Top 20 Countries to Find a Foreign Wife and Why
Top 20 Countries to Find a Foreign Wife and Why

Top 20 Countries to Find a Foreign Wife and Why


If you’re single and struggle to find the woman of your dreams in your own country, you can always try luck somewhere else. In the age of the Internet and online dating, it’s easy to meet that special someone in any corner of the world thanks to websites like sweetydate. There are thousands of lonely hearts all around the globe eager to find a foreign spouse.

With all this variety, the main concern is which nationality makes the best wives. We’ve put together a list of the best countries for a foreigner seeking a wife. We’ve tackled all the aspects, from dating and marriage culture to major tips on approaching women in each country.
best place to find a wife

What makes a perfect wife?

No matter where they look for love, most men dream of an ideal wife, but what does it mean? What qualities make a woman perfect? Marriage can be hard sometimes, and a woman is literally the soul of a family because, without her, daily life turns into chaos. And although you’ll never find two identical personalities, some of the most important qualities remain the same in all women.

A perfect wife is attractive, and, naturally, you must love how she looks. She’s got a good figure and takes great care to keep it that way. Also, an ideal wife must be sexually compatible with her man. Differences in sexual temperament will cause serious problems that can lead to a breakup in the long run.

Of course, the first thing men pay attention to is looks. But it’s the character and intelligence that make men’s hearts beat faster. Combine female wits with confidence and loyalty, and you’ll get a perfect spouse who will love and support you while you’re conquering the world.

Which nationality is best to marry?

Some might say Russians are the best foreign women to marry, and they’re mostly right, but tastes differ, as do nationalities. For instance, despite that Russians and Ukrainians are closely related, these two nationalities are completely different both in appearance and character. If you prefer beautiful women, opt for a Ukrainian spouse.

Belorussian girls will be perfect wives for ordinary, modest guys, as that’s what they’re like – very emotional and human. You’ll hardly have any problem finding one on sweetydate. In some sense, they’re similar to Vietnamese ladies, but the latter can be tricky for a westerner to handle due to cultural differences. The same can be said about Thai girls.

Women in Brazil are gorgeous and hot-tempered, but you can hardly call a Brazilian girl slim. And just like their Dominican counterparts, they can be very demanding. In contrast to them, Colombian girls are more family-oriented. There are many more nationalities out there, but when choosing a spouse, it all comes down to tastes. You never know where you’ll meet the best wife in the world.

Which country has the most successful marriages between foreigners?

Each nationality has its own attitude towards family life, which affects the quality of marriage. In Eastern European countries, women are more dedicated to preserving it at all costs, so the divorce rate among local girls and foreigners in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus typically remain the lowest. The Philippines might also be the best country to meet a woman because women there are quite obedient (just like in other Asian countries), and they recognize their husbands as leaders in a family. Hence, they rarely break up with foreign partners. Conversely, such countries like Columbia, Argentina, or Brazil would hit the bottom of the list with their hot-tempered women with an unpredictable character. But no matter which country you choose, you’re in for some sweety date experience.

Top 20 countries to find a wife

Now let’s rank the most common countries for lonely foreigners and figure out what the best place to find a wife is.

20. Thailand

Why. A large percentage of single women and female beauty make Thailand a considerable option if you’re looking for exotic beauty.

Dating culture. It’s not like in Western countries. Thai girls are pretty shy and reserved. A simple hug on the first date can make them feel awkward. And usually, it’s men who pick up the tab.

Marriage culture. The main thing you should keep in mind is that Thai ladies attach too much importance to financial stability in marriage. You might also have to present your wife’s parents with a dowry.

How to find. There are plenty of local dating services and websites like sweetydate where you can meet a Thai girl.

19. The Philippines

which nationality makes the best wives

Why. The divorce rate in the Philippines is quite low, which already makes it one of the best countries to find a girlfriend. Also, foreign men are considered much more reliable and resourceful than local guys.

Dating culture. There are some taboos on expressing feelings in public places, but it’s easy to approach a Filipino girl because almost all the girls in the country speak decent English.

Marriage culture. Filipino ladies have nothing against marrying early and having a baby right after the wedding.

How to find. Check the local Filipino communities in your city, or meet a girl online on one of the country’s dating sites.

18. Vietnam

Why. Vietnamese women amaze with their devotion and care, especially to a man who treats them as equal partners.

Dating culture. It barely exists in the country, so a classic western approach to dating can impress your Viet girlfriend.

Marriage culture. Families with Vietnamese wives are mostly patriarchal. Just don’t expect your spouse to support your couple financially.

How to find. Feel free to travel to Vietnam and familiarize yourself with the dating scene. You can also check out sweety date or other dating website and find a Viet girlfriend there.

17. Indonesia

Why. Indonesia isn’t only about sandy beaches and surfing but also patriarchal traditions where a man is the head of the family.

Dating traditions. It’s usually men who take the initiative. Be ready to call her first, pay for dinners, buy flowers, and so on. Indonesian girls are used to passively waiting for guys to approach them.

Marriage traditions. Indonesian girls are kind of a burden for their families, so they’re trying to get them married as soon as possible. So your chances of finding a bride are quite high.

How to find. Your best option is to live in Indonesia for some time, or you can also try to find a loyal wife online.

16. China

Why. If you’re looking for traditional Asian beauty, China is a perfect spot for you. Plus, a marriage with a Western man adds to the prestige of a Chinese family.

Dating culture. Most Chinese girls have never been to other countries, so the Western approach to dating isn’t common there.

Marriage culture. The contrast of cultures can make a marriage with a Chinese girl tricky, as local traditions are still widespread in the country.

How to find. If there’s Chinatown in your city, try there. If not, check out sweetydate or another dating website. You can also take a trip to China, but your journey may bring no results.

15. The Dominican Republic

best foreign women to marry

Why. Local ladies are known for their culinary abilities, hard work, and, more importantly, sexuality. Life with a Dominican beauty is always full of emotions.

Dating culture. Just like ladies in any other Caribbean country, Dominican girls are all about dancing, so be ready to put your dancing skills to the test.

Marriage culture. Dominican society has no taboo on interracial marriages. Living with a Dominican spouse, you’ll hardly notice any difference compared to your country.

How to find. It’s fairly easy to meet a Dominican girl thanks to the developed infrastructure and tourism. But you can always opt for dating websites too.

14. Brazil

Why. Brazilian girls are different, and it’s not only about their character. You can meet white, Latino, or even African girls in this country.

Dating culture. Brazilian ladies are independent and hot-tempered, yet they’re ok with the classic approach to dating when the man covers all the expenses.

Marriage culture. Women are completely free to choose who to marry. Lucky winners get a devoted and caring wife, so Brazil is one of the best countries to find a loyal wife.

How to find. The best option would be to go to the country and spend a month or two there. But if you don’t have time to spare, online dating will help you.

13. Columbia

Why. Columbian senoritas have a special reputation for being stunningly beautiful, with sporty bodies of professional dancers.

Dating culture. It’s pretty much the same as in Brazil with the exception that girls expect a bit less from their potential partners.

Marriage culture. Columbians are Catholics, so loyalty and traditional approach to family is their strong suit.

How to find. You can travel to Columbia if you dare. Otherwise, your only choice is sweety date or other dating services.

12. Puerto Rico

Why. Puerto Rico is a place where every other girl on the street looks like a model. Besides that, they’re always open to new acquaintances.

Dating culture. The main thing you need to know is that the courting part is up to you, as well as how you’re going to conquer a girl’s heart.

Marriage culture. Almost identical to the previous two countries. Loving, loyal wives expecting the same traits from their husbands.

How to find. Depending on the country you live in, it might be next to impossible to meet a Puerto Rican girl in person. Consider online dating.

11. Cuba

best countries to meet women

Why. Cuba is famous not only for its snow-white beaches but also for hot mulatto girls. You’ll never face any prejudices or complexes here.

Dating culture. Cubans aren’t actually the wealthiest nation in the world, so expect to pay for everything while you’re dating.

Marriage culture. For most Cubans, the marriage itself is just a formality. What really means is the feelings the partners have for each other.

How to find. If you’re looking for an authentic Cuban girl, be ready for a trip to the country because the Internet is kind of forbidden for anyone except foreigners there.

10. Georgia

Why. For some, Georgian beauties are truly exotic. A mix of European mentality and Eastern temper makes it one of the best countries to meet women for dating and marriage.

Dating culture. Georgian girls can be pretty shy at first. But once you spend a little time with them, you’ll learn more about their openness.

Marriage culture. Depending on your partner’s family, it may be a classic European marriage or a union with a pinch of local traditions.

How to find. It’s fairly simple. Georgia is a popular tourist destination, so you can simply book a flight there. Or you can make things even easier with sweetydate or a Georgian dating site.

9. Romania

Why. Romanian girls are among the prettiest in Europe, and many of them are well-educated. You can easily meet a girl who worked abroad and speaks fine English.

Dating culture. You won’t find anything weird or unusual here. Treat your Romanian girlfriend just like any other European woman.

Marriage culture. It’s quite common for local girls to support their husbands both emotionally and financially if needed. Besides that, you won’t face any other peculiarity.

How to find. The easiest way is to go online and find that special someone on a dating website or through a marriage agency.

8. Bulgaria

loyal wife website

Why. Most Bulgarian girls are ordinary women who aren’t scared of housework and know how to take care of a man.

Dating culture. You can meet them in bars and cafes – just buy the girl you like a drink and tell that you traveled a lot to build a serious relationship and look for a one-night stand.

Marriage culture. Expect a traditional nuclear family with all the attributes of Eastern European hospitality and care.

How to find. You’ll find a lot of Bulgarian profiles on sweety date. But if you prefer the face-to-face approach, feel free to travel to Bulgaria – it’s a well-known European vacation destination.

7. Bosnia

Why. It’s one of the most exotic options if you still want to find a European wife. And the number of single women here will make things easier for you.

Dating culture. The girls here are almost the same as in Romania or Bulgaria; the only difference is that they’re a bit more down-to-earth when it comes to dating.

Marriage culture. Everything you learned above plus a bit more temper and possibly a small language barrier.

How to find. As usual – you can book a flight to Sarajevo and try your luck there, but it’s safer to chat with Bosnian girls online.

6. Croatia

Why. There are not that many spots in Europe where you can both relax on a sunny beach and meet that special someone in one day.

Dating culture. Croatian girls are party-goers, so make sure you’re ready to tame their energy or at least measure up.

Marriage culture. Despite their crazy nature, Croatian women take marriage seriously, as well as their duties in it.

How to find. Go exploring this beautiful country and stay there for a few months, or find yourself a decent loyal wife website.

5. Lithuania

Why. The genes inherited from the Slavic and Northern European peoples make Lithuanian girls stunningly attractive.

Dating culture. These ladies are humble and quiet but can be demanding at times. They don’t expect much from a partner, though.

Marriage culture. You can expect your marriage to be calm and routine-ish. However, exceptions may happen.

How to find. The country isn’t that popular among tourists, so you won’t lose much if you prefer online dating over good old live communication.

4. Estonia

best country for foreign wife

Why. If you’re a fan of blue-eyed blondes, this country is probably your best choice. Besides, the difference between male and female populations results in thousands of single cuties.

Dating culture. Just like anywhere in Europe. Some girls are somewhat slow-paced, so you might have to be patient and wait until your companion reads you.

Marriage culture. Nothing peculiar about it, especially if you’re from Europe too. Average expectations, average passion, and average emotions.

How to find. Online or in their natural habitat. Estonia has a few things to show you; besides, it’s quiet and peaceful – the best country for a foreign wife.

3. Belarus

Why. This is the third most popular country on Eastern European dating sites thanks to local women and their respectful attitude to men.

Dating culture. Belarus girls are down-to-earth but fun. They enjoy all kinds of entertainment, so show some imagination.

Marriage culture. The overall atmosphere in families with Belarus wives is always calm and friendly as long as husbands remain providers.

How to find. Try sweety date. You’ll find hundreds of lonely Belarus girls here looking for their one and only.

2. Ukraine

Why. It’s one of the optimal options for those seeking a reliable, loving, and caring Eastern European spouse.

Dating culture. Ukrainian girls are used to the classic dating approach when a man decides where to go and what meals to order.

Marriage culture. You can expect to get all the benefits of a Belarus wife plus financial support in case you need it.

How to find. The most common place to meet a Ukrainian beauty is the Web. But no one says you can’t travel to Kyiv and find a girlfriend the old-fashioned way.

1. Russia

best countries to find a girlfriend

Why. Others may argue what country has the best wives, but long-time online daters know that Russia is the ultimate choice.

Dating culture. Russian ladies are no longer as exotic as they were 20 years ago, so treat your potential girlfriend just like any other western woman.

Marriage culture. Some traits change, but a few things remain the same – endless devotion, love, empathy, and a family-oriented mindset.

How to find. When there are so many Russian singles looking for love online, there’s no point in going to the country to find one.

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