental selfie will do the job just fine.

4. Video and voice calls

Remember when I was saying that you will benefit if you pay attention to Ukrainian. To know for sure that your dating partner is real, you can ask her to have a voice or video chat with you. If she refuses to claim that her English is very poor, just say that you are learning Ukrainian and have problems with pronunciation. A real girl will be glad to help, while a scammer will find thousands of reasons why it is not possible. However, don't apply this method if you have just acquainted, or she may think that you want only a free tutor.

5. Don’t agree to use the services of any agencies

Here is a sure sign that she is a scammer. Any girl can offer you help to plan your visit to Ukraine. But only a scammer will offer you to use help from special Agencies. No, don't get me wrong, they truly help, but they charge you at least twice more than you would normally spend if you plan everything by yourself or with help from a real girl who knows the value of money.

Traveling Tips for Guys Who Are Looking for Ukrainian Ladies

I believe that every man should be able to travel on his own, without involving any companies to plan his trip, especially when it comes to dating. I have been to Ukraine many times and visited numerous cities. So, here is my small guide on how to travel to Ukraine to date their women.

1. Don’t stay in central hotels

Yes, those hotels are awesome, but they are awfully expensive. Hence, I recommend sticking to those which are located a couple of miles always from city centers. They are no worse when it comes to quality, but way cheaper.

2. Use certified financial institutions

Use only official banks where you can check the exchange rate and can be sure that they give you real money. This is especially true if you are the first time in Ukraine.

3. Consult with your partner

It is just perfect if she lives in the city which you are planning to visit (Lviv, Kyiv or Odesa). In this case, she can arrange a small excursion for you. In this case, if she is from relatively small towns, it gives you a nice opportunity to consult with her on what she wants to see in one of the major cities of her country.

4. Pay attention to your looks

This is especially true if she is going to meet you at the airport. Make sure that you look nice and shiny to be able to impress her. Remember, Ukrainian girls care a lot about their looks, so should you.

5. Don’t take too much baggage

What if there is a necessity to change your hotel and move to the part of the city? Therefore, the fewer heavy bags you have, the better.

Today, the very second I decided to date Ukrainian girls, was the turning point of my life. There is something special in them, some kind of addictive force that doesn't allow you to date any other girls. After trying to date one of them, you won't want to pay any attention to our American girls. So, be careful, it is a real emotional trap, and you won't be able to stop until you finally find the one special girl who will become your wife one day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to date a Ukrainian woman?

Dating a Ukrainian woman is one of the best relationship experiences a man can have. Be prepared to wine and dine a lot, spend time at home or at cozy cafes, meet her family of things are going serious between you two. Ukrainian women are extremely compassionate and loyal, they will dedicate a lot of free time to you. The are also supportive friends whom you can tell practically everything. Dating a Ukrainian woman means you need to be an attentive partner, a provider for the family, as well as a good listener. You might need to take things seriously and be prepared to be in a monogamous relationship.

How can I impress a Ukrainian girl?

A right way to impress a Ukrainian girl is to be polite and considerate of her needs. It all starts with proper courting. Ukrainian women don't expect overseas men to know about old-fashioned etiquette. But in Slavic countries, it is a big thing. Open a door for her, take her coat, and let her sit down first. Impressing a Ukrainian woman doesn't take much, but you need to be precise. Buy her flowers, especially if you are heading to a proper date, bring small gifts from time to time, and ask her how her day went. Essentially, you are going to learn how to be a good provider, think of your family first, and know about all her needs.

How much does it cost to marry a Ukrainian woman?

It is a tricky question. It doesn't take too much money to marry a Ukrainian girl but you will definitely need to spend a coin on essential items. First things first, the engagement ring, which needs to look decent. You don't have to splurge and buy a ring with a huge stone, but it has to be up to her measurements, and not be the cheapest, too. Secondly, most expenses are on the future husband's shoulders when it comes to a wedding ceremony. Sometimes elderly members of the family pay for the wedding together, but since your family lives overseas, it has to be your proposition to buy her a dress, pay for the ceremony, and for the restaurant too. Well, it is not cheap, but hopefully, your wedding will be a memorable moment once and for the lifetime.

Is it easy to get a girl in Ukraine?

If you are a foreigner, it is easy to find a girl in Ukraine. But you have to know where to search for them. If you try to approach a stranger in the street, don't expect a positive reaction. Ukrainian women are alarmed and suspicious when talking to strangers. Don't expect a smiley face and an invitation straight away. However, don't think that Ukrainian women are cold-hearted. It is a part of Slavic mentality to avoid getting in contact with strangers. But if you choose to approach a girl in a more casual atmosphere, for example, at a club or cafe, any woman should be glad to talk to a helpful man. Here it is more acceptable to talk, so girls are prepared to find a friend or a lover in these places.

How do you know if a Ukrainian girl loves you?

If a Ukrainian girl loves you, she will let you know. She might express it by words but if not, there are plenty of ways to tell a Ukrainian woman is head over heels for you. For example, she will always be there to help you. A loving Ukrainian woman doesn't let the connection wilt away like a Saturday flower. She will kindly remind you of her presence by calling, suddenly texting, or approaching you. Watch out for her female instincts. Ukrainian women are big-time caretakers. However, these girls don't like to spend time and effort just to be validated by some strangers. If she cooks you food, is ready to clean around the house, calls you when you're sick, she is manifesting universal signs of attraction.

What does a typical Ukrainian lady look like?

Ukrainian ladies come in all shapes and forms. Typically, she would be a medium-height woman, probably skinny or a little plump. Usually, Ukrainian girls don't get too big, although there is a stereotype that women start getting plumper after marriage. It is not true, because Slavic girls like to keep themselves in shape. Ukrainian ladies often have hair on a lighter side, typically brown or dark-blonde. However, sometimes they prefer to color their hair jet black. They have blue, grey, or brown eyes. Ukrainian girls have a light complexion and sometimes have freckles. They like to dress up and wear feminine clothes, including skirts and high heels. Overall, Ukrainian women are always near and polished.

How to meet Ukrainian girls

You can meet Ukrainian girls everywhere. The simplest way to approach a Ukrainian woman would be via the Internet. You just want to register on a dating site, choose Ukraine as your desired location, and look for women from this country. There are plenty of Slavic dating sites to choose from. All of them guarantee amazing conversations, and the translator's help as well. But if you are not a fan of cyber dating, you can always try traveling to this destination and see Ukrainian women with your eyes in person. It is easy to meet a Ukrainian girl if you came here as a tourist. Some of the girls would be glad to show you around, or even stay at your place for a while.

How to flirt with Ukrainian girls

One of the best ways to win a Ukrainian girl's heart is to be natural. Don't try to impress her with your money, status, residency. Ukrainian girls are pretty chill when it comes to dating. When flirting with Ukrainians, don't try to imply too many sexual jokes, as they can misinterpret into you being a bobblehead. Try to start off of a friendly note, gradually expanding your topics and going for more direct questions. Ukrainian girls love compliments, especially those that come from the heart. Try to compliment her dress, her smell, her hair. If you want to win her for good, hint that you are serious about the connection.

How to approach Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian women are not hard to approach. If you see a beautiful woman in the street, avoid being too dramatic. Try to win her attention first by asking the route or giving direction. Ukrainian women love to help, especially lost tourists. But if you are in a kore informal place, just approach her by ordering a drink, coming up to say «hi», or giving her a compliment. Once you win her attention, any girl would be happy to answer your further questions and interact some more.

Why are Ukrainian girls so skinny?

Ukrainian girls come in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes Europeans and Americans falsely see Ukrainian women as overly skinny. It's not because they miss out on meals. Ukrainian girls just have good genetics and try to stay fit. They like to be in a good shape, doing sports and eating healthy. Appearance is an important factor in Ukrainian culture, so by being a better-looking person, a minority of women try to take the spotlight and be cuter than the other girl. And most importantly, most of them do it for themselves, not for men. They just enjoy being skinny and fit.

Why are Ukrainian girls so hot

Ukrainian girls are stunners for many reasons, the first one being genetics. Slavic women have a very refined bone structure, with high cheekbones and big eyes. They enjoy emphasizing their natural feature by applying a healthy dose of makeup, staying in need, and following a skincare routine. Many women go to salons, gyms, and actively use help from professionals to stay fit and healthy. They love dressing up and doing their hair.

What to expect from Ukrainian girls?

You can expect a Ukrainian girl to be your best companion, a loving wife, and an understanding girlfriend. They are great in partnerships, modest and generous at the same time, homely, but fun-loving. Ukrainian girls are devoted partners, very loyal, and family-oriented. They love children, cooking meals, enjoy working, communicating with friends and getting together.

Do you like my guide? This is a huge insight into Ukrainian Women Dating, isn't it? To conquer a girl from Ukraine, check out my brief guide and use it at any time. Good Luck!

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15.07.2020 в 10:50:02
What’s the fuss about the obsession with looks? It’s like a hot girlfriend is better than a smart and honest one. You’re not gonna last long with a cute moody princess. Set your priorities straight
15.07.2020 в 11:08:59
Love is a wonderful feeling… But when you’ve got 300 acres of land to tend to, you ain’t got time for it. Being a farmer isn’t a walk in a park, and most women don’t like digging in the dirt for some reason. And that’s why I’m so glad I met Alina. I thought I’d never find someone who’s not afraid of hard work and my ugly mug. If not for online dating, I would’ve probably turned into one of those half-crazed hermits. You see, when you live in a small town, sooner or later you’re gonna run out of potential candidates for the role of a perfect wife, and that’s what happened to me. Online dating was most likely my only chance to spend the rest of my years living with someone more talkative than my dogs. I was glad to find out that all those dating blogs don’t lie about how hard-working Ukrainian women are. Alina grew up in the countryside just like me. All in all, everything’s like the article says, even the language barrier.
29.06.2020 в 19:07:23
Spent 4 years working at a Ukrainian IT startup, and you know, when you see so many Ukrainian girls around you day by day, you stop idolizing and comparing them American chicks.You’re slowly gaining experience in dating and learning new tricks. For instance:
- Never come empty-handed. It’s a basic first date rule, you can’t show up without a gift.
- Smile and be funny. Ukrainian girls can’t stand grumpy-looking guys.
- A car is a plus. If you pick her up, you’ll get a few extra points.
- Speak simple words. She’s not good at English.
- Text her the day before the date.
- Pick up the check.
- Don’t be late.
02.07.2020 в 09:38:01
Only when I moved to New Zealand, I realized how much foreign men cherish Ukrainian women. Men back in Ukraine don’t even bother asking what type of guys we like. In case you are wondering, it’s a) a loyal man who b) takes care of his partner and c) respects her, d) has goals in life, and e) knows how to make her laugh.
14.07.2020 в 20:40:32
Don’t know what’s easier, deliver a shipment of crystal glasses from Columbus to San Diego or find a Ukrainian girl online. Seriously though, I’ve spend 15 years behind the wheel and seen a lot but I’m not sure if it’s even possible to meet someone from a million miles away and build that ‘happily ever after’ relationship. But those Ukrainian ladies are a sweet sight, gotta give em that! And if at least half of what they say about marriage material is true, I’d surely be glad to have such a wife by my side. I could always use another reason to come back home. These women seem to know how to make a man happy.
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