How to Date a Slavic Woman
How to Date a Slavic Woman

How to Date a Slavic Woman


Are there men who don’t like beautiful Slavic women? They are both charming and clever, excellent hostesses and wives, impeccable mothers, and more. To be a boyfriend and even a husband of such a woman is the great happiness and responsibility. Only real men can do that. Therefore, Sweetydate introduce you a guide on dating these ladies.

What Are Slavic Women Like?

Slavic girls are almost perfect. Why? Let’s find it out!


What do Eastern European women look like? Well, the beauty of eastern European brides is undeniable: fair skin, blue, gray or green eyes, blonde hair. Facial features are correct and harmonious. A bright blush plays on the milky cheeks. Their bodies are slender. But even if they gain weight, they still have an hourglass figure.


Dating eastern European ladies, you understand how it is pleasant to communicate with these women. They are smart listeners who don’t allow themselves to speak rudely and categorically to someone else. They behave calmly, without showing unnecessary emotions. These women adequately respond to reasoned claims and remarks, but they still can transform into real furies if someone nitpicks over trifles or for no reason at all.

Family life

Many Slavic brides, and ladies on sweetydate.com are not an exception, see their life mission precisely in starting their families. They make high demands on their future husbands, but they themselves become reliable partners for them. Such a woman will never take a leadership position.

Household chores

Slavic women like cleanliness. At home, as a rule, it is very clean, and there is a lot of food in their fridge. They are very hospitable. It seems that they are born with the ability to be a perfect hostess.


Slavic women are the standard of sexuality. The charisma of these women goes beyond all limits: a witty, nimble, and incredibly beautiful woman will drive anyone crazy. In sex (as in life), she is able not only to demand but also to give all of herself.

beautiful slavic womenWhy Do Slavic Women Seek Love Abroad?

Nowadays, Slavic women themselves dream of finding their happiness with a representative of another country. Why do modern girls and even women give preference to guys from Italy, France, America, Germany, and so on than their compatriots?

Some Slavic men are not suitable for these charming girls to create a family for different reasons. For example, the reason can be bad temper, infidelity, frequent drinking, lack of money, etc. Foreign men treat women better, don’t use foul language, don’t assault, don’t allow themselves insults, and take care of their ladies. Also, their appearance is different from that of Slavic men. According to Slavic women, foreign men are well-groomed, fit, and athletic build. Every girl wants to get married once and for all her life, to feel loved and needed. They want to have faithful husbands and good living conditions. From these considerations, many women dream of going abroad, finding their love there, and living happily and securely.

Where to Get Acquainted with a Slavic Woman?

If the dream to find a Slavic woman on sweety date doesn’t leave you, then consider the options where you can find her:

So, how to meet European women? A potential bride can be found online. Register on a specialized Slavic dating site and create an attractive profile. Then everything depends on your manner of communication: either you will wait for a Slavic princess to pay attention to your profile and write first, or you yourself initiate acquaintance with the women you like.

Social media is an easy way to start an online chat with girls. Use Facebook or Instagram and look for a potential girlfriend there.

Also, there is a paid way to find your significant other – a marriage agency. Specialized marriage agencies, in addition to selecting candidates for brides, sometimes arrange dating evenings for their clients where they can chat live. With their help, you can easily find Slavic women for marriage.

Friends or family members abroad are one of the best options. Ask your close people to introduce you to someone. In this case, when you meet eastern European women, you can be sure that there is no scammer in front of you.

Pros and Cons to Date a Slavic Woman

What are the advantages of dating Slavic women?


Why Slavic girls make the best girlfriends? Slavic women are loyal. In addition, many of them are monogamous. If they start a relationship with you, then you can be sure that they will definitely be faithful to you. They are not interested in affairs, and even flirtation is of no use to them. Slavic women usually give all their love to one person.


You can rely on Slavic women at any time. They are not afraid to take on responsibilities and obligations. This doesn’t mean that they yearn for this, but if it is necessary, they will definitely not run away from responsibility. You can make sure of that while communicating them on https://sweetydate.com.


Slavic women know exactly what they want and follow their life guidelines. They seldom doubt. They are strong-willed and determined. You can always rely on them in any situation.

Among the disadvantages, there are:

Unfamiliar culture

Yes, the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of another country is priceless. However, this can also cause a breakup with a woman. The different mentality is the scourge of such relationships. Dating Slavic women, be prepared to work twice as hard on your relationship and find compromises.

Language barrier

A conversation between two lovers is the basis of a harmonious relationship. Even with a Slavic beauty, it is not always possible to immediately establish contact. Quarrels often arise because you simply don’t understand your partner. In any conflict situation, it is extremely important and, at the same time, difficult to clearly define your position. It will be much harder to convey your opinion to your loved one using a foreign language.

Public opinion

Unfortunately, not all people can keep their thoughts in themselves. The more exotic your woman, the more ambiguous the reaction of others will be, including those closest to you. Are you ready to defend your love and turn a blind eye to jokes and judgmental glances?

How to Impress a Slavic Woman?

To get acquainted with an eastern European woman on sweetydate site and interest her, you need to know how to impress such a lady from the first minute of communication:

1. Show them that you know a lot about the country

Slavic girls don’t like those who know nothing at all about their countries. Perhaps this was laid down since school: they were forced to study all those small countries and their peculiarities; therefore, they expect that foreigners do the same. Ideally, it would be nice if your knowledge was not limited to stereotypes.

2. Be original

…so that the girl can stick you out the crowd, and not relate to the gray mass of the same men. To do this, show your charisma and a sense of humor, but don’t overdo it so as not to turn out to be a clown in the eyes of others.eastern european woman

3. Be the initiator

How to date a Slavic girl? Well, you have to be the initiator so that a woman feels the strength in your character. Don’t wait for her to look for topics of conversation or decide where you should go for a walk. Take everything into your own hands, and give the girl the right to choose from several options offered by you.

4. Don’t talk only about yourself

No matter how ideal you are, take an interest in a woman, get to know her better, ask about hobbies, but don’t meddle in her personal life. You should show that the girl is interesting to you, and she, in turn, should see you as a reliable person.

5. Show you erudition

Slavic girls love to talk, and, for the most part, they need to feel at least a minimal intellectual attraction. The mind is always an indicator of power. It probably attracts girls and sweetydate women will let you know about it.

6. Don’t hint at sex from the first seconds of communication

Women like to play seduction, win/lose in the process, surrender at the same time, and hold the tension of the “opponent” until the key moment. It seems to Slavic girls that this is the very spicy drive of the first date, for the sake of which they want to go on the second one.

7. Be courteous

Dating a Slavic woman, it is not necessary to pay for everything, but it is important to show that you like to give attention and organize a date with taste. Well, convince the girl that you are not a miser and not an egoist. By the way, these two types are not tolerated in any country in the world.

Dating Rules & Tips

You’ve probably understood by now that there is no only one rule for dating Slavic girls because they are all different. What impresses one might push away another. But these tips will at least increase your chances of getting a date. So, what to do when you want to date European women?

1. Be an alpha-male

There is a lot of talks these days about “toxic masculinity,” and it might seem like anything to do with being a man and acting like a man is bad. However, the truth is that self-sufficient women actually want their partners to behave like real men. At least, they want their men to be courageous.

2. Be polite and well-mannered

Politeness is often understood as good manners. But this word has a much deeper meaning. Politeness is a manifestation of love in everyday life as it emphasizes the value of any relationship. Without it, it’s impossible to build relationships and show that you appreciate other people.

3. Don’t live together immediately

If a couple starts living together too soon, misunderstandings arise too quickly. And even if a child is born, this doesn’t save the situation. Yes, the couple pushes problems into the background and concentrates on the child, but problems don’t disappear.

4. Learn the local language, get your girlfriend to give you lessons

Otherwise, you risk ending up in an information vacuum and becoming addicted. When you learn a language, you get to know at least a little the country you are going to with its customs, traditions, and culture. And if your girlfriend from sweetydate.com becomes your teacher, it will only benefit your relationship.

5. Embrace the culture, food

In a relationship with a person from another country, we are deprived of what is important: a common cultural background. Your partner will not understand many topics; you will not laugh at her jokes, and so on. This is the main argument of those who believe that true love between people from different countries is impossible. Therefore, you must immerse yourself in her culture to build strong relationships.

slavic women for marriage

6. Explore the country

Before leaving your homeland with its eternal problems and getting married abroad, you need to at least familiarize yourself with the customs of the country to which you are moving in. You should know the language of your new homeland at least a little and learn the rules of living there.

7. Respect her family

They can be people of a completely different upbringing and worldview. They can do things that will greatly surprise and upset you. But if you live with a Slavic woman and she has parents, you should show them respect. As a rule, parents and children rarely get along in life. But they come to visit each other, celebrate holidays together and wish a happy birthday.

8. Think about the gift

Whether the relationship will be long or short is established during the first and second meetings. Therefore, you need to try to interest the chosen one and not neglect signs of attention. To choose what to give a girl at the first meeting, it is important to know at least a little about her interest and hobbies.

9. Socialize with locals

The best way to understand everything about the places where you are going to is to communicate with the locals: it doesn’t matter whether you go to the Czech Republic for a weekend, on a two-week hike in the Ukrainian Carpathians, or arrange for yourself a two-month road trip around Russia. Dig up information about where and what is happening and go there with the locals.

10. Love the country as much as the girl

You have chosen one of the eastern European women for marriage; you love each other. You have to accept her for who she is, and she will do the same. Just don’t show her your hatred for one or another tradition of her country, don’t tell her how to live properly, etc. Show respect for her home country. She will appreciate it.

11. Be yourself

Why be in a relationship with a Slavic woman if it is impossible to relax and feel loved? The desire to adapt to your partner, to try to be perfect, to pretend to be someone you are not doesn’t lead to anything good. Instead, it is worth increasing your self-esteem and understanding yourself. The sooner you show your real self, the less you will lose in the future.

Find a Woman with Our Dating Site

No person wants to be alone. That is why men and women are looking for their soulmate and can even spend their whole lives on it. The modern world is quite intense and is developing at a rapid pace. The frantic pace of life goes off the scale and consumes almost all free time. So, where can you find a Slavic woman? As practice shows, registration on best eastern European dating sites like Sweetydate will be an excellent way out of the situation. It is worth paying attention to one of these resources. We offer an almost free online dating site that gives its users access to a huge database of profiles. Here you can meet Slavic women from all over the world.

If you want to find eastern European women and then have a family with one of them, then it is extremely important that your expectations from living together coincide, at least according to these important criteria: life values and expectations from each other in marriage, your integration into society and opportunities for self-realization, and views on the main points of life together, for example, the birth and education of children. The main thing in the process of communicating with the chosen one is to discuss and figure everything out, to understand and accept the new reality even before the moment of your marriage. And then different countries and language barriers will not become an obstacle to your happy relationships because the above can remove most of your worries and make it easier for you to enter a new society.

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