How to Meet Girls Online Apart from Facebook, Tinder and Other Dating Sites
How to Meet Girls Online Apart from Facebook, Tinder and Other Dating Sites

How to Meet Girls Online Apart from Facebook, Tinder and Other Dating Sites


According to statistics, most people cannot already imagine their life without the Internet, and it’s not surprising because we live in a digital era. One way or another, but our lives are connected with the worldwide web, whether it is about ordering pizza for your party with friends, paying bills, or searching for a beloved partner. Your chances to meet a girl online are much higher than in the street or a bar that you like to visit on Friday. Girls and guys use social networks and register on dating sites when they get back into the dating scene. You may know some other great places to meet girls, but since you are reading this article, you might also opt for the Internet.
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Pros & Cons of Dating Sites & Facebook

Since Facebook has created their dating service, it can be placed in one line with other dating sites. It has its peculiarities, of course, but the essence remains unchanged. Thus, if you decide to meet new girls online, what you should be ready for? What are the main advantages and drawbacks of such services as SweetyDate.com? Let’s start with positive moments that can make you fall for this way of dating.

1. You save your time and money

Time is a valuable resource nowadays, and you cannot ignore the fact that it is always in demand. People are in a hurry, trying to cope with numerous tasks and balancing work and personal life, not to mention study. Thus, you don’t need to leave your house in rainy weather after a rough day at work to find out that she likes to drink straight whiskey, and you have been sober for three years. And you don’t need to cover the bill in a posh restaurant and buy flowers even though it is your last meeting.

2. You can meet more people at the same time

When talking about the best place to meet girls online, it is possible to name any dating site since such services allow you to get acquainted with a large number of beautiful women. You will have to agree that you can hardly meet so many charming ladies at once in some other place. Even if it is about a concert of some famous girls’ band, you still have lower chances to meet single women who don’t mind getting to know you better.

where to meet girls online3. You meet like-minded people

Another important criterion that will be unavailable in the street is that you can understand in a few minutes whether you have something in common with a woman. Meeting girls online, you have a chance to study their profiles and look through the pictures. You know what they are fond of at least a bit and whether you want to move your communication further. Besides, her profile info provides you with a couple of working icebreakers, so you will not look stupid trying to start a conversation on SweetyDate.com.

And what are the drawbacks of such a fantastic way of dating? Well, even though a dating site can be considered the best place to meet people online, you should keep your eyes open due to the next moments.

1. Profiles will not tell you everything

You should understand that even a well-written profile will not provide you with the full information about the person you are going to ask out on a date. You can find some general info, but most important things will still be hidden until you get closer. It is like the tip of an iceberg when everything looks innocent until your ship starts drowning like Titanic.

2. You can fall in love with the image

When you online meet girls, you create a picture of the person in your head basing on their pics, manner of communication, and jokes that you like. You gather all the moments you love about a stranger and a bit “season” everything with your vivid imagination and a huge desire to build your happily ever after. Thus, you can endow them with the qualities they don’t really possess. They don’t try to deceive you and provide false information, but you do everything yourself.

3. You can run into a scammer

Unfortunately, sometimes you can run into ordinary fraudsters that try to use a person’s weak spots to their advantage. Lonely people are the most vulnerable ones since they are hungry for care, love, and support. And unlike SweetyDate.com, many dating services don’t pay much attention to their anti-scam policy, so you shouldn’t let your guard down.

Why Choose Other Ways to Find a Girl Online

If you are interested in some specific features of a potential partner or want her to be interested in certain things, it may be worth looking for a girl in some other ways. How do you imagine your perfect match? What does she look like? What are her hobbies? Is she smart? Is her level of intelligence vital for you? There are so many reasons why you can decide to look for another place to meet girls. The Internet is not limited to dating sites, Facebook, or apps like Tinder and Badoo. Thus, you should sort things out to understand who you are looking for.

Where to Meet Girls Online

Of course, online dating services like SweetyDate.com are the best way to meet girls online if you are looking for a lifetime partner and are interested in committed relationships. Anyway, they have been designed for this purpose, and their matchmaking algorithms are aimed at helping people meet each other and create happy couples. However, if you ask yourself, “Where can I meet girls online?” it looks like you want to consider other options except for dating apps. So, it can be about video games, if you are into such a kind of entertainment. Many girls play video games, so you will definitely find someone special who will share your interests and spend time with pleasure in video games. Where is a good place to meet a girl? For example, if you are a keen traveler, who uses specialized sites for traveling, you can approach someone there or register on forums. The significant advantage of acquaintances on such sites is that you will definitely have something to talk about. You will not have to come up with a successful conversation starter. You should be an active user and show initiative if you want to hook up someone on such sites. Women come here for other purposes, and meeting love is rather a side effect rather than the primary goal.

where can i meet girls online

Sites to Meet Girls Online Apart from Facebook, Tinder and Other Dating Sites

If you exclude all dating sites and apps, you will significantly narrow the list of places where to meet girls online. However, one shouldn’t forget about social networks that are not limited to Facebook. Thus, nowadays, Instagram is extremely popular among Internet users. It will not be challenging to start a talk with a “like” or a comment under a picture of a beautiful lady. Besides, you can use hashtags to narrow the area of the desirable search or visit profiles of some cool places and look who has attended them. Thus, you will know whether you like someone and whether it is worth to give it a try.

Along with Instagram, there is TikTok that has gained its popularity this year and has become the number one place where you can run into a funny and cute girl. It is excellent for people in their 20s or 30s, while representatives of other generations should better pay attention to other social networks and communities. Don’t forget about such platforms as Medium, where you can meet people based on your reading preferences.

If you are interested in dating women from Eastern Europe, then it is worth registering on such sites as VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, the latter attracts users who are over 40. You can run into different interest groups and communities there, so it will not be challenging to start chatting. A few people know about specialized sites, such as Myspace, that gathers music lovers or LinkedIn that is actually a professional social networking site, but who says you cannot look for your significant other there? And if you are looking for a foreign girl, it is better to look for her on sites that are popular in her country. Thus, Renren will be great for guys looking for an Asian woman since it is the most prominent social networking site in China. Skyrock will provide you with a chance to meet a feminine French woman. And guys who are interested in hot Latin women will like Taringa. Thus, you are not limited to dating sites if you want to meet a beloved person.

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