1 Year Dating Anniversary: 15 Ideas for Her
1 Year Dating Anniversary: 15 Ideas for Her

1 Year Dating Anniversary: 15 Ideas for Her


The first dating anniversary is a very important holiday. If you are thinking about how to celebrate the first anniversary, then you have already overcome a long enough joint path. You've learned how to understand each other, got used to the peculiarities, and put up with some flaws. Also, during this year, you had to understand that a relationship is not only about bouquets and sweets but also difficult days and even some problems. But for now, let’s consider romantic anniversary ideas.
how can i make my anniversary special

What Changes Are There After One Year of Dating?

So, what happens to couples after a year of dating?


At the very beginning of a relationship, a partner seems indispensable and necessary like air. All thoughts are only about him/her. We miss. We are constantly waiting for meetings. We try to spend as much time as possible together. And if the meeting is impossible for some reason, then it is replaced by long telephone conversations. Interests change because we start being interested in what the loved one is interested in. After a year, the situation looks completely different. Each of us needs our personal space, time only for ourselves, and meetings with friends.


Even if you really want to eat a big pizza with your hands, you will not do this at the initial stage of the relationship. We won’t even order a huge chocolate dessert on one of our first dates. In a year, we can eat giant pizzas with our hands, do it in our pajamas in front of the TV. We already know for sure that the partner loves us as we are. And it doesn’t matter at all how we eat – using a knife and a fork or not.

Nights together

At the beginning of the relationship, we have a lot of affection. We sleep in an embrace even at night. After all, we really want to snuggle up to our beloved body. We hug, kiss, and gently say good night. But after a year, we already want to sleep, make it convenient, and do it in our favorite position, not paying attention to whether a loved one is nearby or not. You can even turn your back on him or her. The most important thing is to get comfortable and get enough sleep.

We have selected only a few aspects of life. Of course, changes occur almost everywhere. These are just some of the most obvious examples. Summarizing, it is worth accepting as a fact – relationships change people. Relationships are a difficult stage of human development, capable of affecting a person both in positive and negative senses.

Why One Year of Dating Deserves to Be Celebrated?

what to do for first anniversary dating

The first year of dating often becomes the greatest joy of shared moments of happiness and a difficult test of patience and love between partners. Those who have passed this test deserve a celebration and positive emotions that they can share with invited relatives and friends.

Someone will say that a year is not enough, and it is too early to conclude the future. But statistics is a persistent thing, and it claims that the first 12 months together are a rather difficult and dangerous stage in the life of couples.

A lot depends on how the first anniversary will pass, so it is important to observe all the customs and cheerfully celebrate it in the circle of loved ones, as well as come up with nice ideas to celebrate a dating anniversary. Such a holiday should be remembered for many years.

Things to Avoid

The first year of relationships may seem a little surreal. Psychologists say that the first year of dating is very important because this is a special time when you establish a strong relationship with a partner and lay the foundation for your future marriage. So, what shouldn’t you do?

1. Don’t move apart

Try to plan at least a few wonderful days that you spend together in the first year together. Go on a trip. It will forever remain in your memory. 1-year dating anniversary gifts for her should look like this.

2. Don’t be rude to each other

Psychologists recommend showing a little more tenderness and care for each other in the first year of dating. At the same time, it is considered the most difficult thing. You will have to change many habits, come to terms with some physiological characteristics of the partner that you might not have noticed before, and simply establish your new life.

3. Get rid of stereotypes

You may have thought that a relationship is a universal way to improve the life that turns people into forever happy couples. But in reality, you will have to face many problems and contradictions that are far from the ideal life that you have painted in your imagination. Unfortunately, relationships alone will not help you get rid of the problems that have come before it. However, you can make some efforts and create for yourself the life that you dreamed of as a bride and groom.

4. Don’t be selfish

In the first year of living together, both of you will still think that you don’t owe anything to each other. That’s why you will want to give up from time to time and go with friends to the bar as before. But instead, try to unite during this time, becoming a team. Whatever happens in your family – joy or conflict, try to experience it together, actively discussing and finding compromises.

15 Ideas to Celebrate 1 Year Dating Anniversary

A year together is a great time and of course, a nice occasion to arrange a holiday. There are a lot of celebration options. The main thing is to understand which format is more acceptable for you and organize your celebration following it. Here we have 1 year relationship anniversary ideas for you.

1. A lot of flowers

Giving flowers means giving good emotions. And everyone chooses for themselves what flowers to give – expensive or not, a huge bouquet or one flower, in any case, this will make happy the one who gives the flowers and the one who accepts. Especially it will be appropriate on 1 year dating anniversary.

things to do for one year dating anniversary2. Catch the sunset

What to do for anniversary? If you live near beautiful sunsets, then never forget to include them in your life and arrange romantic dates there. Take a bottle of wine, cheese, fruits, and other goodies that both of you like. Have a picnic in a place where you can watch the sunset in silence. Enjoy these beautiful views and your passionate kisses.

3. Go on a boat

If you are looking for a simple but unique idea for celebrating an anniversary, a boat trip is exactly what you need! Good air and a warm breeze are much better than just sitting on the beach with your loved one. Isn’t it one of the romantic 1 year dating anniversary ideas?

4. A photo session

Many girls are not indifferent to selfies in any place and at any time. Most likely, your girlfriend with whom you want to spend an unforgettable day is one of them. To do this, you should take a camera and invite the girl to take a photoshoot. There can be absolutely any place for it.

5. Relax at the SPA

A spa date is a contribution not only to your relationship but also to everyone’s health. Whatever procedures you choose, they will help improve the condition of the skin and restore mental balance. The relaxation program for couples includes massage, body wrap, peeling, masks, Jacuzzi, etc. The procedures are complemented by aromatherapy, music, treats, and romantic decoration of the room.

6. Go on a hike in nature

What things to do for one year dating anniversary? Mountains always seem a mystery to residents of megalopolises. Arrange a holiday for her and go hiking. It is better to choose places that are not heavily inhabited to feel solitude with nature. Stop and set up a tent. A romantic atmosphere is provided, and a magnificent bird’s-eye view will excite your impression for a long time.

7. A romantic dinner

A romantic dinner at home can be much more special than dinner at a restaurant, not to mention that it is much cheaper. If you want to prepare a romantic dinner at home, you need to carefully consider the menu and create a mood before your dinner begins.

8. DIY

It is nice to receive gifts, but it is also wonderful to give them. And if you give a gift made by yourself, it is doubly pleasant. There are many gifts that you can make with your own hands, and many of them are not so complicated, even though they look very beautiful. You can make them and present a woman for your anniversary.

9. Take a class together

How can I make my anniversary special? Another original option is any master class. Joint action brings together. You can find out interesting facts and immediately get close to your loved one. Typically, these classes are held in a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

10. Jewelry

This is one of the best dating first anniversary ideas. First of all, find out what she loves (color, shape, size). You should listen to her conversations with you and friends. Perhaps you will find the key to what she wants in them. If you still decide to give her handmade jewelry, then you need to decide on a ring, earrings, pendant, or bracelet.

11. Play games

We all love to play but playing with a loved one is doubly nice! For those who want to try new activities, we recommend playing games for two. And no matter what kind of games it is – table games, video games, cards, etc. The main thing is that you like it and you have fun.

12. A trip

You can plan your trip in advance, buy tickets, book a hotel or take a trip spontaneously, it’s even more interesting. It remains to decide what you like more – sudden trips or you are fans of long trips in your car. The direction depends on you two. Maybe you always dreamed of conquering the slides at Disneyland or having a picnic at the Eiffel Tower?

1 year relationship anniversary ideas13. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

What to do for first anniversary dating? A romantic evening for a loved one is a whole science. But to surprise your soulmate, it’s worth making efforts. A date in a hotel room can be one of the wonderful surprises. This will allow your couple to relax and have a good evening with each other.

14. Picnic at the park

When you lie next to each other, looking at the stars or sitting in a meadow, the world around you seems so huge, and this enhances the feeling of comfort from the fact that you are together. Can you come up with a better first year dating anniversary ideas than this one?

15. Revisit your first date spot

Remember what was your first date? It’s time to repeat that unforgettable day. Visit the places where you were during the first meeting, if possible, dress like you were dressed that day, order the same dishes, walk along the same streets. Let the magic of acquaintance and the anticipation of the meeting return to your life again, and the memory of the beginning of your love story will remain in your hearts.

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So, the anniversary allows you to analyze the year spent together. You became wiser in a relationship. It is a unique opportunity to understand the pros and cons of your relationships and create a completely different celebration both for yourself and your family. You just need to celebrate it nicely and come up with what to get girlfriend for one year anniversary to make it special.

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