How to Be More Masculine: Tips and Advice
How to Be More Masculine: Tips and Advice

How to Be More Masculine: Tips and Advice


Masculinity is what many strive for, but only a few achieve it. Unfortunately, masculinity is a certain skill that you will have to develop. This is a whole range of character traits that develop throughout life. By perfecting your courageous traits, you use the maximum of your physical, moral, and emotional potential. Know that it is not easy to be courageous, it should not be easy - real men experience the pleasure of life's challenges. But before we on a sweetydate site find out how to be more masculine, how to make your face look more masculine, how you can display your masculine energy, let’s talk about the importance of being masculine in the eyes of women.
how to become more masculine

Does Being Masculine Make You More Attractive to Women?

Being masculine is an advantage, being masculine plays on the strengths that you have as a man. Masculine traits attract the attention of women, the presence of a masculine man makes a woman feel secure, comfortable, she feels like she is wanted, she is cared for and protected.

Sure, you can be a man that may not necessarily be called masculine by nature, it’s either about your physique or the way you carry yourself, but you can still attract the attention of women. Some women prefer men that are androgynous, possess some feminine traits, but the majority of women prefer their men to be masculine, this is the general rule.

Thus, if you properly carry yourself, you look masculine, you present yourself as a real man and play on your strengths, this will make you more attractive to women. But, you should not overdo it, you can end up being hyper-masculine, if you go out of your way to look masculine, you can end up looking ridiculous, as if you are trying too hard, which can only make you look worse in the eyes of a woman.

What Does It Mean to Be Masculine?

How to be masculine? What are the common masculine traits? We've asked some girls on Sweetydate. Masculinity as a personality trait is the ability to manifest a certain group of masculine personality traits, according to which others accurately determine how a man has realized his nature.

There are about two hundred masculine personality traits. A certain specific set of these qualities makes a man masculine in the eyes of a woman and arouses her desire. It makes no sense to create a strictly defined bunch of personality traits that makes a man masculine. It can be composed of many combinations of masculine virtues. But it is worth in this bouquet to be, for example, coquetry, capriciousness, resentment, excessive emotionality, and the sense of masculinity that will be lost. Like a fly in the ointment, female personality traits can ruin masculinity. That would be a feminine man, unable to realize his masculine nature.

how to be a masculine manMany masculine personality traits make up the arsenal of masculinity. The card index of masculinity is represented by power, gallantry, heroism, boldness, gentleness, discipline, valor, strength, initiative, intellectuality, silence, wisdom, courage, reliability, perseverance, unwaveringness, steadfastness, unpretentiousness, responsibility, commitment, self-control, selflessness, restraint, willpower, stability, perseverance, exactingness, great composure, and determination.

By manifesting these personality traits, a man voluntarily or involuntarily positions himself as a “real man.” When a man has in his personal arsenal a set of qualities necessary for his woman, he becomes the Winner for her, the real man, the Hero.

How to Act More Masculine

Enjoy the responsibility

How to become more masculine? Real men neither run away from challenges nor try to reduce their responsibilities. They rather pride themselves on their reliability and responsibility. If other people can trust you, you will quickly learn to trust yourself, which will lead to the development of confidence. Responsibility has many forms, it depends on the role you play. Here are a few aspects of life that will require you to fulfill new responsibilities: if you are a husband or father, you become a leader of your family. Take an active part in raising children and (or) drawing up a family budget.

If you are a guy, be mature and reliable. Plan dates and events without waiting for hints from a girl you've met on https://sweetydate.com/. Be emotionally accessible if you need your soulmate. If you are making a career, devote yourself to it. Take on a complex project, even if it means you have to work overtime. Be someone whom your boss can trust and respect. Imitate the examples of masculinity that have succeeded in career and family life, whether it is about friends or famous heroes.

Hone your intelligence

How to sound more masculine? Courageous men are not just sexy, strong animals - they are also smart. They should not be intellectuals, but they should be open to knowledge during all their lives. A brave man has an opinion on almost everything, but his opinion will not be substantiated if he is not open to knowledge. Whatever your level of education is, be as smart as possible - this will help you participate in negotiations, resolve conflicts at home, but, most importantly, live a full life.

Find a hobby! It's never too late to learn how to play a musical instrument or learn a new language. Join the discussion club! The ability to argue effectively is an important skill in almost all aspects of life. If you're wrong about something, admit it and move on. You will not achieve anything by stubbornly refusing to change your mind.

Present yourself as an individual

How to be a masculine man? Courageous men choose some people as role models, but they strive to become them. Be unique - don't follow fashion blindly. Develop your style, and you will never be confused with anyone. The way you dress, speak, and present yourself impresses people. Make sure it is unforgettable.

Never agree with someone just to please. Real men are confident, can comfortably disagree with others when necessary. Do what you like without caring what others think. Do you like to knit? Then become the most courageous knitter in the world.

First of all, be the best in all aspects of your life

How to appear more masculine? No one is perfect - even the most courageous men make mistakes and experience difficulties. Problems are not a reason to give up. Look for a confident, strong masculine ideal, even if you are ready to give up. 

how to make your face look more masculine

Remember, no one was born courageous. This is what needs to be developed with hard work, struggle, and sacrifice. When you doubt yourself, remember that even the most courageous men had gloomy periods. Here are some examples:

John Wayne, once the epitome of American masculinity, survived three divorces and a nicotine addiction that led to cancer. And yet, he held on to the end. Before becoming Rocky, Sylvester Stallone was a desperate, needy young actor. He spent three weeks without a roof over his head, slept at the New York bus station before he got his first role in porn. He became famous only years later. Mr. T had a very difficult life before he became famous. He grew up in a poor quarter of Chicago and was expelled from college after a year, he worked as a bouncer and security guard for many years before getting his first role in Hollywood.

How to Look More Masculine

Get in shape

Courageous men should not look like barbarians, yet they need to take care of their bodies. Both ladies and gentlemen equally like athletic physiques. If you are out of shape, you should find some time on your schedule for daily workouts. The daily workout will make you feel and look better. It will also help you deal with depression and prepare you for other courageous goals. Here are some of the things you can do to get in shape.

Lift weights. Strength training will help you gain courageous muscles and burn fat. Choose the appropriate training regimen and complicate them gradually, if you are new to weightlifting, you can harm yourself. If you are not sure how to organize your workouts and if you can afford them, hire a personal trainer. He or she will help you hone your craft according to the schedule that is right for you.

Courageous men care about their image - stay straight and step confidently. A beautiful posture will give you a confident look and may even make you feel confident. Slouching posture will give you a battered or submissive look. If you have a high percentage of body fat, consider a diet. There is nothing feminine in the diet. That is the responsibility. Weight loss will reduce the risk of heart disease and other health problems later on.

Be a generator of sexual energy

And now about the fun stuff! Courageous men are self-confident in sexual terms - they know that they are the most desired men in a room (any given room), so they do not look stupid by trying to please others. They are calm and confident in approaching the people they like and allow their charismatic, friendly attitude to direct the conversation towards flirting. Courageous men are straightforward in what they want, but not rude or arrogant. They spend time in fun ways, yet they always remember that their potential sexual partner is a person with their personal desires and opinions. If you are a single man, work on your sexual confidence. Be dominant in flirting and bed. Do not waste emotions on relationships that do not yet exist!

how to be masculine

If you are inexperienced, start by going out. Communicate with attractive women you meet without displaying any fear or anxiousness - if mutual attraction arises between you, you will succeed, and if not, then it’s better to speak boldly. Apply these rules in any relationship in which you participate. Surprise your wife or girlfriend by seducing her the way you would seduce someone you just met.

Be a man in his prime

Do not rest on your laurels - continue to train every day, even to simply maintain the form you have. A strong, healthy body will make your life easier. You will have more energy to work, play, and love like a man.

Enjoy your new strength and athleticism, but do not let it take over all your thoughts. You should neither boast nor show off, this is a sign of a desperate desire to get someone's approval, and not a sign of self-confidence. Watch what you eat. Count calories and avoid junk food. Ladies on sweetydate.com value such men, believe us!

How to Dress More Masculine

Since the time of ancient wars and medieval battles, the image of a courageous person has been constantly changing. Previously, this character trait personified combat qualities, and a man covered in the blood of his enemy clearly had the right to be called "courageous." Over time, the values have changed a little, and today, to get such a title, you only need to make the right decisions and be fair with yourself and other people. But as for the corresponding attire - there were many more changes.

In the current 21st century, togas and armor are no longer worn, but elegant suits and tuxedos perfectly emphasize the steel masculine character. Perhaps this is the thing that any man must be on a par with a set of tools and a personal car. And, like all of the above, a suit must be chosen with an eye on the brand, quality, and reputation of the seller or salon. Even old Sinatra claimed that a man was decorated with a suit, hat, good work, and lonely drunkenness on weekends. We leave the last point on your conscience, but it is better to tailor the suit so that it fits perfectly.

We can find many examples of how an ordinary accountant has become a famous actor, and an experienced veterinarian has become a renowned novelist. But why do you need this? It's about your life and nobody else, so you should not spend it on what makes you unhappy. More than certainly, mountains of gold are not waiting for you if you suddenly decide to change your career, but if you have already ventured into such an act, you simply don’t care about the money (at least not so much).

And we are not agitating so that you get out of place right now and go to study cooking courses, because you have long dreamed of becoming a chef. It is only about a situation when you need to make a strong-willed decision. This applies not only to work but to everything in general - a courageous person knows how to set a rational task and follow it at all costs. Only in this way can you temper your character and spirit.

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