Russian Woman Guide: What I Understood After 6 Years of Russian Girls Dating
Russian Woman Guide: What I Understood After 6 Years of Russian Girls Dating

Russian Woman Guide: What I Understood After 6 Years of Russian Girls Dating


russian women dating

  1. Why the World Is So Obsessed with Russian Ladies?
  2. Why Russian Women Are So Beautiful
  3. Are Russian Girls Emancipated?
  4. Understanding Russian Culture to Get a Beautiful Russian Girl
  5. Do Russian Women Like Foreigners?
  6. Russian Women Stereotypes: Which of Them Are True?
  7. Where to Meet Russian girl for Dating: Top 10 Places
  8. Top 10 Cities to Meet Russian Girls
  9. Ultimate Guide to Meeting and Dating a Russian Woman
  10. Are Russian Women Marriage Material?
  11. Russian vs Ukrainian Girls: All the Truth
  12. Are Russian Women Really Bad at Speaking English?
  13. How to Overcome a Language Barrier with a Russian Girl
  14. Final Thoughts

You can't even imagine how often I receive questions about my dating life. When my friends look at my dating life with all those Russian women, they have so many different feelings and questions. Annoyingly, quite often, when I hang out with them, they flood our evening with all those questions. Well, to be honest, I like to share some facts about my dating life with Russian brides, and it gives me real pleasure. However, it becomes a real burden when your friends constantly ask about your relationship with one of these girls.

This made me think about writing this article both for you and my friends. Generally, the number of men who accidentally found themselves interested in Russian girls grows rapidly. Just like any other popular trend, this one has many related myths and misunderstandings. In this guide, I want to cover as much of those as I only can. After all, all these things often serve as serious obstacles when it comes to building something serious with ladies from the biggest country in the world. I believe that all those who will read and memorize important facts from this guide on Sweetydate will have the upper hand in dating.

Why the World Is So Obsessed with Russian Ladies?

So, to begin with, I will try to provide you with an answer to why the whole world is literarily obsessed with those beauties. It is not a secret that after trying to date them, you will never stop until you marry a vigorous Russian girl. But why? What makes them so special? As for me, there are 3 main reasons why those ladies are the best in the world. Does it mean that I won't even look at their American counterparts? To be honest, no. I often pay attention to our girls too. However, neither of them is as great as those women I met when I come to their frosty country.

1. Their looks

They always look nice. This is a rule! Of course, we can mention here the perfect genes that were given to them by the cultural and genetic diversity of their ancestors. However, their beauty is not only about this. They understand that physical attractiveness requires a lot of work, and they voluntarily invest their time and effort into their bodies. In the majority of cases, they have both active lifestyles and spend many hours per week in gyms and master the skills of makeup. What is curious about Russian culture is that their men don't pay much attention to their looks.

2. The Old school approach to dating

Sometimes I feel that our girls simply forgot how to be feminine. Often, they don't care about their looks, and also try to possess some masculine qualities while trying to make their men more feminine. As you have guessed, this is not the case when it comes to Russian dating. These European women want their men to take charge of relationships and to be real protectors. They don't try to "steal" your masculinity. Instead, they help you to grow it.

3. Level of education and wit

While their high education is a rather disputable topic due to incredible levels of corruption, their wit is something you can see with your own eyes. Rest assured that they know what they want to achieve. Furthermore, they see many ways to achieve the things they want. Doesn't it mean that you should fear them? Well, obviously it is better to avoid those ladies who want to be with you because of money. Other girls, in their plans, see you on the top together with them. The site sweetydate.com is the right place to look for them.

"These European women want their men to take charge of relationships and to be real protectors. They don't try to "steal" your masculinity. Instead, they help you to grow it."

Why Russian Women Are So Beautiful

hot russian girls

So, I've recently mentioned beauty as the first reason why all their girls are very attractive. To be honest, I want to focus on this question once again. It is obvious that everyone wants to look nice to be impressive, right? No matter where you live, no matter who surrounds you, there is always a healthy competition. No one actually admits that there is one, but everyone participates in it. The main idea of this competition is to look at least no worse than your friends, neighbors, or just those people who are around you.

Yes, dude, there is no reason to reject this fact. Even those who claim not to care about other people at all and literary "forget" about their style, do this because this is their form of protest against society. This is actually a reason why you can meet so many diverse people in Russia. For example, their tomboys behave just like other girls. The main difference comes from their desire to be different from others, or inability to compete with other girls. For example, if a girl has rather masculine facial features, then she may become a tomboy, but still will be very gentle, caring, and adorable.

So, returning to this "hidden" competition and the reasons why girls in Russia look so nice. You see, you should look better or at least not worse than others and multiply it by a thousand. Then, add here a society that expects you to be very nice and good-looking. As a result, you will have a serious motivation to look better than everyone else around you. So, here is why all those beauties appear. From their early years, they see how their mothers and grandmothers attentively work on their looks to be truly impressive. Just look at the gallery on sweetydate to be sure!

Are there exceptions to this rule? Surely, during all my visits to Russia, I have seen girls who clearly don't care about their looks. You, as a person who will visit this country to find a perfect lover, shouldn't be concerned about those girls at all. Usually, those girls already have families and absolutely not interested in dating foreigners. Those women who are into us (Western men) are always looking very beautiful. This is a rule.

Are Russian Girls Emancipated?

Let's come back to the matter of their old school approach to dating. When I say to my friends that those girls are purely old school lovers, they immediately ask me whether they are emancipated or not. This is a very hard and interesting question. You see, due to huge historical differences, their level of emancipation has always been different from ours. Even in the Russian Empire, they always respected their women. Indeed, they were not allowed to possess serious positions in a country (only through their husbands). However, they have never been considered to be a second class.

Furthermore, approximately 80 years ago, communists created a new country and officially proclaimed everyone to be equal. Consequently, they are pretty emancipated. After all, this process began a long time ago. At the same time, they are very far from our women, who are clearly over emancipated. The biggest and most obvious difference between our and their ladies is that Russians don't support modern feminism. For example, during my first visit to Russia, I wanted to impress one of their girls and said that I support third-wave feminism. You will be surprised, but she reacted very negatively. She believed that I am one of those soy-boys.

Recently, I have already said that they want their men to be strong, reliable, and expect them to take charge of relationships. For them, the idea that masculinity can be toxic is unacceptable. How on earth they will be able to find a real man if it is illegal to be real men, right? For this very reason, the concept of real gentlemen still works just fine in Russia. They simply are not interested in feminine men. They believe that those men can't provide or protect them.

So, does it mean that Russian women are always ready to obey? You have never been so wrong, bro. They completely allow you to be in charge of your relationship and be responsible for all the major decisions. At the same time, they will except you make those decisions basing on their interests. For example, you need to decide where you will spend your vacation, you want to go to Canada, and she wants to visit her relatives in Russia. Yes, you are in charge, but she will expect you to make "The right decision" and go to Russia. Also, forget about trying to date these girls if you are searching for slaves. Rest assured, if you try to turn her into an obedient home pet, she will make your life a living hell.

Understanding Russian Culture to Get a Beautiful Russian Girl

The first thing that you will encounter during your visit to Russia is their culture. It will be a huge understatement if I say that our cultures are different because they are very different. During my first visits to their state, girls literary had to teach me everything because, in Russia, it is very easy to look weird and draw undesired attention to yourself. So, their culture is the first thing that you will have to learn about their country.

russian women dating

Don't get me wrong here, our cultures are pretty similar, and differences mostly lie in small details. Quite often, people don't understand that this small fact. For example, when you are planning to visit Asia to try dating some local girls, you understand that their culture is very different from ours. At the same time, Slavic people are not so different from us. Plus, due to globalization, we are becoming closer and closer. Don't let this fact fool you while looking for a girl on Sweetydate. You see, even though the fact that we have some similarities with Russians, and our cultures are much closer than Asian ones, unfortunately, there are still many small differences.

"For them, the idea that masculinity can be toxic is unacceptable. How on earth they will be able to find a real man if it is illegal to be real men, right?"

To be honest, initially, I wanted to cover much more of those cultural differences. Unfortunately, the amount of information to cover everything is way too big, even for two such articles. This is why I decided to cover only the most important for romantic intercourses aspects. Also, this part of the article should help deal with various myths about the peculiarities of their culture. For convenience purposes, I split this part into several categories and titled them with questions.

Do Russian Women Like Foreigners?

This one is a very interesting subject. First of all, it is obvious that those women who spend time on various websites seeking men are interested in dating foreigners. In fact, they intentionally search for them. As for reasons why they may do it, there can be many assumptions. Further, I will try to cover the most popular reasons for them to be interested in foreign men. Of course, there are also those who are not interested in this at all. Sometimes they don't even start a conversation with you, and say something like, "I don't speak your language. Bye."

You can even imagine how often I heard from other people that my Russian lover dates me only because of my money. Yes, I have met people like that. Yes, you may let them fool you, but only once. After the first encounter with those gold-diggers, you will be immune to them. It won't be hard for you to immediately spot them. However, yes, there are people like that. Those "ladies" are ready to fall on their knees in front of the first person who offers them money.

Why Some Russian Women Would Like to Leave Their Country?

I have asked this question to more than one girl. Their most popular answer was that they are dissatisfied with their life in their country. Many of them are dissatisfied with the Russian government and simply don't feel secure about their future. According to them, the government consists purely of oligarchs who are only concerned about their incomes. Also, several girls said that they don't like their men. Generally, I've defined all those reasons into categories and will explain each separately.

Unsatisfying male to female ratio

As you may have heard, in Russia, there are many more girls than boys. In fact, the ratio is like 9 boys and 10 girls. The number significantly decreases the older they become. Thus, among 30+ people, this ratio is approximately 8 to 10. Consequently, even in the best-case scenario, one girl still won't be able to find a life-time partner and will have to live alone. This not only explains their desire to date foreign guys and look for them on sites like sweety date com, but also answers why they are so obsessed with their looks.

Russian males are not attentive

Without a single doubt, there are plenty of different myths about Russian men and women. While the majority of myths about their women are false, their men stand to every single myth. It is true that they are not very caring and attentive people. Of course, there are exceptions, but an average western man is far more attentive to his romantic partner. Needless to say, that even Russians themselves have many jokes about their men who prefer to watch TV, play World of Tanks, and drink a lot of beer.

Russian guys are mostly unambitious

Also, as you may know, Russian girls just hate to stay in the same place. They desperately need someone with whom they will be moving forward together. Luckily, an average Russian man usually feels pretty satisfied with his life and doesn't want to change anything. Surely, this is not a very bad thing. After all, in America, we also have many people who don't want to move forward. However, even they have a serious advantage over casual Russian men. The root of this advantage lies in the fact that we have a much better quality of life.

beautiful russian womenLow quality of life

This one is very simple. Just compare the average income of American and Russian men, and you will see what I am talking about. Add here the fact that our big houses often are much cheaper than their small apartments in khrushchyovkas. Also, don't forget that it is not a big problem for us to buy and maintain cars.

They care for their kids' future

After learning all those facts about life in Russia, simply ask yourself where would you prefer to raise your kids? Now, you know what makes them date western men, and why they have a strong desire to leave their country.

Russian Women Stereotypes: Which of Them Are True?

As I have already said, there are many myths about Russians and their lifestyle. So, it would be a crime for me to write an article about dating their women without mentioning some stereotypes. As usual, I wasn't able to cover all of the existing stereotypes, so I decided to pay attention only to the most popular ones.

1. They are heavy drinkers

Yes, they all can drink vodka. Even tiny girls can raise a couple of shots of this drink. It is also true that there is always a bottle of vodka in every Russian house. However, not all of them are heavy drinkers. The proof is that regular consumption of alcohol is incompatible with nice looks. At the same time, they will be very surprised if you refuse to drink with them.

2. Babushkas

Everyone who has dreamed about dating them heard those stories about babushkas. I can assure you that all of them are true. I have experienced their care on my own skin, and I truly liked it. If my grandchildren have such a babushka, then I will be the happiest man alive.

3. Corruption

This one is true. Russia is a very corrupt country. However, this won't have anything to deal with you or me. While their government steals money via corruption, common people use it to avoid undesired bureaucracy, paperwork, and safe time. Just do your best to avoid any kind of legal troubles.

"Not all of them are heavy drinkers. The proof is that regular consumption of alcohol is incompatible with nice looks."

4. Russians never smile

This is also true. On my first date with Russian girls, I was very concerned about why my partners never smile. Remember, these people never wear smiles on their faces when nothing makes them smile. Thus, there is nothing wrong with you if your lady doesn't smile all the time.

5. Superstitions

Today, their old "superstitions" exist in the form of habits. For example, they still knock on the wood, sit before journeys, and spit three times. Most of them don't believe in those, but still, they often follow those rituals.

6. Russians are showy

This myth appeared due to their desire to look good. Just look at the pictures on https://sweetydate.com/. You see, some people just don't have a natural taste of beauty. Maybe, they don't know about it, or just have no time to work on it. This is why you can see all those flashy and showy looks. Calm down because girls who are interested in you are very good in their style.

7. It is better to avoid clubs

True. The first reason for this is that their clubs are extremely expensive. And the second reason is that it is very easy to meet there rather aggressive drunk people who hate foreigners. So, no, it is better to find other places to hang out with your lover.

8. All Russian women are obedient

A terrible myth that makes the wrong people come to Russia. Statistically speaking, Russia has the highest number of women who have businesses. I have already explained how their "obedience" works. You are in charge, but in fact, it is she who makes all decisions.

9. Russians are terrible smokers

Even though people in this country still smoke a lot, only 20% of girls I used to date were smokers. Hence, in my opinion, there is a big difference between average Russian ladies and those who want to date western people.

10. All Russian girls are beautiful like dolls

Yes, they all try to look as good as they can. But no way this means that they all are like dolls. Russian girls are very diversified. There, you can meet nice a busty Russian woman and adorable flat-chested tomboys. The same goes for their faces and other physical features. Everyone can find someone special there.

Where to Meet Russian girl for Dating: Top 10 Places

When I first came to Russia, I had a couple of friends there who didn’t mind arranging a sightseeing tour for me as well as visiting the most popular and interesting places there. I told them at once that I want to get acquainted with some wonderful girls and maybe become closer to one of them. I like how Russians treat foreigners and how helpful they are in such questions. I have never faced such an understanding and desire to help in other countries while I was traveling around the world. Well, now I want to help someone else and share some tips on how to meet beautiful Russian women. First, let’s talk about places that you can find in the country (you will have to come to Russia sooner or later if you want to build something serious).

1. Right on the street

Just don’t be afraid to approach girls on the street if you are a foreigner. It’s your main advantage and superpower, believe me. When girls hear my pronunciation, they put on a smile and become very attentive. I bet you have good chances to succeed if you have come up with a catchy conversation starter. If you come to St. Petersburg, then every street in the downtown will be suitable for approaching a charming Russian woman. Talking about Moscow, then you should walk around the city center, there you can run into many cozy places as well. Thus, make sure to visit Tverskaya St. and the Garden Ring.

2. Night clubs

You know I have never faced another country in which night clubs would be so popular, and its no matter how old you are. People come here to get acquainted and find someone for a one-night stand and serious relationships. Local girls visit such places to meet representatives of other nations because night clubs are immensely popular among tourists. If you are in Moscow, then make sure to visit the Icon night club and Oblaka, or Jagger. In St. Petersburg, it will be about Monte-Cristo and Lomonosovbar. And I liked Nebar in Sochi. It’s easy to approach hot Russian girls with a cocktail and interesting talks.

3. Art galleries and museums

If you don’t know how to entertain yourself in the daytime as well as find a good company for the evening, then you should visit art galleries and famous Russian museums. I couldn’t even imagine that such a place can become a wonderful spot to get acquainted with girls. Nonetheless, such places attract well-educated and smart ladies who are interested in self-development as well as tourists from different corners of Russia. Thus, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow are must-visit places.

"You know I have never faced another country in which night clubs would be so popular, and its no matter how old you are. People come here to get acquainted and find someone for a one-night stand and serious relationships."

4. Subway

Maybe most people will consider this place not the most appropriate one, but I met a wonderful girl there two years ago. I didn’t know which train to take and looked a bit embarrassed, and she approached me herself and offered her help. I was pleasantly surprised by her desire to help and fluent English, so I asked her out right away, and she agreed. We were walking all night long and enjoyed each other’s company. It was an amazing experience. So, if there is a subway in the city you have decided to visit, don’t miss a chance to meet someone great here.
russian women dating

5. Downtown

Pay attention to this sweetydate advice. No matter what Russian city you have decided to visit, chances are high that you will find a big amount of people downtown. My friends told me at once that the best place to meet sexy Russian women is the city center since they go there to relax, have fun, and get acquainted with men. Besides, there is a concentration of tourists from different Russian cities and even foreign countries. So, why not use such a wonderful opportunity to meet interesting people who don’t mind chatting and spending time with pleasure? Most Russian people like tourists and will gladly help you with something or keep your company during lunch. 

6. Hipster places

If you are in your 20s or 30s, then you may like hipster places where modern people like to hang out. If you visit big Russian cities, for example, Sochi or St. Petersburg, you will be able to find many different cool places there. People here like to eat and hang out with friends in some unusual and interesting places. Once I stayed in a hotel that was pretty far from the city center, but I still managed to find several great places there. Besides, if you ask a girl out on a coffee date, such a stylish place will be suitable for such an occasion.

7. Sightseeing tours

You cannot even imagine how beneficial such sightseeing tours can become for you. They gather people who decide to entertain their guests and tourists who have come to see the city. You have already had something to talk about, so it will be not difficult to come up with an icebreaker. One of my friends has met his future wife during such a tour. They both felt bored, so they escaped sooner than the tour ended. I have already said many times how Russians treat tourists especially from the USA and Europe, so you should try your luck.
russian women dating

8. Restaurants

Before you arrive in Russia, you should make up your route and download all the necessary apps that may come you in handy. One of such apps can become Tripadvisor or alike app that will help you choose a suitable restaurant and spend a great evening in the company of hot Russian women. Anyway, you will be pleasantly surprised by local prices (if it is not about Moscow), so you will afford to ask a girl out even to the poshest and luxurious restaurants. Arranging the first date in such a restaurant will add you scores and will show the girl how generous you are, they like such attention.

9. Social networks

If you are not ready yet to leave your homeland and go to this severe country, then you should use all the opportunities of the modern world. You can choose any social network, for example, if it is Instagram, then you can use a hashtag search. But first, I would recommend you study Russian women names to be able to distinguish them among others. My tested method is to come up with a catchy conversation starter and send it to several girls, having tailored it, of course, to the girl in advance. Usually, their profiles contain enough information to find a clue.

10. Dating sites

When you have serious intentions and search for Russian wives, then a Russian dating site can become a safety ring for you. Actually, it is where my journey began several years ago. When you are not sure who you are looking for, and you have just a list of certain requirements, then it’s better to look for a decent website that will help find your perfect match. Where else can you find such a huge number of beautiful girls who are ready to chat and develop relationships?

"My tested method is to come up with a catchy conversation starter and send it to several girls, having tailored it, of course, to the girl in advance."

Top 10 Cities to Meet Russian Girls

As I said, if you are going to Russia, you should make up a route and decide what cities you want to visit. This country is too big and impressive to make a one-day trip. When I visited it for the first time, I spent a week in Moscow, and it seems I didn’t see even half of this city. So, don’t repeat the same mistake and think through your trip here. I decided to list the top 10 Russian cities that are worth visiting. Most information has been provided by my friends and googled since I was eager to learn as much as possible about the motherland of my future wife.

1. Kazan
the most romantic place for dating in Kasan

Farmers Palace (Dvorets Zemledeltsev) - the most romantic place for dating in Kazan

The right to open this list is granted to Kazan: after all, the city has a thousand-year history. Even though many much younger cities can envy its rapid and constant development. It can surprise you with a wonderful combination of brand-new and extremely old places and sights. Thus, it doesn’t matter what your religion is - you can still visit amazing and just stunning Kul-Sharif mosque. And if you go to the Palace of Farmers, you will have an impression as if you have got into a completely different place. What you should do in this city?

  • Stroll through the main pedestrian street (Bauman Street).
  • Think about your biggest desire at the Syuimbike tower.
  • Eat all the unusual and very delicious dishes and sweets that have come here from different countries and nationalities. You will be surprised both with their names and tastes.
  • Visit Riviera mall.
  • Visit The Island City Of Sviyazhsk.

2. St. Petersburg
the most romantic place for dating in St. Petersburg

The Griboyedov Canal (Kanal Griboyedova) - the most romantic place for dating in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a lot of regalia and titles. You can visit this stunning city (my favorite one) at any time of year: it is wonderful both in sunny and gloomy weather when you have to look for shelter from the unexpected rain. Here you will be able to find more than 200 bridges, each of them has its peculiarities and history. I recommend you take a boat tour through the city's canals. And there are also a tremendous number of palaces that are located all over the city. It’s not to mention just a huge number of the cathedrals.

  • Go to the Hermitage and stroll through its countless rooms.
  • Get to the top of St. Isaac's Cathedral and enjoy the city from the bird's-eye view.
  • Do not miss a chance to see how bridges are being opened at 12 pm.
  • Go to Monte-Cristo nightclub.
  • Try their famous crumpets.

3. Nizhny Novgorod
the most romantic place for dating in Nizhniy Novgorod

The Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin (Nizhegorodskiy Kreml) - the most romantic place for dating in Nizhniy Novgorod

It has a wonderful location that makes it comfortable to reach the city by all other forms of transport, even river transportation can do. Here you will also be able to find Kremlin, but unlike the one that can be found in Kazan, it is created of red stone, and nobody has managed to conquer it. And now it is unlikely to happen, after all, such entertainments are not in fashion.

  • Take a walk along the pedestrian Bolshaya Pokrovskaya street and the Chkalov stairs.
  • Go to the Kremlin if you want to see the “fusion” of two huge rives: the Oka and the Volga.
  • Reach the other side of the Volga by cable railway.
  • Visit the famous fair that is popular among citizens and tourists.
  • Visit HopHead Brewery.

4. Moscow
the most romantic place for dating in Moscow

Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh) - the most romantic place for dating in Moscow

Most of the women on Sweetydate are from this wonderful city. Moscow holds the position of the most popular city for meeting Russian girls. And it’s no wonder: numerous museums, art galleries, cafes, and squares that can become a great entertaining program for your date. Most people like the center of the capital, where they can find famous Red Square, the marvelous St. Basil's Cathedral, as well as many other attractions.

  • Visit the Tretyakov Gallery and enjoy the world-known masterpieces.
  • Take a river tram to enjoy the views of the Moscow River.
  • Go shopping in the most famous malls (don’t forget to take your girlfriend with you).
  • Invite a girl to the Bolshoi theatre.
  • Go to the Icon night club.

5. Sochi
the most romantic place for dating in Sochi

Sochi Central Promenade (Naberezhnaya Sochi) - the most romantic place for dating in Sochi

It is the capital of the 2014 Olympics. Nowadays it is the flagship resort of Russia in any season. Thus, you can enjoy the Black Sea in summer, and in winter, Krasnaya Polyana will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy all the winter sports. Your girlfriend will like such pastime, believe me.

  • Spend a weekend on a pebble beach.
  • Walk up to Mount Akhun.
  • Enjoy more than 30 waterfalls in the Lazarevsky district.
  • Arrange a date at Adler Aquarium.
  • Take a walk in the Olympic Park.

6. Yaroslavl
the most romantic place for dating in Yaroslavl

Ilyinsko-Tikhonovskaya Church (Ilyinsko-Tikhonovskaya Tserkov) - the most romantic place for dating in Yaroslavl

According to creative marketers, Yaroslavl is considered the jewel of the Golden Ring. And nobody argues with such a statement since here you can find about 850 amazing landmarks. The city can boast of numerous marvelous mansions, museums, galleries, shopping malls, and cathedrals. If you can here to meet with girls, you will be able to offer an interesting entertainment program. There are also many cozy places that can become a perfect spot for a romantic date.

  • Stroll through the Volga embankment, one of the most amazing in Russia.
  • Visit the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior.
  • Look at the Church of Elijah the Prophet.
  • Go to the Honey Club.
  • Visit Dmansky Island.

7. Kaliningrad
the most romantic place for dating in Kaliningrad

Kalinigrad Fish Village (Rybnaya Derevnya) - the most romantic place for dating in Kalinigrad

The city is suitable for travelers who want to feel the western spirit while traveling around this severe land. You can get such a chance here since it belonged to Germany back in the day. As you can guess, all the landmarks have been considered Russian. Here you can find stunning burgher districts. Near the city, you can find a national park where you can take a stroll through the forest and enjoy the stunning nature.

  • Visit one of the oldest zoos in Europe.
  • Pop in the Amber Museum.
  • Go to the Fish Village, restored in its former form.
  • Enjoy the nightlife of the city.

8. Vladivostok
the most romantic place for dating in Vladivostok

Tokarev Lighthouse (Tokarevskiy Mayak) - the most romantic place for dating in Vladivostok

Some chroniclers called it the eastern advanced post of the country. Nowadays, it is one of the greatest cities for traveling and meeting their stunning ladies. Thanks to the APEC forum was carried out about 8 years ago, the city has received investments and improved its infrastructure. A cable-stayed bridge is one of the crucial and recognizable landmarks of the city.

  • Visit the famous fortress and enjoy the Amur Bay.
  • Eat a seafood delicatessen.
  • Think about your biggest desires, staying in the arch of Tsarevich Nikolai.
  • Arrange a date in Zuma that is one of the best restaurants.

9. Yekaterinburg
the most romantic place for dating in Yekaterinburg

Dam of Yekaterinburg (Plotinka) - the most romantic place for dating in Yekaterinburg

It is located not so far away from the overpopulated areas of the country, so it’s pretty popular among tourists from all over the world. Weiner Street is pedestrian and plays a special role in the life of the citizens. Make sure to go to the Literary Block where you will find marvelous mansions and cozy spots. You will hardly walk past the temple, which was created on the spot where the royal family had been executed.

  • Admire the city from the viewing platform of the skyscraper "Vysotskyi."
  • Visit both Europe and Asia at the monument with the appropriate name.
  • Visit all the parks in the city.

10. Velikiy Novgorod
the most romantic place for dating in Velikiy Novgorod

Yaroslav's Court (Yaroslavovo Dvorishche) - the most romantic place for dating in Velikiy Novgorod

It has been keeping its distinctiveness and reliability for more than 1,000 years and plans to maintain this tradition, so you still have a chance to visit and enjoy this city as it is. Here you can stroll through streets with beautiful old buildings, admire numerous ancient churches and, try delicious dishes and beverages. If numerous thoughts pop up in your head, and you don’t know where to go first, then you can use the service of go to the information clearing-house that is located next to the Kremlin walls.

  • Take a pic against the memorial "Millennium of Russia."
  • Purchase their famous honey.
  • Take a stroll along the shore of the lake.
  • Have a meeting at the Sunrise Lounge café.
  • Go to the LED night club.

Ultimate Guide to Meeting and Dating a Russian Woman

"Firstly, it should be about respect and attention. If you decide to approach the girl, make her believe that she is your priority, not an option.

When I started dating these ladies, I was inexperienced and maybe even naïve because I didn’t pay attention to cultural differences and believed that girls are alike everywhere. It was a pretty stupid belief especially when it comes to these gorgeous ladies and numerous national peculiarities. Now I understand how important it is to study the issue to succeed. So, if you want to get the best out of this connection, you should consider the following aspects.

How to approach a girl from Russia

Firstly, it should be about respect and attention. It also refers to chatting via sweetydate or any other dating site. If you decide to approach the girl, make her believe that she is your priority, not an option. Such an approach will help win her over much faster. These girls don’t want to be perceived as an easy catch that is suitable only for a one-night stand. They are looking for serious relationships, romance, and care, so demonstrate appropriate treatment.

russian girlsDo Russian women like compliments?

The main thing here is to find the middle ground. If you don’t say anything pleasant that can be interpreted as a compliment, then a girl can get offended and conclude that you are not interested in her the way she needs it. However, if you overdo with compliments, a girl may think that something is wrong with you, and you are too clingy. Besides, your sweet words should have something to do with reality and not be the result of your imagination.

What about flowers?

You might have already heard about the cult of flowers in Russia. First dates don’t work out without a nice bunch of flowers. It looks a bit old-fashioned, but does it really matter if you get additional scores thanks to it? The best thing you can do is to find out beforehand what flowers your date like. And one more thing – take only an odd number, it a crucial moment here.

  • Red roses will symbolize your affection.
  • Pink roses will be about sympathy and a new-born connection.
  • Peony is about romance.
  • Tulips are about love and adoration.

Best presents for a Russian girl

If you decide to make a gift, then it should mean your relationships have already reached that stage when such a step will be appreciated. This moment will depend on the girl’s preferences. The thing that will be good for one girl, another one may treat as something awful and wrong. So, talk about her desires and wishes, lets her tell about all her desires. Thus, you can understand what exactly will work out.

  • A book by her favorite author.
  • Delicious sweets.
  • Certificate.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Journey.

How to Treat a Russian Woman in Dating

As I have already mentioned, respect should lay in the foundation of your treatment. It’s an inevitable component of any healthy relationship. Understand what a girl is looking for and don’t judge if your goals don’t match. We are all different, and our aims change with time, so you don’t have any right to treat her in the wrong way. If you don’t like a thing about her, nobody makes you stay in touch with the girl. So, you should always remember that you are communicating with a human being, first of all. And when you are communicating with a woman, you shouldn’t forget about her emotional nature. The more such things you will consider, the better result you will get. This strategy works best, at least for me. Both of you are looking for your happiness, so why not give it a try or move further?

Are Russian Women Marriage Material?

Talking about girls who dream about marriage with a foreigner, I can divide them into several categories. Everything will depend on your purposes and aspirations. But in fact, everything can work out.

  1. The first group has western thinking and in love with your homeland. We don’t choose our motherland, and sometimes it happens that your heart belongs to some other country and language. You will have much more in common with such girls since they are on the same wave with you, even though they still possess the most attractive qualities of the Russian nation.
  2. The second group is interested in a sponsor. Not everyone is looking for a hard-working woman who will do household chores and continue to work and raise kids. If you want a perfect housewife like in the American movies of the 1950s, then you should choose this option.
  3. The third group wants to leave the country legally and change their citizenship. Very often, such women fall in love with their “fake” husbands and stay with them forever. If you notice such intentions, try to have an honest talk with a girl.
  4. The fourth group is looking for their partners. Some girls have got disappointed with their countrymen, so they look for their happiness abroad, believing that the situation will change for the better with a person of a different nationality.

Russian vs Ukrainian Girls: All the Truth

A huge number of foreign men has long gone crazy over Russian and Ukrainian girls. I, for one, prefer Russian ladies, but it does not say anything. After all, so many men, so many minds. So, I’ve tried to give it a fair trial and compared all the truth about Russian vs Ukrainian girls.

FeaturesRussian girlsUkrainian girls
CultureRussian culture includes a specific way of living and thinking, folk traditions and rituals, spiritual values and attitudes to life, behavior and habits, mentality, and worldview of Russian ladies. I’ve noticed such peculiarities of Russian girls’ culture:
1. striving for the ideal
2. rich expression of emotions
3. integrity
4. spirituality
5. strong pride in the homeland
In reality, Ukrainian and Russian cultures are very similar. However, there are some differences between these cultures. To understand the subject better, let’s discover the peculiarities of Ukrainian ladies’ culture:
1. hospitableness
2. cultural awareness
3. domesticity
4. respect for traditions
5. strong ties with relatives
LanguageRussian is one of the most wide-spread languages across the globe: in terms of the number of speakers, it ranks 5th after Hindi, English, Chinese, and Spanish languages. It is a beautiful language which, in addition, is very easy to learn. It took me a little time to learn how to speak Russian. I can also say that Russian girls speak well not only their native language but also foreign ones. Many ladies speak good English. I communicated with some Russian mail order brides who speak English without an accent.Ukrainian is considered one of the three most beautiful languages in the world, giving place to Italian and French. The Ukrainian language accounts for 62% of the analogous vocabulary with the Russian language. But despite this fact, Ukrainian girls speak the language of the neighboring state much better, while many Russian girls do not understand Ukrainian at all. Also, Ukrainian ladies are fully conversant in English. I discovered this when communicated with them on the sweety-date. But at the same time, they love their native language very much.
AppearanceA nice-looking Slavic appearance has made Russian ladies famous across the globe. And this is what I like the most about Russian women. In addition to natural beauty, Russian ladies know how to emphasize the features of their appearance with make-up. Moreover, Russian girls are distinguished by slender figures. They like to play sports and keep fit. To say more, busty Russian women always draw the eye of the representatives of the opposite sex.The beauty of Ukrainian women is also known throughout the world. These girls are extremely attractive, however, I’ve noticed that most Ukrainian women almost never use make-up or make it moderate. Their bodies are as slim and attractive as in Russian women. Ukrainian ladies lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports, and eat right.
IndependenceRussian girls are very independent. They are self-sufficient and can earn their own living. Also, they are determined and do their best to reach their goals. But at the same time, Russian ladies are always ready to rely on their beloved men and trust them completely.Ukrainian ladies are independent too. They know want they want from life and strive to achieve this. In addition, Ukrainian women always ready to help their partners in leading a family.
Attitude to menRussian women love men. They start romantic relationships quite early and are not afraid of tying the knot with a soul mate. Russian ladies are good and caring wives. They are loyal to their men and never cheat on them. Moreover, Russian women respect beloved men, always follow their advice, and consider their opinion. Therefore, Russian women dating turns out to be very pleasant and easy for a foreign man.Ukrainian girls treat men very respectively. From an early age, parents teach girls that they should be real ladies and show a preference for their loved ones. So, a lot of men from all over the world want to build a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman. These ladies, in turn, seek to find a strong, reliable, sophisticated, and goal-orientated man. And they hate aggressive, motivationally deficient, and infantile guys.
ReligionOrthodoxy is the principal Russian religion. It is practiced by most of Slavic nationalities and peoples who live in Russia and some other non-Slavic ethnicities such as the Chuvash, the Komi, the Ossetians, the Mordvins, etc. Other religions of many Russian peoples include Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Protestantism, and Buddhism. Russians women go to churches, celebrate holy days, and follow ecclesiastic traditions.Since time immemorial, there are traditionally many religions in Ukraine. According to several surveys, most Ukrainians are adherents of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, led by the Kyiv Patriarch. Although, among the Ukrainian people, there are those who adhere to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. It can be said that eastern Ukrainians are less religious in relation to those who live in the center and in the west of the country. Ukrainian ladies follow Christian traditions and go to Christian Orthodox churches as well as Russian women.
Level of liberationHaving been communicating with Russian women on the sweety date website for quite a long time, I can say that these ladies are quite liberal-minded. Moreover, these are self-sufficient people, individualists with a sense of accountability.Ukrainian girls are as much liberal-minded as Russian girls. Within this framework, ladies from Ukraine and Russia are very similar.

Are Russian Women Really Bad at Speaking English?

Many foreign men do not want to start a romantic relationship with Russian women because they are afraid of the language barrier. But I can say with confidence that you should not be frightened of such a problem when dealing with Russian women. The fact that they speak English poorly is just a myth.

A great number of Russian girls understand English quite well. Moreover, I can say that many ladies in Russia can speak good English. All this is due to the fact that Russian women learn English from schooldays. In addition, many girls attend foreign language courses and learn English with a tutor.

In case your Russian girlfriend does not speak English at all, you should not take it so hard! These ladies are very skillful and able-minded. Therefore, a lady can learn the basics of a foreign language quite easily and quickly. Of course, you should help your Russian girlfriend in learning English in every possible way. Thus, she will not only learn the language faster but also feel your concern, care, and attention. In addition, this lady will cheerfully help you learn her native language. In case you already know Russian a little and want to possess a better grasp of the language, I can advise you one good way on how to do it faster – engage in communication on Russian dating sites. For example, the sweety date dot com was immensely helpful for me, and maybe you will like it too!
russian mail order brides

How to Overcome a Language Barrier with a Russian Girl

Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, "The only real luxury – it is the luxury of human communication." Do you experience the luxury of communicating in Russian or are you still afraid of speaking a foreign language with an attractive lady? I’d like to give you some useful tips on how to overcome the language barrier with a Russian girl and begin to communicate with foreigners without restraint. The following tips were very useful to me, and I hope they will help you too.

1. Calm down

This advice is the key advice for those people who strive to get over the language barrier. You should accept that the first dialogues with foreign ladies can be difficult. However, do not forget that it is difficult not only for you but also for an interlocutor. A foreigner is equally embarrassed and afraid to be misunderstood, so the interlocutor will make every effort to ensure that your conversation is going on well. Moreover, Russian girls always look favorable upon those men who learn their language, consequently, even a simple conversation with this girl will seem simple to you. Also, she will even help you conduct a conversation in every possible way.

Does the call to calm down seem you trite? Stephen Krashen is a famous linguist who put forward a theory according to which, the language abilities of a person worsen while experiencing unpleasant emotions. In other words, in case you feel upset or nervous, it will be more complicated for you to express yourself. Actually, your linguistic skills are partially “turned off” when you feel strong excitement. This is similar to glossophobia: you might know your speech perfectly well, but you completely forget everything when experiencing emotional stress.

"Be ready for the fact that at the beginning, you will make pauses, speak slowly, and choose the right words for a long time. Although do not rush: the speech rate will come as a consequence of frequent practice.

russian women dating2. Take an interest in the country of the object language

An American polyglot Tim Doner, who once became famous as a teenager who knows many languages including Russian, believes that to overcome the linguistic divide, you need to integrate language learning into your life and get really interested in the culture of the country, the language of which you are studying.

Tim inured himself to communicate with mother-tongue speakers on a regular basis. Thus, he tried to get to know their culture better and learn new words and expressions. Tim assures that it is this approach that helps overcome the language barrier at the psychological level. And I can say with confidence that it really works! This approach helped me understand the foreign language much better!

3. Hold your horses

Certainly, all people seek to speak a foreign language easily and quickly right from the first lessons, without even any word-finding difficulty. Though, in fact, it happens differently: learning new languages does not come easily. So, be ready for the fact that at the beginning, you will make pauses, speak slowly, and choose the right words for a long time. Although do not rush: the speech rate will come as a consequence of frequent practice. At the beginning of learning a language, you should focus not on the quickness but on well-bred speech. Try to speak slowly, but at the same time, construct sentences correctly and choose the right words. In this case, your speech will be clearly understood by a Russian woman!

4. Try to seize the essence of the matter

To comprehend the speech of a foreigner, it is not essential to understand every word, it is enough just to catch the general essence of what has been said. There is a widespread mistake: you face an unknown word in the interlocutor’s speech and get stuck on it, without even listening to what the person says after that. In this case, you lose the thread of the talk and cannot comprehend what the other person has just told you at all. So, try to seize the essence of the interlocutor’s speech not thinking over unknown words, thus, it will be easier for you to get over the language barrier. I can speak from my own knowledge that Russian girls like to talk, so for me, it was not difficult to understand the essence of what my girlfriend said even when I did not know the meaning of any particular word.

5. Feel free to ask to repeat

Make no bones about asking a lady to repeat in case you have not comprehended anything. If a girl speaks too fast, and you are not able to catch the meaning of the words, ask her to repeat what has been said more slowly. If you do not comprehend what the interlocutor says, unabashedly ask the girl to explain it to you with simpler words. Remember, a Russian girl will treat your request with favor because she realizes how difficult it is to learn a foreign language.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, I would like to admit that Russian ladies are just wonderful! Their appearance is extremely attractive, hot, and tempting. These women are great wives for beloved men and the most compassionate moms for their children. Any guy will be happy in a romantic relationship with a Russian girl. All that a man is required to do to please such a woman is just to treat her like a princess, give flowers and presents, shower her with compliments, and show attention and care to a beloved woman. Russian girls always open to new acquaintances and will be really delighted to meet a foreign man for building relations and family. So, make no bones about getting acquainted with attractive Russian girls! Remember that the best way to do this is sweetydate.com. I wish you successful acquaintances and happy relationships with hot Russian women!

It was quite a challenge for you to get to the end, wasn't it? Use my guide any time and anywhere by downloading this brief guide on Russian girls dating!

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16.07.2020 в 16:45:49
I was married twice. The first time was right after college graduation; my wife was a few years older than me. This marriage had everything: passion, love, cheating, broken furniture, and divorce. I got married again when I was 30. And it was a wonderful marriage; too bad there wasn’t true love in it. Another divorce. That’s when I decided marriage wasn’t for me.Besides, I was so busy that I no longer needed someone around. I was ok with that until my 40th birthday. I remember sitting at the table, surrounded by friends and loved ones and feeling so alone. But I wasn’t going to repeat my mistakes. I took a different approach and went online. I was sure that if I find someone not from the US, I’ll finally be happy. I wasn’t looking exclusively for a Russian girlfriend, it happened by itself. I met Oksana, and she’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever known. Never thought I’d be lucky to fall in love again.
12.07.2020 в 12:04:45
It’s crazy how Russian chicks are different from the rest of the world, and it’s not just about appearances.They’re so unpredictable you can never tell what they actually want from you
08.07.2020 в 22:38:16
I’ve been wondering what makes Russian women so special. Having chatted with a few, I now see what the deal is all about. If you make a brief psychological portrait of a typical woman from Russia, you’ll see it’s different from the western one. In my practice, I rarely come across patients who feel so comfortable sharing personal details with a person they barely know. Their openness can make you feel uneasy at first, but soon you’ll begin to appreciate their honesty and see it as an advantage that will become one of the pillars of the potential relationship.
04.07.2020 в 15:02:19
As a Melburnian who spent 3 years at Moscow State University, I’ve gota few things to add:
1) A small gift is a must, but flowers are too bulky for a first date;
2) Respect is a pretty strong word, just don’t be a douchebag, and that’s all;
3) Russian girls rarely split the bill, so you’ll have to pick up the tab.
01.07.2020 в 02:46:40
Moscow women are too choosy and look mostly for young and rich partners. Women in less known cities are much simpler. For example, I live in Novosibirsk and I prefer older men. My ideal partner is:
- Loving
- Caring
- Self-confident
- Reliable
- Aspired
He does not have to be rich. I just want to feel safe next to him.
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